last week was a really tough week for me at work.
i got in trouble with my boss and she's making me feel really bad and im feeling so much pressure i dont know what to do anymore.

i am so much in trouble i wish this problem would just go away.

my heart aches just thinking about it and i wish i can go back in time and change it, but i cant and it frustrastest me.

but there is hope. i pray to jesus the he would help me get trough this. i hope in a year from now, this problem i have right now is not going to matter to anyone at work. im feeling kinda depressed because of it and my boss doesnt help much. she is really bossy, control freak, micro management, obseesed freak, i know that sounds bad, but its how i feel about her. she is the worst boss i have ever had.

i pray that this problem will soon end for me.