i dont know why but for some reason i am compelled to write on this page. it was a meaningless page. i am hoping someone someday reads this and tells me how they got here. you probably did a search and it led to you to this page. but why? what did you search for? are you also lost and you are searching for something and now you are reading this page on my website about the coming of Jesus Christ? is it coincidence or faith? its defenately not a coincidence, we all pray sometimes for Jesus to lead us into something. we dont know how he works but he works in great ways. i was just sitting on my desk studying for a test and i came across this page so i wanted to write what was on my mind at this momment, so the words you are reading are my thoughts at this very momment. today is Valentine's Day here in California. its 858pm and my head hurts, i am so tired, i guess i feel tired from studying for a test i have on thursday. i pray that i pass. the test is called the COMPTIA SERVER + 2009 so we'll see how i do. i feel confident i will pass and with the blessing of the Lord i can do it!