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every so often i dream about Jesus

has this happened to you. well, if it has, you are probably wondering, why you are dreaming about our Lord Jesus Christ...

i've wondered myself, and to me, it feels like a joyful gift from Jesus to be able to dream about him.

what do you feel when you dream about Jesus?
when i dream about jesus he come to me and show me part of dreams that i am goin to die but he come in and says this i wat wat will happen if u dont stop doin these bad things and i asked wat bad things and he gose u no and i dont and i alwaya wake up
i've had many dreams of jesus, i even seen an angel at one time, but the feeling of that angel disturbed me for some reason. for months i asked god what did this visit from this angel mean and the dreams i received, after months of diligently asking god, he finnally answered me with a dream of "the devil comes as an angel of light to deceive", the dream scared me out of my sleep and i knew those dreams and "visions" i seen were not of god, but from the evil one. test all spirits, continually ask god, you may not get an answer right away, but it's in his time not ours, so patience.
once i was very ill medicines for no working i was feling like i was dying and then on my mother adivce i prayed to jesus that plz make me well soon jesus i dont i wana die and then i slept
jesus appeared in my dreams he was weari9ng white rob and he was long black hair and liitle long balck beird long face i remebered lords face. he came to me and said u will be well and he slided his over my head and blessed me of getting well very soon and when i woke up frm my dreams my fever was gone i was feeling fine i was so happy that i saw jesus and to have the feeling that he is with me
this was my second dream of jesus
hi i had a dream once i can%u2019t really remember it that good, but in my dream the end of the world was happening. and every one was waiting ,people where very scared and in my dream i looked out my window from my house and the sky and clouds had like a huge hole in it and light was shining through the sky and clouds then i began to make an alter with some guy i did not even know but somehow the new what he was doing the altar had a baby calf that was wooden and three wooden lines that the guy said standed for the three colonies and i knew the alter was for jesses return to the earth . then i woke up what does my dream mean?
jesus is appearing to christian, muslim, and jewish men and many of these are converting. there is a reason and we are being called for a task. i must find a way to unite these men who have had a visit by the christ and find out how to unite us.
well first i have always been christian but i never really got deep into the my religion. until maybe 2 months ago. i started reading the bible and praying more. i went out side to my back yard and there i saw carved into my tree a cross!! this cross was never there before!! then 5 days later i had a dream about jesus and the end of time.. i was with my family and jesus was standing right infront of us. he was wearing a long white rob with brown hair he drew in the sand a long rectangle which i was assuming we were to stand in and at the end of the rectangle he drew some kind of symbol looked like the rising sun, still not too sure but i wrote it down, then right before he left he stood above my dog said a prayer (we could not hear him) and used his hand moving it in the shape of a cross. then he was gone. soon after he left we heard trumpets sound it got very dark outside, the clouds were black and red and i immediatly woke up. i dont understand why in my whole dream jesus said nothin
If you heard the trumpets sound and you weren't in the clouds that instant. That means you were left behind. in the dark with the rest of the world. and that's why you woke up right then and there because he is showing you where your status is with him. Make sure you repent of everything and accept him as your father and not has a slave driver.
i had the same dream as monica, it was a lil different though. flames off fire was falling out the sky, the world was very smokey i looked out of my room window and i saw jesus in the clouds,((it was very bright but i saw him clearly)) holding his arms out as if he was hugging me letting me know every thing is ok. and at that point in my life i was going through somthing very serious i almost gave up, but that vision got me back on my feet.
i have had a couple of dreams of christ's return- the most recent one last night which is why i started researching what the dream might mean. i dreamt i was in the middle of a field..all of a sudden a huse golden staircase descended from the clouds and a huge group of people wearing white robes started walking down the stairs toward me telling me , " he is ready now" others i have envisioned people bing lifted up into the clouds...trumpets playing..i would like to know what it all means
i to had a dream last night 1-12-11 my dream started out people living happy. then they were being pulled from there homes if they did not have a mark on there hand. and then i saw money it was mixed with todays mony. the other mony was yellow,pink, blue,and green. it looked like play money, like it was useless . then it showed people hiding who did not have the mark. i was with my two kids we were hiding. then jesus was there in a fild telling storys about heaven and i had asked him if they told
i have never had any dreams of jesus or of prophecy myself but my mom and sister have. my mom too dreamt of the end-times/mark of the beast where the 3 of us were in line to be beheaded for refusing the mark... my sister has dreamt of jesus several times, which he never speaks. in my opinion, these dreams are gifts to be valued!
i recently had a dream.march 11,2011.about 4 am i awoke abrubtly to remember what had just happened to me.i was looking up toward the sky.the sky was bright and had opened everywhere as far as the eye could see.i saw god.but not his face.and then jesus moved straight thru him.jesus stepped forward and lifted his arms as high as he could from side to side.his face was full of hurt, anger,and saddness.... he had two giant fire balls in each hand.. i then seen him cast them at the earth...i awoke very quickly..what does this mean?? a year ago..i had one other dream... but much different..does anyone know what this represents?? thank you for your time...
look up the gnostic bible of thomas this will answer your questions about your dream....
comments to shawna what you were seeing in your dream is jesus is hurt and angry because of this sinful world,people will not reconize what jesus did for mankind when he was brutally,beatened and mocked and dehumanized.they nailed our savior on a cross.this was his purpose in life. to die for our sins.but on the 3rd day he arose from the grave and asended into heaven to be with the father. jesus said before i leave i will send you a comforter-the holy spirit to be with you until i come back.for those who accept jesus into their hearts. 2 balls of firer was the lords wrath upon thoses who reject him.
i was born into islam. however i do not practice any religion but im very spiritual. during a very stressful period of my life i dreamt of jesus. it was so clear. i awoke in tears as i had literally been praying for guidance. i had not even thought of jesus which makes it even more special.
to natasha, keep praying to jesus christ and let him guide you and never lose him in your life for we are all his treasures..
I had a dream that I was in a church with alot of other people and we were all waiting for Jesus to walk through the doors and when the doors opened and he came through he was supposed to pick someone I could not and would not look at him because I felt i was not worthy so I kept my head down and I could feel him approaching behind me I expected him to keep going but he stopped at and gave me a cup and said drink this I asked why did you stop at me and he said because you are the chosen one.I am baffeled to this day about this dream and what it means
I had a dream about being at Jesus tomb and the tomb was half open and empty. What does that mean? It was two nights ago.
Is he really the son of God or is he just another prophet?
i met jesus christ in some sort of altered reality 3x for sure. the first day i was 23 in a firefight at very close range wia 5 gsw, i seen myself looking down over the hospital bed before i even knew i was in it. i seen the white light, in fact i was engulfed in it, i didn't see anyone, but i heard saying i had to go back. i've wondered a very long if what i thought was a blessing was in fact another since, for i was begging god for another chance. well, i knew my life had changed forever and i made a half witted promise to the lord i would change and serve him. i did know for sure it was jesus christ who come to judge the lining and the dead. i got that much.

well about 35 years later when my mind finally arrived back home from all the trauma and searching the membranes of mind for christ, i finally conceded and took the advice of some very holy people and began praying the rosary daily. the first night i prayed the rosary i had a locution and conversation with the lord, or rat
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