why do some people say jesus is made up? well, if you have heard someone say that Jesus is fake, the only answer i can give you is that they dont believe Jesus exists because they do not yet feel Jesus in their heart.

many of us have become into this culture of science that if we can't prove it, then it must not exists.

a good way to explain to non believers that Jesus is real, is to explain a story about the wind and a blind boy.

mike has a friend, his name was andy,
andy was blind and could not see.
one day, andy asked mike if he could tell him how the wind looks like.
mike replied with a gigle. he said.. SILLY, YOU CANT SEE THE THE WIND.
then andy replied.. IF YOU CAN'T SEE IT, THEN WHY DO I FEEL IT.

well, even though andy could not see the wind, he could feel it. When you feel Jesus in your heart, you know he is real, but if you dont feel him, its hard to believe he doesnt exists.

many people want proof that Jesus exists, i dont think it works that way. you have to believe to feel Jesus in your heart.

what do you think?