Read Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

How did this wonderful world which we live come to be? God Almighty, the great Creator, made the heavens and the earth. Many people who think they are wise have tried to figure out other ways that the world could have been made. But I would rather believe God, whouldn't you? The Bible tells us that He hung it on nothing! Who but God Almighty could do that?

Many poeple say that all thats in the universe, including us were created by chance. We as humans try to make scense of what we see. Its hard for man to image how all things were created. Man is not God, therefore, man can never understand how we humans were created, yet alone the whole complex universe that soround us. Many years ago, smart people thought that the earth was flat. I bet if you could go back in time and you told that person that the earth is actually round, they would not believe you because it would not make sense to them. As technology evolved, man found out that the earth actually was round and not flat. Many smart people will say that the universerve was created by the "Bing Bang". Well as for me, God is the "Big Bang". It would be hard for me to understand how God created our complex world, I believe in my heart that God created me along with all the Beautiful things in this world and the heavens.