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do you know what does it mean to have a dream about jesus?

if so, please give me some ideas
ana milos
i had a dream that i wasnt in our time i was in jesus's time. in front of me was a man and he was telling someone "she goes to church" and then i heard a voice to my left that said "she does not have faith" then again the man said "but she prays" and the voice again said "she does not have faith". i know it was jesus but i dont know what the dream means? i know what he is saying but is it a warning? now im thinking the world is going to end soon and jesus is here now looking in everyones hearts. now im thinking he's not going to take me with him! any comments??
baby to me it just sounds like he is saying just because you think you are doing whats right it doesnt matter if you dont put your faith in him. you can go to church and pray for his help but if you dont have faith his blessings will never come.
i had a dream jesus was descending from the heavens ... he was surrounded by white light, the clouds were white, and his garb was white with a purple sash... he did not speak to me, though i felt a peacefulness within ... i was outside watching him, wondering if he could see me and i was just in total awe ... any idea what the dream means?
i had a dream and jesus was init although i can't rember much of it i know it was him. all i remember is waking up feeling good as if jesus and i were having fun and that we had quite a close relationship like god and bruce in bruce almighty .thats not much information to give but does anyone know what this mean.
i saw in my dreams jesus in between clouds calling my name.he was smiling at me and weaving at me.he ask me to join him but people around me are trying to stop me.i know that means something but i don't have a clue.
i dont qiute know the answer but i have had dreams or if you call it a vision of jeusu and i when i was very young i once asked a friend and spiritual sister in the lord she told me that it just means your very special and important to jesus-god and that he loves you much.
yes i have had dreams about jesus and the more time i spent reading the bible his inspired word the deeper and more experiences i recieved listen friend he will give you more than just a dream if you ask him and look for him just talk to him he hears you.
i go to a catholic school and today 12/30/10 i had a dream about jesus.. he was at my school in my favorite part of the play ground. when i saw him i ran to him and gave him a big hug. i felt some of his cloak and it was pure white. he also spoke to me and said "i have to go i will be back my child" once i turned back he was gone.then i felt sad, but when i woke up i was feeling great! then we heard someone knocking at our door which we didn't answer then i decided look up what this meant then someone said it means that he's knocking on the door to your heart to accept him into your life..like wow!it was amazing..i want to say thank jesus for visiting me..
i had a dream last night about jesus. mine was weird. i went to look out my window and see what the weather was like and when i looked there was jesus and some man picking rocks or stones and branches. they were building two rows. one in front of them and one behind them like they were building something. jesus had on a white robe and he was holding branches. i don't know what this means but i know there is something in the bible "god's servant who is called a branch." i don't know what this could mean if anybody has any ideas let me know. thanks.
i had a dream that two guys, took me and brought me to this small boat, and told me you want to know the true you are going to know the true. so we got to this small piece of land, and they said look up and they said this is him and he is like your age, and when i look up to the sky i saw the face of a guy in the clouds just looking at me.. and then i woke up i have no clue what it ment anybody?? 1 16 11 the date of my dream.. i have a strong feeling it was jesus.. but i am not sure.
i had a dream about jesus ill never 4get it.. i had just told my self that i was goin to be gay cause i like girls n then before i knew it i was dreamin about jesus and he was around all light which made me couldnt see his face and it was clouds every where and he was in the middle of all of it just flyin but it aint look like he was flyin cause he was still not movin man i cant really explain it but anyways he had asked me if i was sure about bein gay and i said yea n i wanted to say more but before i knew it he was gone and a blink of a eye n then i woke up right after it n i had a tear runnin down my eye if anybody know what the mean can you please tell me? thanks!
a few years ago i had a dream that i woke up in my bed, and walked out of my bedroom. i opened the door to my bathroom and i was nearly blinded by a bright white light, i looked up and a body suspended in mid-air but it was so bright all i could really see was the feet. i instantly knew it was jesus and fell onto my knees, hard. he outstretched his arms toward me and i began to cry, then i woke up from the dream, crying. i had been struggling with my faith for years, due to my sexual orientation i felt that god didn't love me, and stopped attending church when this dream occured.
faith thomas
i am 11 years old. i had a dream of me and jesus. i was over at my friends house and i saw this door in the back yard so i went to it. the next thing i knew i saw this statue of something and something was on it like a box , so i take it and jesus or god says but it back then the earth started shaking so i put i back. then jesus comes from above (i dont remember what he looked like though) he and i go out the door and i see flying sheep coming into a heard they looked possed and the devil appered (dont remember what he looked like) and jesus was circleing his arms makeing a water ball throws it at the devil and the devil said :wow that hurt sarcasticly. then me and jesus run to the room and i go is that marys bed you know your moms bed he goes yes then i lay on it and then i woke up but the strage thing is i never knew mary was his mom ...but i knew it somehow in the dream. if any coment i have a facebook name skittlez faith love thomas


that jesus is watching you
i dreamt that i was sitting by a pool. i was older. maybe in my thirties? little kids were running all around me. playing in the water. laughing. and beside me, a blonde little boy stood. in my dream, i knew him--i knew who he really was. he was jesus--disguised as a kid. he stared at the scene around us; his eyes looked so sad. and then, he said, "this world is going to burn."
can someone please tell me what this dream means? it's been nagging at the back of my brain ever since i had it. any clue? get back to me: naomiwoodlief [ at ] yahoo.com
when i was in like 2nd grade,i had a dream,about jesus.i was in a meadow full of red and pink and yellow flowers,and grass. i was wearing a dress,,i then see a very birght light come out of the sky, jesus was in the middle of it.he smiled at me, he then held his hand out and told me to come with him, that it was my time, i told no, that i wanted to stay with my mom, and sister,he then turned sad,and walked away,i'm 13 now,and that dream still bothers me.could someone please tell what this means,or help me find the answer.thank you.
i had a dream that i went to haeven and god took me to hell to see what's it like than told me to give the devil a hug so i did and he would not let go so i pop into heaven again and was jumping on the cloudes and i could not see gods face cause he was tall what dose my dream means?
what does it mean when i dreamed of jesus in a black robe, crying and pointing at me, while my friends ran?
a few years ago i had a dream about jesus, but i herd him. he asked me to accept him. last week i had another dream, but it was m voice... telling me to read isaiah 11:8. what does this mean. can dreams not only be visual?
i dreamed my father kissed me last nite and i wasn't afraid... i woke up thinking; did my father die in his sleep and was saying goodbye to me... i called him in the morning and he was just fine... so, i thought the only other father is no other than jesus himself - i know he loves me and he wanted me to know it :)
i had dream about jesus talking me up to heaven with him it was beautiful
i once drempt of jesus standing on a large balcony over looking a very large valley he made a montion for me to come forward which i did to his right side. what i observed was a battle. he who i felt was jesus began to walk as i walked with him there was great despair and loss of life as we continued to walk he started to talk that all things had come to be. i myself begin to feel uplifted but somehow realized earth had ended as we know it. there's more to the dream , it was more than 30 years ago and i still think of him its been a source of comfort having somehow touched him.
i had 2 dean in one dream i was on my way to a baptism and when i got their eveyone was in white but me my brother asked me why are you not wearing white i told him but iam already baptised and so r you ? but the in my head a voice came and it was god she told me it time tocome back to him? then i woke up the next dream i was in my brothe house and kept noticing a agreen pen on the floor finallly my lil boy picked it up he tryed to put it in his mouth when i got it it had jesus on it but he was on the cross full of blood i ask my brother wife where did she find a pen like this she sad this is the new was their making them so we know he sufferd for us the suddenly it was like i could see his had and the blood up close what dose theese dreams mean? they were a week apart?
i had a dream about jesus,it was his birthday on the 6th of july for some reason & my uncle who belives in jesus was doing this mad vudu ritual thing ? i have no idea what it was about ?
i had a dream about jesus i drempt him two times the first one was when i was maybe 10 or 12 yrs old my grandmother and grandfather was still alive that time i was sleeping on the floor in the living room and in my dream i saw jesus everything was all white and then i saw big bombs. there where lots of em and jesus was in the middle of the bombs nuks whats ever u call them. i started crying in my dream and i was crying in my sleep too and i was half asleep i was sitting on a chair my grandfather and grandmother was saying to me whats wrong rubbing my back hey hey hey whats wrong and woke up from my half asleep and said to my self wow was i crying and told them about it and told me to go back to sleep i never forgot about that dream maybe it was the future that jesus showed me. thee other dream i had was i was standing out side where i lived befor it was a nice sunny afternoon i looked at the sun i saw jesus with his arms wide open but i could not see his face becuse the sun was to brig
i just wanted to share this dream.i dreamt that it was a rainy night and i was driving toward a stop light when i was distracted by a pregnant woman riding in the same car with me. apparrently i was giving her a ride home.
this wrong turn lead down a muddy single lane road that only one car could fit on. when i realized i couldnt turn back i decided to drive straight which led to a 2 story house build on piers. i felt i didnt belong there and there was no room to turn around the car. i put it in reverse and drove my car up the muddy road . the woman disappeared... ( this is when it gets interesting).. the light in the house turned on so i stepped on the gas to reverse a little faster. then i felt a force come after me. i stopped the car and then realized that i was lifted in the air. then my point of view changed.. i started to see jesus's crusified body falling in the hands of silver trees with no leaves.. just solid silver large branched trees. they had branched arms that stood out
i had a drem that i wa in hell playing with my ps3 with my ta who has tatto of the the illuminati, and satan and him was being nice to me but then satan told me to work and i wa really tired and i ran away and found an exit then when i got out i realised that i wa at home and i was upstairs just coming out of my bedroom and when i looked down i could see jesus and he was sitting at the dining table writing something down and when he looked at me he was sad or angry, i cant remember, anyway i trie to go downstairs but i wasn't aloud then i just woke up. pretty weird dream that i will never forget
i had a dream about god in a icey place and 2 other people were in it and he was talking to them and saying how much they no them and i looked at him in smileing or laffing way i said how much do u no about me and he said i dont no you and he dispeared? please contac me and tell me what it means im confusied people r telling what it means but im not sure
i had a dream of this priest/monk holding my rist tightly and we were running down this flight of gold stairs.when we reached the bottom of the gold stairs there was two gold doors.the priest had on a hood/black robe on i can only see his hands.he opened both doors and came behind me and gently pushed me inside.i was shocked because inside was a beautyful church that had golden seats and marble floors and alot of white candles.as i was looking around i heard the two doors close behind me and i looked behind me and the priest was gone.so i started to look towards the stage of the church and on the stage there was a man with long hair dressed in bright white with his back towards me.as i stood there staring at him he was lighting candles that were on candle holders on the stage.suddenly the man turns around and right away i knew it was jesus.as i was standing there staring at him from like 40feet away i blinked my eyes one time.when i opened my eyes jesus was standing right in my face an
i'm 11 and i had a dream about jesus too. so i was at my usual apartment home; but then the sky turned a bright light as i went to check it out. i was at my balcony when jesus appeared in the sky and started singing or saying something.. then i sang along.. it was september 17th at that time, i think.. the next day, (it's still in my dream) i went to ask my friend if she saw jesus in the sky and said idk. then i asked a boy, and he said no too. then i wondered if anyone else saw it, or if it was just me...then i woke up. the second dream was when i was in the clouds somewhere, and i saw these angels making two lines so i stood by the side..then i saw an angel walk passed by as if she was royal and important. could someone tell me what this means, too?
i wanted to share my dream that i had a while ago. i thought it was nothing but now its haunting me, well im 14 years old, ad a while back when my friend mikey was sleeping over my house, he was an athiest until i talked to him about hell and that is where he would be going if he didnt repent. he was smoking so much marijuana(this is still real life), and that night when we went to sleep i had a dream that i was standing in my front yard. the sun shining, and out of nowhere a bright line of light coming from the sky appears on the street right in front of me. i looked down at it and i was struck. my head was tilted to the right side, and my feet were together, and my arms were raised up to my sides, exactly like the position jesus was in when he died on the cross. so i kept looking at the light, not being able to move at all, and i blinked and seen a man in the same position as me. he had long brown hair and was wearing white robes and some slippers, [i forgot what color they were] an
i had a dream that there was a tornado and i was in this area and i was with some people who sinned and my friends and my brothers youth pastor. my brother's youth pastor and i were singing this song called take me in from kutless then this bright light appeard and there was this man dreesed in bright white and h had a sword. while me and the youth pastor were singing there was this lady who was cursing and the man in white got his sword and sliced her and she diapered. i dont know what this dream meant im 9 please reply.
i had a dream when all the people in my town was loosing hope and doesn't beleive in God anymore.then they rallied,protesting to my family not to beleive in God because is not real.when the night came, i was outside in my house when the clouds cleared the sky and the sky was bright then there was a writing in the sky, saying all about god.that he will never leave us and that God is always there. and so the rebelled was kneeling and amaze and then they return to god.
I had a dream of Jesus Christ, I'm 17 so for a teen this is a little scary. I'm not all that big into religion but my family and friends are. I've never really prayed. But yesterday we had a basketball game for my high-school. Me and my team prayed and it was my first real prayer. we played our game and when I got home I went to sleep. My dream was about me being in a church and walking in this long hallway. I fell to the floor and could not get up. I looked down the hall and saw. who I belive was God, I called out for his help and he disapered in to the long hallway. I sat up and saw who I belived was Jesus christ he rushed at me with his hands in front of him as if he was going to choke me as he yelled in a deep demonic voice saying, "praise me! Praise me" His eyes were a bright yellow and oval shaped. I could not wake up I knew I was dreaming but for some reason could not wake up. I got this tingilly sensation on my back for quite a while until I finally woke up. It was about 6:00 when I woke up. I started to watch TV because of the fear to go back to sleep. I need answers fast I'm really scared...
jorge, its very unlikely that it was Jesus. Jesus is everything that is good and not evil.
Sometimes i do have weird dreams like that of some evil person. But never Jesus being evil to me.
Usually when i have these nightmares, it seems i did something good. I know its weird, but its consistent. Maybe the evil one doesn't like that you did something good and he wants to scare you by deceiving you that Jesus is evil. Don't fall for it.
this is what you should do. Kneel down and pray to Jesus to protect you and to guide you. To also give you strength for overcome any fears of evil and to continue to do good.
One nite i had a dream where i wasat my house sleeping when all here all of a sudden there was a bright light.Then a man with white robes came down .People went to him i told my mom jesus is back.We went outside and then i forgot what happened plz tell me what it means.
I had a dream, I was following Jesus anywhere he goes.
i had a dream that i was watching them crucified jesus i watched them pull up the cross with jesus on it
i had a dream that there were these construction workers building this huge white cross. the cross was hooked up to these wires and cranes....then the cross was all made and was put into the ground...then the brightest sunlight anyone has ever seen shined down on the cross. i was too busy in A-mazement by watching the sun that i never realized what was on the cross. then my mom pointed out "Look Jesus" and it was him. white robe, frizzy brown hair, just sitting on the cross. then he whispered to my mom and I , "Bless You" ..then i woke up at exactly 3:13am. does this mean anything?
I have dreamed of him I dreamed that i was at school and these boys were hitting me when i went to the park i fell and hurt i think i died and went up i got lost in the clouds then someone got me it was jesus i belive he hold me on his arms and then he let go i looked down and saw the boys run away Please tell me wat it means i wanted to now for weeks
I would like to tell people of my wonderful experience, I will never forget it. I have had a lot of very bad upset with one member of my family, whom is Elderly, and requires some help at home. I am very much a good nurse, I like helping people a lot, I was doing just this, helping, when out of the blue, I started getting verbal abuse!!! I was so upset, that I said to this person, I could not go there again, enough was enough, I would inform their doctor, for social to take over, anyway, I went home, very upset, went to sleep, and early hours of the morning, I awoke to see a beautiful face of Jesus, he was smiling and had flowers around his head, and long clothes, his face was beautiful and he was smiling at me!!!!!
i had a dream of jesus and a angle and thy was smailing at me there was a demon there to i told the demon to leave me alone jesus is so pretty
to dream of jesus? that would depend because no one ever took a photo of jesus and all we see is paintings and other images of someone that many people may thing he looks like. it you are sure that you have seen jesus the son of god come to you within a dream. then that would be a message to something you have been praying for or a warring to something that is about to take place within your life. it can also be a calling upon your life if it were jesus christ. also it could have been a angel or such. either way it is some type of message if they told you things. god bless & shalom