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what does it mean if you dream you died and saw Jesus in your dream, and he told you it was not your time
what does it mean when you dream you died
you well died in 3 days
when my mom died i had a vision of the spirit place where she was. pure bliss... no body, just spirit and jesus spoke and each word went through me with a wave of love magnifying the state of love by infinite proportions... word by word, it went through me... his limitless love. one must fast in secret asking for the holy spirit and living water to be given in full... asking this each day as they read the entire new testament with much fasting (as much as one can) without sinning, sex sins, etc... and refraining from pleasure. finish it all like this in secret. email me if you want more testimony and a plan. chefalexabraham [ at ] gmail.com


it can be a positive thing , it can mean you are killing your old self , such as a life change , not like you physically will die . i reseaarched it. in some cases its good and in some its negetive.