Today is Tuesday, July 11 2006. I was watching a show on TV about all the people who died and the Los Angeles Coroners have to look at all the bodies that come into their facility.

It was terrible to see the dead bodies. It reminded me of all those war movies they showed us at school about the Holocust during the Nasi in World War II. It was sad to see some of the people who died were people who were homeless who lived on the streets of Los Angeles who had no families.
Today I would like to pray for all those forgotten people who live on the streets whom society calls them "The Homeless".

Father, I thank you for your mercy and your blessings for my home. I pray oh Lord Jesus for those who lay on the streets without a home. I pray for them that they may have a roof over their heads to live and sleep. I also pray for their health and that they may have food to eat. Guide us all to shared our blessings with all who are less fortunate. Gives us compasion to understanding of the hardship that all these people must go through every day. I pray to help me help those that I can help. Like the homeless who sits on the side walk asking for money. Make me understand your teachings and your guidence to be a wise and faithful Christian.

In Jesus name I pray -