lets say.. today i woke up worried because i did something in school. i used the internet to chat with my friends online and i was not allowed to do that. and i forgot my usb device on the computer and the teacher there is very strict. when i woke up this morning and started to look for my usb i didnt find it, but then i remembered that i left it at school. i called a peer at school and asked him if he can check the computer i used to see if my usb was there. yup, it was there alright.

to make it worst, i asked if the teacher has been there, he said yes. i got even more nervous because i know the teacher is gonna know i was surfing the internet when i shouldn't have. now im afraid that i will have to go through all that sermon of explaining myself to the teacher asking me question why this, why that, and how and what where who..... i know if that happens im going to get very nervous and the teacher will see right through me that im nervous and the teacher is going to know i did something bad. the worst part about this is that the teacher can spell me out from school because i broke the rules and i dont want to loose that.

i like my school and i depend on it. i feel so stupid right now for going online i shouldn't have done it. i also asked my peer if the teacher had mentioned anything about the usb, i asked him if it was still on my computer, when he said yes, i asked him to remove it. i asked him also if he had noticed it, he said no, so we think that if my peer didn't noticed it then maybe my teacher didn't either.

i hope that the teacher didnt see it because im sure if the teacher saw it, i would have some questions to answer and i dont want to get in trouble. im so nervous rigth now. all thats going through my mind right now is the i will have to makeup some good excuse and i dont really want to do that. so today when i go back to school this afternoon, i hope that i dont get introuble, i hope my teacher didn't noticed my usb on the computer so the teacher doesnt have to ask me questions. well i will know in about 4 hours if im in trouble or not. wish me luck