today on my way home from work i witnessed a car chase on the freeway. it was one of those things that you see on TV but when you see them on real life you realize how dangerous it is. and it also made me think what a dangerous job being a police officer must be.

you've really gotta love what you do if you are a police person. its a dangerous job. but people who are police are protecting the life of others. so today before i go to bed i wanted to pray for all those people who are in law enforcement. i want to pray for their safety and for Jesus to protect them from harm and to guide their path to safety. bless them for putting their lives at risk to save others. thank them for their courage and their dedication to saving the innocent. i pray that Jesus give them patience and tolerance, because it must be hard when you have to deal with people who want to hurt you.

please join me in a prayer for their safety...

In Jesus Name I Pray,

- Amen