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Thu Sep 03, 2009


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do you know of a good prayer before you go to bed?

i like you to tell me one please
heavenly farther i close this day with thoughts of you all day long you have watched over me now i lay me down to sleep i pray to the lord jesus for a good nights sleep have youre angles watch over me in jesus name amen.
thank you for dying on the cross jesus and rose from the dead you rock my powerful jesus!
i love this prayer when i sleep i always have nightmares about scary dolls or i get pulled under the bed
na financial problem solve aipovali and pillalu puttali.

lord jesus please help me
oh lord, i pray to you to come in my dream. my life is thy most beautiful lord jesus as you are in me. make my sleep be sweet and relax in the name of lord jesus. all the night lord, come and put me to sleep and bless me. hail to the lord. amen!
i thankgive you help me for sin and save me and blessing me and make me happy and love
lord you know what i have been praying for these past months. i am trying to be patience as i know you are teaching me. please show me your way so that i can begin a new life here. we love you and are confident that you will bless our prayer request. thank you lord for everything. god is so good. we love our relationship with you lord. we will be patience for your blessings to uour prayer request.