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do you feel like no one on this earth understands you. this post will show you that you are not alone, Jesus can help no matter if no one else understands you
Psalm 139:1-3
1. O Lord, you have searched me and known me.
2. You know my sitting down and my rising up; you understand my thought afar off.
3. You comprehend my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways.

Do you know that nothing can be hidden from God? He knows about everyone, everywhere. He knows all about you because He made you. He knows what you are thinking. He knows what you are going to say before you say it. Best of all, He understands you. He knows why you are happy or sad. He knows why your feelings are hurt and why you are angry. He knows why you are afraid. God knows why you act the way you do, and why you say the things you say. God understands you completely. Even when no one else seems to understand you. God does.

What do you need help on?

god i need help on my finances god please forgive my sins i use people money and know i need to pay back what i took from them lord i am very sorry i just want to pay them back and start my life again god i am asking for mercy please god have mercy on me thank you amen
To All: The Lord God I serve is faithful He only asks that we remain faithful to Him. What does it mean to surrender your life, the word says that if you give your life He will give you a life. Do we really inderstand that? Pam the word of God says; seek first the kingdom of god and all things (things you have need) will be added unto you. Standstill; you are right this is your trial. The word guarantees us that we will be tried and persecuted for our faith in Jesus Christ. Peter and Paul were flogged and beated for the name of our Lord. Rejoice all we are children of the living God who sees and knows all. Be of good cheer the kingdom of God is at hand.
im in such a mess everything is falling apart the pain and agony is too much to bear i wish i wasn\'t born if i was to be so unsuccessful in everything and anything i do or plan... night and day i wish how he could just do some miracle and rescue me from my dreadful life because i really wish i was dead instead of letting everyone down and being so useless
i know how to pray to god, but i don\'t know how to have a relationship with jesus. i hear other christains say they talk to him every day. i don\'t know how to do that - i don\'t think he would like me or want to talk to me. i know he died on the cross for us, but sometimes feel his grace is for others, but not for me. how can i feel close to him and consider him my confidant if i don\'t even think he cares whether i talk to him or not? why is it important to have this intimate relationship with jesus? i already feel comfortable talking to god, my father. how is it different? i am confused and even though i have accepted jesus as our savior, i don\'t think he cares one way or another for me. i have tried to talk to him but i don\'t think he listens. it is very disappointing and i am not sure how to reach him or know if he even cares. i went through some really bad times in the last 10 years and know god was there for me, but am confused about how to relate to jesus.
lord jesus, i love you! i thank you and i believe you. i trust you more than what i\'m going through. more than my pain. more than my confusion. more than the tears i cry. i know you will come through for me. even though my weeping may endure for a night my joy is coming in the morning! i stand on your word. i believe you lord. i believe you more than what\'s going on around me! i thank you for my daily blessings and i look forward to the breakthrough that i\'m praying for! in jesus name i pray. amen.
i am at my lowest point in life i have no job about to be thrown out of my home my mom died in may 2013 her sister died in april 2013 my father died in o0ctober 2013 but both of my parents had cancer and i am so over whelmed their ws no money left after paying for their care and their funerals and the outstanding bills i myself have nothing i don\'t know what to do my mother was a very much anchristian but im losing hope in that i am wondering why god is making myself and my brother who is trying to raise his 2 kids on his own we have no jobs an we both have been seriously looking for jobs but to no avail and to top it off my engine died in my car so now i am really suffering cant even go out to look for jobs i sit on the computer day in and day out filling out application just for me to call and the tell me they have been filled i am a going to be homeless by next month i feel like no matter how much i pray nothing is being answered im suffering very depressed thought of taking
can i have the blessings of lord jesus in my dreams while at sleep.
i need prayer going through so much i\'m homeless and my wife is filed for divorce and i don\'t want to lose just so tired right now i\'m crying right now i just want somebody faithful . days where i just don\'t know what to do anymore now my prayers on laying in my truck that sometimes it just don\'t think that jesus hears me. please pray for me as well
let no man pull under what god has joined together abba, in jesus name i call forth healing within keith\'s marriage and i brake all the strongholds that are coming against him abba i do this with authority from your heavenly powers in the hold name of your son jesus christ. amen!
i am a 49 year old femail with an amputated leg do to (mersa). i am addicted to anything that feels good. ai dont want to live my life like this anymore! where i live ther is tempation all around me. the devil sends intruders (always in a form that inpails me to want to help them. aaaaaaaaaaaaanow that i want something better in my life they won;t leave me alone! i pray so hard at times for god to remove these deimonsd from my life & yet when one goes another one comes.i\'m a very compationet person & i can\'t seem to turn people away. yet these people are very haemful to me and i knpw this. i get afraid to turn them away for so many reasons, is it wrong not to help these troubled ones? iv\'e given them chance after chance yo no avail. they are abusive in so many ways you just wouldn\'t believe it! i\'m very sick health wise & i;m scared!! i;m los t, i feel hopeless , i live alone, i have no true friends. i have phycial & mental problems. i love jesus but i don\'t talk to him in fear
hi i am of hard to change my better way. to be helpmy familys and i have no job right now and i am any harder hearing .
JUDE perera
hi,i'm all ways sad about my life.can some 1 help me find job,i'm marred person i have a child 7 yeas old,i canot give food for them, because i dont have to money to by food for them,i'm honest person i no need money,if some one can give me job,so i can give food for them,please help me.if some one can help me god will help them. god bless u
I don't have a job to give to you, but I pray for God to help you find a job. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I can only offer encouragement right now and I pray that helps you. God Bless You, and I pray all of this in Jesus Name. Amen.

I accepted Jesus as my savior years ago, MY family only calls me when they want something, my in laws hate me because I don't agree with alot of ungodly things they do as christians. I just recently had to drop out of Nursing School in my last semester and now I don't know what to do. It's like I have to start all over from stratch again but with no money. I keep trying to encourage myself through prayer and reading the word of God. I sort of feel like everything that I've told others of What God can do is now back firing on me. But I'm keeping the faith that this is just my storm to see how faithful I really am. I just feel alone.
julie Frimpong
It is written for I know the toughts that I have for you they are thoughts of peace and not evil that will bring you to your expected end.Fear is our enemy. Rebuke fear and it will flee from you. The Lords eyes are upon you. He is never late to his promises.
Harvey Hyatt
I need funds to help me share the WORD of GOD with anyone I can. I go out daily and touch lives with GOD WORD. I also help me with a lot of other needs they have. In the areas I go there are a lot of people that are lost and suffering. I want to help them all I can. I want them to know that someone cares for them. I need your help with funds to help me do this. Please pray about helping me. Any amount will help me. Thank you and may GOD bless you.
I have been in a violent relationship for the past nine years and i have now left him but he keeps on threatering my life, i need help to ecsape him completly, i want your prayers for me and my children safty i feel like my insides are dying away cause i am continually focus on him and escaping his wrath i want to gow my children strong minded and happy but this man wont allow me to. can you all just prayer for us please.
I need jesus to give some sort of direction in life i know what i want but other odd things keep holding me back i am a young female who has a child lost my dad wound up with cancer and other issues going on i need a change and strength and i need jesus to guide and help me to follow in the direction that he would like me to [lease keep me in prayer
god please help me show me a way please god .i feel that i will become mad please god please only u can help me please jesus
I need the truth to come out. My ex has molested my daughters and other girls. I have been charged with purgery and many other things that just didnt happen. They think Im a disgruntled ex wife and not someone trying to protect her daughters. Please please pray that my daughters are protected and Im vindicated thank you
please jesus help with our rent and our car please dont be to late.thank you
Help me to help, forgive and love always. My dear Jesus help me to be just like you full of grace and Mercy. Bless my thoughts and the work of my hands. Make me a productive and effective evangelist in Jesus name amen. May I lack nothing good and be your ideal child in Jesus name amen. Save the souls of all in my entire family and helps us all to make heaven in Jesus name amen.
jesus you kw my plans you kw how is the state of my house and problems you kw plz guide me in my future my stuides give me a good job i want to go abord and earn something but money is really problem i dont kw how big joe going to help me or will i b abel to go by jan jesus everthing in your hands plz do somethin
i have accepted jesus long time now,, but i still long for something in my heart , i don;t no what , i feel depressed an feel as if i have no purpose here!
So hard to live. give me some money
money is not the answer. money is the problem. the solution is Jesus. I will pray for you, thats all i can give you.

please also pray for me, to have strength to overcome sin.

Since the loss of my twin sister a year ago Nov. 16th, life has been hard. She was a Christian but had to fight her last battle, dealth and Christ took the sting out of death for her. I'v not shopped this year but I'v thought and wonder what God would want us to give one another in honor of him, "FORGIVENESS", thats why He came to forgive us. My husband and I need prayer,he is a preacher to be lead of Gods Spirit and be assured we are where He wants us and not where we want ourselves. mary
hollie shook
my fiance suffered a tramatic brain injury about two years ago. i am having trouble dealing with
his attitude now. he hardly talks to me anymore. i need to know what i should do? we have a one year old son as well. it is a lot of stress. i work but we still don't have enough money for all the bills. i also am afraid i am loosing control with god.pray for me as well as my family.
i'm desperate for god's interventions in my life. every decision i've made has turn out wrong, i truely desire god's plan for me, sometimes i just wish he would give me a fatherly hug and a smile. please pray for me. i love all u guys, i will pray for you all tonight
my son has been diagnosed with crohn's disease now for 8 years, he has been through alot of medical interventions please pray for his healing. my sister has been dx with cancer, she's getting chem/radiation, lost her left breast, please pray for her as well. i need favor/wisdom on a new job. pray for me please i love the lord with all my heart, we need strength, healing and wisdom.
i know all about divorce and being a christian. my wife left me after 15 years and three children. i cried many nights myself. he will help you to endure,and you will be stronger. do not allow this trying time to steal your joy. god knows your pain and will bring you through. do not promote this divorce and leave it in god's capable hands. christian love and fellowship
no body seems to want to go out with me, i dont have a job and i dont know what to do with my life
i just ask for prayer for continued strength and soundness of might to understand and peace in my life. i ask god to lead and guide me each day. for i know i will not make it without him along. at this stage of my life i expected so much more. and nothing has gone as planned. i just want a little beauty,peace and happiness before my life is over. i try to give this to all who crosses my path. besides jesus christ, my other best friend is a dog.
paul ebenezer
i have taken five personal loan. not bale to pay the emi, beacuse my salary got cut. jesus please give money to pay the loan outstandings.
elizabeth mary
please pray for my home, my job i have lost both ......i need jesus to show me the way....pray for my puppy, he drives me nuts....i want to put god first in my life...eternally grateful......
reading each of these prayer request makes me more grateful for the relationship i have the lord. i thank god that i've been taught to be patient and wait on the lord because he will renew your strength...if you can believe that once you've prayed god is working it out then you can have peace even in the midst of your storm. have faith and walk in love and god will turn it around. i pray for all my brothers and sisters in christ jesus who are hurting and in desperate of change. god hears and answers our prayers. keep the faith and put god first!!
lord, since my husband left, i am so confused! my weekends without the kids are not what you want. please forgive me. lord open a door for me to work somewhere profitable so i can raise my 3 children. help me to walk a straight path to honor you. i love you.
please pray for my husband michael. he is going through so much right now. he cant work due to a disability his kids from a previous marriage are being abused by their mother and her brother. he feels worthless to me and his family. i need strength to keep this family.
my prayer is for the lord to give me justice. i have endured seven years of uncertainty with my medical problems to the point that i now live with excrutiating pain and i walk with caine. all of this started with an injury on a union job. no one has lifted a finger and i just got my disability this year. after seven years and i am only getting paid for less than two. i lost everything and all i did while i was working was live to be as christ like as possible. like helping people,financially,spiritually,and emotionally. freind and stranger alike. but i suffer now understanding that my only true freind is my "daddy" the lord jesus christ. hope that he can give me his justice. the lord is the greatest justifier!!! i also pray that he touches every soul that interacts with this web site so each life may be enriched with our lords love and power.
i havent been doing well this past couple of months. august was a rough month for me at work. my boss and i haven't been getting along. i feel stressed out. september started and it continues to be difficult for me at work and at home. my mother came to live with us and i haven't been getting along with her either. i do find comfort in jesus knowing he is with me no matter what. i feel like all is breaking apart for me. i feel defeated. my stregnth is the lord. i pray that he has mercy upon me and with his mercy and grace, i will get through this valley of shadow of death soon. 1850r - amen
lord jesus i need a home will you make a way for this to come to pass in my life?
lord i feel hopeless all the time and i need ur help please. i feel like am goning crazy.
hello... i have been out of work since february. i was in the tv media industry.... i am still out of work, nearing the end of unemployment benefits,i can't afford daycare of my family my wife and i pleads the god daily . i just need to hear god to find out what i need to do. because i am loosing faith and i can't find the scriptures anymore to hep me....plz help me o lord, plz..plz
let my people go!~~~~~~i read these prayers i hear myself asking the very same !!! please lord we come in praise and thanksgiving we put on our helmet of salvation our breast-plate of rightioness,we guierd
god help me please i feel so stupid because i fall love in someone
fathers daughter
oh,lord, please give me a peace in my soul! i cant understand what is happening to me, i want to go to the church, and i know u will come soon and take yours children,but i cant, all the time i am thinking about what other people will thing, it's killin me, also i have a boyfriend, who dont believe in you, but i want, that, he believes, that is what i am praying to you. please give me a courage to talk to him. i know, if i will be shamed from you, i wont be with you. that is what i am praying, i hope you will hear me, you will, i know and trust to you! thanks for all, loving you jesus!
lord help me to be garteful for all things knowing that all things work out for my good, no matter how it look or feels.thank you for life.knowing everyday you give me a day for change and growth.
dear lord please help me on these confusing days when i dont know what steps to take 1st i want to keep praying and reading the bible that is so conforting to me its the rest of my life i need help with a single mom with 3 girls is alot but i thank you lord for blessing me with them i love you so much please help jesus i need you!!!!!!!
lord help me with my problem,my husband treat me not nice hemostional abuse and having affair with married woman.please help me and comfort me.
a lonely confused child
please pray for my son who is depressed, dis-associated with god's reality. that god may show him the way to salvation and happiness and to appreciate his life. also pray for me as a mother to help my son the way god wants me to. god bless us all.
s. medina
trust in the lord with all your heart, lend not on your own understanding. but acknowledge him in all though ways and he shall direct thy path. proverbs 3: 5-6. god loves each and everyone of us. and sometimes we grow through things in order to go through more things. lol. god is a merciful god and he will not forsake us not leave us. man in the flesh will but jesus will never live us. lean on god put everything inside of you inside of him, his word, love, understanding and peace. he will see you through. know that if you don't give up and you don't allow the enemy to lead you wrong god has somehting so much greater for you for just be obident and having faith. i pray that you are blessed by my words on incourgement and may god bless you in all that you do that is of him. allamericanband2008 [ at ] yahoo.com
lord jesus i need you. i am sad and lonely. you are always with me and i thank you. i need to provide for my family. i need you lord
god please help me get my life together.. please help with my family..god you know my needs you know my heart..please help!
hi please you must listen and belive me for god sake iam from jordan chirstian married with three children and realy i need help very much i am so afraid i pray every day that my lord take me beside him but maybe becuase of my children he doesnt want to answer my prayer any way may god bless you and touch your haert he only know how much i am tired first i want you
to pray for me i am really need some one to hear and belive me my life now is very hard i trust my lord and i know that evry think will be good i pray by the name of god that you can help me i am so in need to amount of( 25).thousand doller
and as a leon i can pay back (in frount of god) in a monthly
amount with any gurantee you suggest please if you can help me reply me as soon as you can and if you cant please pray for me thanks
can anyone pray about my job and my career....pray for me i need lords help to satisfy me... thanks for your prayers
god's child
lord jesus i am just waiting for your second coming on this earth. i see people suffering from different kinds of problems in their daily life. only your coming on this earth shall solve all our problems. please come soon. this is my prayer to us o lord jesus.
please pray for my husband to get the job in good company and bless him with hapiness.
only jesus should help us now. we have come to him with the belief that he can help us to slove all our problems and protect us from troubles.
bless happines in the family.
lord jesus help us to be happy. give my husband a good job and make him satisfied.
i have read many message online of how a person's life was full of emptiness and some people choose ***, drugs and alcohol as their solutions. but once they gave their life to jesus, they felt better. will, i have never done drugs, alcohol or even *** to cure an emptiness. i have never tried drugs. i am proud of many decisions i have made. but i still have problems. i am 38 years, i was married once for about 7-8 years. i have been divorced for nine years. i took it very hard but at first i felt god wanted me to get a divorce because i did not drive, i did not go to college and i kind of submissive in my relationship. but i now i felt maybe it was a mistake getting a divorce because i have yet found a good man to have a long-lasting relationship with. i am not saying i need to be with a man, but i feel i am a good person who is will deserving of a good relationship. everyone around me has a significant other. i feel lonely and i have no children. my finances are a mess. i l
to be delivered and healded from syco stuff
im scared..im 20 n im on anti depressants.. i kno i love god but does he love me?? he took my dad away when i was 15..my future is dark! everyone around me thinks im a lost cause.. please pray that i find god.. i need his help
santosh naidu
may god bless you all,as its said who believe in him will never perish but have a eternal life god blessyou all......
pls pray for me in growth in lord jesus christ. pls.. pary for me...
god thanks for loving us and teach you how to have more faithin you and love you like you love us
as i read the pray needs and concerns of the body, i'm so humbled. i logged on in search of someone to help me find my place in the lord, but now, i wonder if that is really that important. maybe the lord had me stop here to make contact with the family of god. i hear the hurt and i know the pain many of you feel. as i type, i sense that god is moving in all situations. i don't know what's gonna happen, and i don't know how god's gonna do it, but even if nothing changes, god is still good and his mercy surely endures to all generations. my desire is still to find my place in him, but, i'm not going to allow the devil to rob me of precious time with the father. no, i don't do alot of things very well, and no, i've never been the one everyone gravitates towards, and let's not even talk about good looks, but i do know god is my father and no matter what, he loves me more than i will ever know. so, i would just encourage all of us to focus on jesus with everything we are, weed thro
praise the lord. i hav been suffrng wth mental and physical pain wth problems. im unable to cncntrate and gt the job. pls pray for my life to get settled wth job.
jesus, please have mercy on all of us, your children. we are your sheep that are lost! hopeless, tired, hungry, scared. come and guide all of us with your love. we will listen, and do your will, and obey what you want us to do. forgive us for our lack of hope, despair, and turning from your love. thank you jesus!i am sorry for all of my sins!with you jesus all things are possible!
love, john c
all of you in need, pray to pope john paul ii to unite your prayers and needs with to jesus! he can and will help!
john c
i believe in jesus
lonely girl
dear jesus, my friend!! help me please!! i am being forced into a marriage which i dont like, and i am in love with an unbeliever.. i dont konw what to do. i feel helpless daddy. i dont want to cheat anyone, and i dont want to hurt my parents. but whatever i do seems to hurt people. i am stuck in this dilemma and i dont know how to get out of it. daddy, u promised that you give freedom, love peace.. but i dont have any of it. i am living the life of someone else. daddy... please help me. i am only able to cry to you, and i dont know exactly what to ask u for. i have a problem, and i am hurt terribly, but the solution is yours. please help me daddddy.. carry me
why should my prayer for saving my marriage be answered. god has never given me a miracle, yet i still ask.

he sees me so depressed, crying, fasting, ready to cease my existence... i can't wait longer!

why would he bring us together... fate... knowing it was going to fall apart?
dear jesus...i really don't know what to do..i really don't know...i have a friend who is so very dear to me..she has an identity issue..even though she is a girl most of the time she acts like a guy...the way she thinks,the way she acts and every other thing that she does...now she is in love with me..according to her i am an angel because i understood and never judged her for that..what can i do for this??/ i know that she is not lying...there is no need for her to do so..i believe that she is trapped in the wrong body...but what am i to do??/ should i leave her because of that....honestly i don't want to because she is special to me...jesus...i really don't know what to do...whenever the world gives her a hard time i comfort her..is it wrong??? jesus...please help me....
i don't understand this world god..i really don't.....
father in heaven, i have come to you many times asking for your help for this or that, pleading for the the peace of christ to comfort me in my many trials. here i read the prayers of my brothers and sisters who are pleading for that peace as well and my prayer is that they and i are granted that peace. i pray that my wife also find her way to you. she loves you and wants to serve you too but is confused but she is searching for you. help her father to bring the love and peace of your son and unite our family spiritually that we may all be in union with you at the table of the lord. in jesus name i pray. amen...
dear god.....i've made such a mess of things! my sins and love for alcohol have caused me to lose my children. please god, give me another chance - your word says you won't give us more than we can bear....please god, just a sign, any small sign to know you are there, listening, waiting, and willing to help....right now i feel alone, destitude and without my children....give me strength to repent and give me guidance as to how to proceed - in the best interest of your word and my children....in his holy name...xoxoxo
lord jesus,my father ..i can fell ur always teir for me ,,, evryone leavs me n go even the person whom i love the most ,,,when i am in trouble is only u ,who stays with me thank u father ,,
wat evr i speak ,wat evr i thnk,wer ever i step,,i shoud be ur will and wish ,i dnt want anything which is not ur will and wish ,forgive me if i have done any mistake,,am ur child ,be with me my lord and my father,....amen
the one who loves
my brother and sisters are father has heard ur prayers u will not be alone i say the name of the lord christ jesus that what u say will come to be.. plz brothers and sisters never forget what lord had done for you.... the lord had done some much for me and im 18 years iv had an angle talk when i was awake ans she told me "love other are u would your self" plz the lord will be with u all in the lord jesus name your pray shall be ansewrd in lord name christ jesus amen on god for ever and ever
dear lord, i feel so confused and completely down. been waiting for a good change of job and the wait has been very loong. i seem to be not making any headway, i have been in the same stranded situation since loong , when all others seems to ruch past me..iam on the verge of a complete breakdown..please let your kindness be showered on me, i know i dont deserve thy love but lord save me out of this mess as per thy abounding grace...lord please..
jeremiah 29:11 11 for i know the plans i have for you," declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. remember everyone that god loves you and just trust in him because he has plans for your future and they are going to be good. you pray for others because god wants you to care for them, god wants you to make that effort to get them closer to god even though you fail, keep trying and god will answer the prayers. praise the lord as job did, even in the most dire situations and god will elevate you from all your troubles. praise be to the lord. lord have mercy on me.
lord, let thy will be my command !
lord i am in abondagr release me lord. i am umarried and i think is that i am helpless
dear lord please help me get married...i am very miserable....could you please send someone for me to have mutual feelings for each other and that he proposes to me within this or next month...am very desperate lord jesus i really need ur help...only you can help me.
dear god, i want you to make my faith stronger than ever before. it got shaken up by the devil but i need you to make me strong in my head and my heart. please bless my husband and my son dear lord and cure all disease in our lives. please clear the cobwebs in my head. i love you and i know you love us and you will do right by us. please bless us always with your divine mercy and love!
i am surrender my lord! almost 6 month no activity all like stuck into the wall and inside the box?please forgive me lord,my son will be going to university but i dont have much money,hes smart,cleaver,and hes yours lord!
jesus's little angel
sometimes in life we ask for things not knowing that god knows when to give us certain things.i am going thru a lot of pain as well,
my marriage has fallen apart and i v been married for 3 months.some of us feel like we are not loved coz our husband / wife does
not care and wants someone else..some of us feel insecure ,we feel we are ugly , too thin , too fat , too dark , too fair , we dont
know where to go and no one wants to hear our side.people think we are crazy when we see things for what they are.
i am so depressed , i feel so hurt and there may be many of you as well ..i just want to tell you that jesus christ loves u , the holy
spirit knows ur pain , u dont have to feel poor and down coz abba father is your father ..he is knig and you should feel the same.i have
no idea what every one of u is going thru on this forum ..but i just want you to know that god will never let us go through more that
what we can handle.believe in him .he is there for u.trust jesus.he loves
bless my husband and our children. they have experienced so much of humiliation and helplessness. those who ought to support them systematically increase their suffering. i entrust them in your care. let them be happy and peaceful.
i am going through soo much pain! i have a toothach i know its weird but jesus will not help me through this and i just cant stop crying the pain causes suicidal thoughts like no other. its so bad if you never had one of these you just wouldnt understand and i just want him to heal me so i can think straight i think this is a punishment from something ive done bad but i need you to forgive me jesus<3 please heal me!
stephen lakra
lord jesus bless my wife, children and my home. my wife may get success in the field of business. please give knowledge to my childlren.
dearly beloved jesus,

all mighty have mercy on me. i need your direction, strength and power. guide with your holy spirit. i love you a lot.
please lord bless me with a job and thank you lord for taking care of me and my family.
thank you for loving us and carrying all our sins on the cross.
thank you lord for the cross
dear lord jesus,please let the plans of my enemies be cancelled.protect and preserve my life and use me.beaautify my life let me hear joy and gladness from today in jesus's name i have prayed. amen.
my name is ms.sandhya. my husband name is shibijith. our's is love marriage. he is from kerala (oc caste)and me from hyderaba(sc caste). my parents agreed for marriage but my husband parents dint'agreed. so we did marriage in arya samaj, bowenpally. we are middle class family. we have financial problems and we have no children. i asked my father so he told that he will give money and i am consulting doctor for children sake. at present i have 2 problems 1. financial problem
2. children

lord jesus (deva nuve na deku)

na problems solve aiepovali. please. dady money ivali. naku pillalu puttali. nenu sumangali ga chachipovali. please help me. na mokulu guruthu unayi. kani na degara money ledu. na problems solve aiepote nagapatnam church, mettiguda chruch, medak chruch & muthangi church ki nenu na husband inka na babu vasthamu. please naku help cheyava deva. naku e sari pregnent confirm kavali please. na kosam vijaya kuda prayer chestundi. tana pelli kuda kavali karim tho. deva nuve
to you richard! sometimes god alows us to go though a sad and difficalt expireance in order to biuld our carecter and if you fall on our knees he will raise you up.
he will not fail you trust him now.
i hate u jesus because i like u very much but your always do punish me.y always u shows angry on me .how many times i asked about my problem .but u don't have a concern about me. when u don't before at that time my life was very happy .but when u enter in my life every time am having problem .my parents always quarreled each other.because of this treason i asked u many times but u didn't solve my problem at my home we are suffering same problem long back .i love parents .please solve our parent's problem and i have one sister she need a job .as well but in my family what we want that one never done .in my parents life they doesn't have a piece ,love affection every time they were hates each other i. idnt want this bloddy life .iam elder one in my family. now iam 23 since 23 yrs i was facing same problem .still i cant bare .i want die myself.i asked many times to jesus but he never solve my problem now i don't have patience to bare all these problem and i have plenty of problem but i
i am confused my lord jesus, so please help me that the plan of my enemy not work forever, i want stable and peaceful life. please jesus give me my own lover so that i can live a life of righteous, please let me change my job, i want you lord to help my boss so that he may have passionate heart for me, please, please lord jesus please please................... in jesus name amen!
i can't stop masterbating. did it at work in the cafeteria and lost my job. please jesus, find me a job and help me stop touchng myself
be carefull harry. jesus can see you materbating. he might of told your boss at the office, and thats why you got caught. i'll pray for you that jesus helps you stop.
minister frank ward
glory to god, glory to god in the name of his son jesus the christ my lord and saver whom i am joint heir to his throne and kingdom.
frankward4 [ at ] aol.com
i love u jesus.oh god u know everybodys heart.show me right way.i don't know what is right what is wrong.guide me. give me my true love whom i love too much and he loves me too much to share my sorrow and happiness.give me strength,love and faith in god.make me childof god.and select me as instrument of god
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