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When we are unemployed we seek the Lord to guide us for a job. we want to work - Lord I Really Need A Job
the economy is bad since 2009.

many people are without jobs and we all should pray for all the ones that don't have a job

I know its a difficult time for everyone in America, Europe and through out the world. Some of us have family who depend on us.

Don't give up hope. While it may seem difficult. Keep your faith strong. We are all praying for each other that the economy gets better for everyone.

I pray for everyone who is without a job that soon they may be blessed with a good job. Remember, keep your faith strong and be faithful to the Lord. He will provide for us and for our families.

God Bless us all.
for any one that does not mind asking for a job and has went this far to get one needs a job lord plaese answer thier prayers.....
i essentially had to leave the military on disability dec2010 when i was 48 yrs old. next month i am going to be 52 yrs old and still have not found employment. over the past 5 yrs before i even left the service i started applying for jobs and to date i have 937 applications out there. it is true now i haven't completed one in over six month because my government says i don't count as being unemployed. im tired of being sick and tired everyday, as even tho i have a small pension, i still ended up bankrupt and lost two homes as i couldn't make the payments on either one. the business we had went under about the same time as when i was forced out. i understand the person below when she says there are no more smiles, only years of hopelessness now put behind me after working so hard to never be in this position. it is so unbelievable. i am so bitter at our government as they continue to take away my earned retired benefits from medical, to my pension, and since the media doesn't make
I need you Lord to tell me/show me what you want me to do. I have given up crying, trying (do what I want),the desire to go to church is gone, the desire to smile (a true smile) is gone, the desire to socialize is gone. I can not go on any longer wondering what am I doing wrong or am I doing this right. I am farthermore still thankful for your support financially (unemployed and spouse working)and maybe I suppose to be unemployed to complete my Masters Degree, (I am confused).
dont give up. keep praying for strength and wisdom. you will find the answer in Jesus.
please, lord. help me, and everyone else who is searching for a job to obtain one. please, father. amen.
cecil hill
please jesus ,help me get a job ,so i can have income coming in,
lord, i have a family to feed and i'm losing my home. please help me find a job.
please lord, i need a job. i left my position as a teacher because the situation drained away joy from my life. i am trying to find something that fills me with job, please help me find this. blessings to all.
niclas robinson
oh hevenly father lift us out of the pit of our problems carry us in these hard financial times. we need you now is the time for you to get the glory the harvest is ripe for your saving power to be seen in the world
lord jesus, help me to have patience while the job you have in store for me is on it's way. help me to remain faithful to you lord while you do your work in my life. help me to bless others as you continue to bless me. i ask you to grant me these things, lord, if they be your will. amen
lord jesus, i forgot to say that i can't tithe without income, and you need my tithe to help do your work... you said "come let us reason" lord.... help me to be still to hear your response. amen
dear lord please bless us with jobs at your time. teach us how to wait upon you, and how to surrender all to you.
jesus pls bless my family and give good job pls amen
dear father god, thank you for reminding me that my problems are so trivial compared to others. lord i thank you and i praise you for your faithfulness. father bless all with a job, health, love and family. your will be done. glory to the father, son, and holy spirit, in jesus mighty name i pray, amen.
dearest lord, i thank you that you are never changing. whan the world as i know it turns upside-down, you ramain. when people chew us up and spit us out, you are the supper glue that holds us together.
help me to never forget that things are still going according to your plan, weather or not i understand. father help me in my flesh bring glory to your most holy and awesome name, and enlarge my heart to love more
in the name of jesus, plse give me a new and the best job...
lord, please help me find a job soon so that i can support my family. i also pray for all those people out there who have lost jobs and are in need on one - please meet their needs.
lord, please bless me with a job. i want to work. i want to earn a income. lord, help me. lord, help me. you know that i am attending school, again. lord, i am tired of going to school. i am ready to work. lord, i know that you are a "right now god". if it is your will, please bless me with employment "right now". amen.
lord, please send a blessing for myself and everyone in need. amen
god bless the people who are here, asking you for a job so that their basic needs can be met. our faith is in you; we depend on you for our survival. havin a job is a necessity for us, father. i pray that you would meet that need soon, and sooth our spirits as we wait on you. in jesus name, amen.
forrest smith
lord please give me a job and anyone else who happens to be in the same situation.
jesus i really need you open my eyes. then give me a new and the best job amen
lord i really need a job. please help me get one soon, and also all the other people who need jobs. amen.

pray for me, and i will pray for you my fellow belivers.
hey everyone, i got a phone interview of sorts on thursday and i would really appreciate your prayers. thanks.
i have been without a job for nearly 11months, please lord answer all those who look to you as their source, i know it is your will that we all work and you will give the very best for your children.
he is a faithful and he has give us all things that pertains to life and godliness, and he is a loving father, so keep the faith, for the best is yet to come. amen
i didn't know that so many people are in ths same rank of unemplyment like me that are depending on the lord for a job like me i am out of a job 30 months now i am asking jesus to please my case to the father to help get a job soon in jesus name amen
dear jesus you know us, our qualities and weaknesses.plz put me in a right job and for my friends too. thank you
jesus i need a job a car a million dallors so i can pay my bills and don't have worry about nothing i want to give and help others jesus please for give me for my life of sin jesus i need your help hand everday don't leave me please i believe in you jesus i know you can work things out for i need a my own house i want a family of my own jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus i need a mircale
pleas lord, help me get a job so my dad doesnt kick me out the hose with nothing.
im trusting you lord 4 the best job.please.....dont 4get me.
please jesus help me in all aspect of my life. please lord plsssss
dear lord please strengthen my faith and that of others.please grant us our heart desires.bless us with the best jobs.renew our faith and trust in jesus name.amen.
loard jesus, please send a blessing and give me a good job, amen.
lord remember your people in time of you have promised to call upon your name and you will hear from heaven. i'm praying not because of who we are but because of who you are. we love you lord. amen
oh dear god you know my know i have not had any work in 7 months you know the grandkids need me to be strong.god help us if you be willen
lord,please have mercy on me for i have sinned, and please help me find a job so that i can support myself. i'm quiet depressed now for i am looking for a job in almost 6 months and i know that your the only one who can help me with this matter, i hope that you hear my prayer.thank you lord.
brother phil
i pray, oh lord, please help all the people at this site that do not have jobs and need one. please blessed them all with good jobs, please blessed them today. please give them more of your confort now oh lord. please show them that you are their source and that you love them. please bless me with a good job too lord, since you know i recently lost my job. thank you and praise you lord amen.
i encourage all to read psalm 34.
ephraim semanego
father thank u 4 giving de moment of being alive again ur god of 2nd chance i really need good job from you now in the name of jesus amen.
joby god... first of all i am thanking you for you all the favours receved. but today's problem is i don't have job. i am trying but i don't get a job. so please help i really need a job at this time. please help me.. i believe you that you will defenitily give my a good job....amen.
with love and faith
joby kerala india
joseph lourduraj
jesus, can you here me, hello?
yes jesus i need a job. you know my capacity and you know i'm a hard worker, then why you are not getting me a job. please get me a job soon.

o lord..plz guide me on the right track and help me to make use of the good opportunities so that i can get a good job and can settle down.plz bless me lord.amen.
lord jesus is with us..within each one of us..i pray to lord jesus to bless us and grant all of us wat we deserve..amen!
jagadeesh mvs
oh lord/jesus please help me out from my problems,please wash away all my sins with your blood and have a mercy upon me and please pour your holy spirit on me,i have confess all my sins from whole hearted,oh lord please offer me a right path for me and right job for me and new life for me.
dear god, in jesus' name you said that when two or more are gathered and ask for anything in your name ... that it shall be done. i am standing in agreement with all who are seeking employment as i and to provide us all with a great job very soon. i thank you for all you do. praise you lord, we worship you jesus. amen.
this is for all you i bless you my sons now go get the job you needed
lord i just graduated and want to have a good job. i pray that you will help me on this matter. i need a job to be able to afford a car so i can finally get a girlfriend. lord only you know how lonely i have been throughout these many years struggling to graduate with no social support. please guide me in finding a job that will help me provide for my family as well as support the moderate lifestyle that i worked so hard for. grant me the wisdom to do what is right in these trying times. i am lost and would like you to help me. thank you, lord. amen.
dear lord jesus, i really need a job, as you know lord i have been unemployed since the 26th january 2010, i am looking for a job every single day and i have applied for many jobs but with no success. please father help me to get a good job as i need to pay the mortgage and the bills, i am so worried i cannot sleep at night, please help, please lord i really need you. rr
ante daivame anne aasrayikkunnavare sahaikkanai ne anikkoru joli taraname angu athryo valiyavan ante sangadam matti anikkoru joli tarename ante papangal porukename ante eshoyee ante prarthana kelkkename
sandya ambati
lord jesus u knw at r my suituation dat my family gong through.....lord in dis suitation i need a job so dat i can help my family.......i hav faith on u .nd i knw der is a job which helps me in all the way....plz help me to get dat job
thomas packer
dear lord i ask for strength to carry on. lord you are my rock and my salvation who shall i fear !!!! remember he may not come when you wont him but he is always on time!!! aman
lord, i already have a job, but then it is too stressful. lord, please help me get a better job with less ot no stress at all.. with a better salary.. i know i will get it soon.. praise the lord!
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