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Jesus Will Come

Thu Sep 03, 2009


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if you are visiting my post here, you are probably feeling down and you fee like you need the Lord's help

i know how you feel. but rest asured that Jesus will not leave you. he will hear you. I encourage you to pray hard with all you heart. be honest to Him in your prayers as he knows whats in your heart, he knows everything about you. whatever it is you need help on pray to him and accept his will.

there are times that when you pray for something it doesnt happen. so its important to know that you accept his will. if you can accept that, it means that whatever you pray for its not going to happen exactly, Jesus has a better plan for you, he listens to all of us.

trust his will and you will see that soon you will start to feel better.
lord clame me
dinesh kiran
im studying 2nd puc waiting for result today is my result so help me god give nd good result my family will happy please please i will pass i prayed my god im in honest i will pass
supraja... your child
heavenly father,lord i believe in you,i worship you, i need your help desparetly.here on this earth i am so alone as my lover anil left me.please i am really sorry for all my mistakes.please give me one more chance to love, to live, to win. anil is so loving person i need him forever.today is his birthday i could not even call and wish him.i am feeling very very bad i am crying a lot.i am crying every day.i cannot bear this pain.every momnet i am crying for anil at your feet.please father wipe all my tears and please give me my loving anil.please please please i beg you,i pleed with my whole heart.please love me jesus,please lead me jesus.please don not leave me alone in this world.please please understand my pain lord.


jesus please help me my name is swapna please help me for my job,marriage and my family should believe in u.
prayer request: "i am mariya dass. i am marred last 10 years back but till this date we don't have any children. please pray for my family. my wife has suffering kidney problem. her is name is suguna, she only has one kidney. she suffering lot of kidney problem. in a few char we have to transplant the kidney with in soon. please pray for her. she is also having thyroid problems, please pray for my family. we don't have money for the medical treatment. please prayer for my family.
with best regards.
mariya dass d.
india (a. p.) hyderabad ,
mariya.dass [ at ] hotmail.com, mariya.dass [ at ] gmail.com
lord you know my heart,i have been begging at your feet for the last few days, yes i know that i`m not worth your time,i know that i`m not worthy of your love. i just feel like i have nothing left in life,i never had a real family or the little that i had i lost because of my ways,finally when i find someone that really loves me and gave me a home i went and lost my mind again.jesus i really love him,now he wont even look at me,i`m homeless loveless,and just want to be lifeless as well.i need you now lord,
please god help me from all my worries plz help me to do marrying with my love
jesus in the name for you i pray to my father plese help me kindly give me activeness and please guide me in my competition exams as my exams in postal dept is near please help in studing jesus please tell me wheather rrb ajmer a.s.m is cancelled so that i can start me preparation.thank you lord
praise the lord amen
mr marsha edison
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my father plese help me kindly give me activeness and please guide me in my sem-1 exams as my exams in near please help in studing jesus please i need you load.
k.bajee vara prasad
lord jesus i beleave you have died for me shed the blood for me crucified and rise after three days kindly lord give my mind stability and give me patience please give me blessing for railwayexam which i hve given because this is my last stage exam
i beleave you have given blessings.thank you lord amen
lord jesus thank you for hearing my prayer jesus kindly improv my faith and conficence please help me whenever i take any decision please bless my parents and wife please bless me for rly exams which i have give on 26 sepkindly tell my about my dream which i saw yesterday.thank you jesus amen
jesus kindly help me jesus please give me will power and conficence so that my faith upon you increase kindly jesus please give blessings as i have given rly exam on 26sepfor goods guard kindly jesus have mercy upon me i am a sinner.thank you jesus amen
lord jesus thank you for giving opportunity to communicate with you.jesus please help me kindly jesus please hear my prayer kindly bless me give me blessing for rly job which i have given last 26 sep for goods guard kindly give me blessing thank you jesus amen
lord jesus thank you father i am only blessed by giving me an opportunity to communicate with you rabbi kindly help me so that i can improve mentally and physicaly kindly bless me so that the exams which i have given for job i can be selected.thank you father amen
lord jesus thankyou father for giving me this opportunity lord please help me kindlylgive me patience please lord give blessings to my wife asha please bless him so that during delivery time every thing should be normal please help me lord give blessing for my job.thank you jesus amen
thank you father for giving me this wonderful opportunity lord jesus kindly be with me always be with my wife and with the child who will come to this world father bless my family and father bless my parents and whole family and the relatives who beleave and keep faith on you.rabbi bless me for railway job which i have given exam.thank you rabbi ameen
lord jesus thank you father for giving me this wonderful wisdom to pray for others lord it is true that mankind will end one day but then only ifyour willingness is there you will do impossible possible so there fore lord kindly please bless miss disoja as she is now in como and doctor has given time for his end but lord i beleave you are the real doctor kindly touch him so that she will become well.i beleave you have heard my voice.thank you amen
lord help me i need a supernatural financial miracle in my life.
thank you father rabbi for this wonderful movement you have given to me thank you jesus as my back bone pain and my right hand joint pain has been removed jesus i cannot compare my mind with yours and i beleave that yesterday you have healed me and you know my problems.jesus improve my faith towards you.please bless to mrs filomia dsoza.thank you rabbi amen
jesus i need you.
lord jesus thankyou jesus lord kindly be with me and with asha lord please give her strength during delivery time lord please improve my brother in law mojes jhonson financially,lord please open the doors for them. thank you lord amen
jesus, i came before you know your will in my love and marriage. you peformed so many miracles in my life and i am grateful to you. marriage is something very important and life and i want to know your will as i like one person and whom i want to get married. i waiting for your answer. please show your way and will in my life.
thanks you lord.
praise the lord i am in lot of problems in life lost my job,financial problems, i have to support my parents.now i am looking for jobs ,most important in my life now plz help me jesus and appolize all my sins. help me jesus,i will serve my whole life for you. praise the lord
dear lord jesus i want to please you from now forward i ask you to forgive me and wash all my sins , i did commit adultery , watch porno , i did all bad sins eve i can not tell to some one but i want to know dear lord jesus i love you and i want to fallow you forever amin
anil kumar sukraj
o god help me show me the right way of life as i'm trap in a lot of pain i wasted all my money now i need you god to support me to regain what i lost i begging you o father
my dear father,im so afride abt my life(future).u r my only help and in this word u only care for me.thank you lord.i can't understand ur plan jesus.plz talk to me,i need u right nw.forgive all my sins and wash me with ur blood and make me pure.u know all my afrides.nw im waiting for the carrer,higher studies and for my partner.jesus show ur way to me lord.jesus u did lots and lots of miracles in my life.thank you lord.lord bless me and not allowed to be shame in front of this world.i believe in ur words lord.u said thats my people shall never be ashamed.i believe in ur words.lord forgive me for all the wrong thoughts,unfaithing words and anger.bcoz of this quality in me u will stop ur blessing to work in my life.jesus remove all the sins,unfaithing thought from me and make myself to bear fruit in my life.thank you lord.in jesus name amen.
thank you god that people believe in god thank you god for being such a wonderful father
jeasus please enter my heart i need you in my life i beleive in your love and need your help; please be with me i despartly want to be a good person ; with youyr guidence please help my family my wife kids to be with you and i [ wre all want hapiness in our life; wre want jeasus in our life'
"hi" my name is debbie, i was reading different things on the interent, and seen where you were asking god to help you. i'm glad to hear that you asked god for help through your low time in life. god is a loveing god. in the book of matthew chapter 7 verse7 "keepin asking,and it will be given to you: keep on seeking, and you will find: keep on knocking, and it will be up to opened. matthew chapther 26 verve 41 " keep on the watch and pray continually, that you may not enter into temptation. the spirit,of course, is eager,but the flesh is weak." i hope and pray that things are doing better for you.i find reading my bible daily, praying daily, talking to others being a witness for god, helps, i love god with all my heart, all my soul, all mind, and will till the die i die. if you want to talk e-mail me [ at ] dbarclay2011 [ at ] yahoo.com or go to facebook. ihope to hear from you god bless you debbie
Thats very nice what you write.
lord we pray again to you for helping our lives improve since our move to s.d. times have been so tough but our faith remains stronger than ever. we both know without you god that we would have nothing. thank you for all of our blessings that you have placed upon us. please bless us with good news about a business that we are looking at. we are so confident that you have lead us to what looks like a perfect location for us to live and work. my wife and i are filled with the holy spirit every day. god is so good, thank you for everything. m-m
lord god, i know that many of us pray for you and yet some of our prayers are not answered. please give us patience, love and more faith to continue in life and that sometimes our prayers are not what you want us to be. please give us more strength to persevere our quest in finding what you in store for us for tomorrow.
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tamil bami font.
today we might have an opportunity that we have been praying for. please lord let this be the blessing from you that we have talked to you about these past couple of months. our relationship with you has us believing that this opportunity is sent from you to us. we have a meeting this morning. oh please lord let this be heaven sent from you to us. bless us and thank you lord!!!
lord we feel that you are sending us our blessing that we have talked and prayed with you about for some time now. this morning i will be meeting the property manager to look at a building. please lord help make this dream come true. we have been so patience in our prayers to you lord. god bless us today. we thank you lord for everything that you do for us. with love m-m
lord, i had a lots of doubt to my husband... please help me how to add more percent trust to my husband even if we're miles away.. honestly i really dont know what to do... please help me lord.. amen..
dear lord i have lots of problems in my life so please please jesus i need you 2 help me n solve all my problems , please jesus i dont pray everyday i m so sorry jesus oz i dont pray everyday wenever i have problems in my life that time only i pray i m so sorry jesus please 4give me ,jesus please help me my mom is very very sick jesus please heal my mom i want my mom 2 get well soon n i dont want any serious problems i know jesus my mom is having lots os sickness please jesus i m begginu u please heal my mom n my father in law also hi es also very sick jesus please heal them ,jesus my dad is also lots of problem he is not getting loan he wanted the loan 4rm bank oz he want 2 give money 4 people oz for some problems he borrowed money 4rm people so he wanted 2 clear all those people n he wanted 2 send mom 4 treatment 2 goa ,bt he is so helpless that he cant do anything he went in bank bt they said that my dad has 2 have 400 kd salary ,n my dad is having only 200kd salay jesus please
dear lord jesus and abba father , please love me and show this world that you love me and make me a blessing for this world from this moment on...17 june 2011. thank you in advance in jesus name. amen
jesus please i need divine intervention in my life amen
jesus i really want you to forgive me and help me out as im suferning please jesus xx im sorry for what ive done
lord jesus thank you for the great things you have done and the things you are going to do in my life. iam least worthy of all you gave me ,thank you for your loving kindness ,thank you jesus praise the lord .
god i m very sorry what i can did in my past pl help me. in future i m really live honestly
lord i am begging for you to hear my cry's. my wife and i are so desperate for a blessing. our business is at the end of the line. we and our parents have everything on the line. please let me wake up to some answers tomorrow friday 9-16-2011. god bless us!! love you lord m-m
jesus, i pray to you, please help me throughout my life. i have made countless mistakes in the past and i am so sorry, please help me forgive myself so i wont be living in this regret. help me to become a better person, im so depressed, i feel like i will never live a happy life... please perform a miracle, you are the only one who can help me. my lord jesus christ amen.
i have suicide attempts and past sin catching up i accepted jesus back in 73 fell and stayed away for too many years then in 2007 i thought i recommitted but now i have from depression and fear seem to be living in sheol and nothing i pray or seem to ask can return me, to late my sin is going to destroy me. oh with all i am if anything i plead for my life to come back to jesus. oh no to late this is terrible the emptiness the separation is killing like the rich man with no water but no with no god no jesus that is maddening dam to sin it does kill oh it sure does still i cry help help help --------- jesus oh i know i sin greatly and more every second my wrath gets stronger i would love but it to was removed along with faith and hope jesus jesus jesus jesus