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i put a small prayer for people who are looking for a job and want the lord Jesus to provide one
there are many people here praying for a job. its difficult when you are in a situation as this. Its good to know that you have Jesus in your life. The best you can do is pray. Kneel down and humble yourself in the presence of God and open your heart and pray for his blessing and his will. This is an example of a prayer i would do.

Father in Heaven, I kneel down before you to beg you with all my heart for a good job. Please guide me to find a good job for me. Give me strength and wisdom to know where to look. In Jesus' name i pray, Amen.

see, its very easy, what kind of job are you praying for?
jesus i need to get a gud job vit gud pay............
god, i pray to find a good job that i can enjoy going to everyday. and i pray to become an accomplished writer one day too. please help all others searching for jobs too. help them to reach their dreams. amen.
god says he is our provider, lord i've been trying to find a job i am good at, close to home and a decent pay. it hasn't come to pass yet. rent and bills and other things need to be paid. savings is running out. what can you tell us lord? what can we do to make things better? thanks
nicklas robinson
hevenly father i pray for the job you designed me to have since my bith bless me with the job inside your will for my life. then i know my soul will be a peace in this world and i will be happy.
i know that god is everywhere but i don't have anyone else to turn to. i mean everyone is feeling the pinch financially and personally. who wants to hear about my problems? but i do need the prayers of fellow brethren. please pray for me to see opportunity knocking and boldness as well as insight to step into ,y divine inheritance. and for my husband whom is losing all hope!
praise the lord,i need a job in my native to take care of my family for ever & pray for all who are seeking their deam jobs .amen in lord of jesus crist....
he knows my name
dear heavenly father, i need to find a good job soon. one that pays well, has benefits, health, medical, dental, tutition payment. lord, i need a job that i will love to do, that i will feel excited and passionate about. dear lord, please help me to find this job. and please help all others who are in need of a great job. in jesus' holy name, amen.
he always knows
dear lord, i have been fighting with hardship for a long time already, it has come to the point that i an questioning my ability to succeed and reach happiness and spiritual tranquility, every job that i have had until now don't make me happy even though i love what i do. al i'm asking is to be given the opportunity to meet the place and the people where i feel confident, calm and trustful to be able to perform my task the way i am supposed to do it. with you in my heart, nothing against me.
dave smith
hi everyone the key thing is to pray daily, dont sin, have a relationship with the lord.
most of all its in gods time.
i know its very hard, but dont worry, thats what satan likes to do to us. 2009 i lost my job we lost are home & pets, my dad died, my wife got cancer, shes healed now, that was the only thing i wanted from god, we are homeless but god has been providing.... i am not worried god will open that door in his time, and wow what a blessing. so be honest to god serve him well. most important, you must forgive all your enemies,you cant have any hate in your heart for your brothers or sisters... ignore satan put the peace of god in your heart every morning, its not easy but practice everything i have told you, and belive, its true god loves you and wants to do good things for us.
god bless you all! dave toys123 [ at ] peoplepc.com
aenku ebla ta job kadakunum pls jesus. second list podanun pls pa.naan rumba nambrean pa. pls aenkita advum ela appa pls aen life la nala oru life partnerum , eb la ta va entha march kula job kadakunum pls jesus help panuga plss
love you jesus with all my heart.as my wife is pregnant now and we dont have a job we are having a very hard life.please lord let me to get a job soon so we dont have to face such an hard life......please who ever are reading this please pray from me and my wife.....god bless.
neveen mehany
jesus please i need a job. i have a family and baby and i really need a job that i enjoy doing it and achieve success in my life. please help me my lord jesus christ. thank you jesus for responding. amen
lord, i need the job that you have for me. i want that job not to be so far away, good hours,good benefits and pay. you told me in your word, i have not, because i ask not, so lord i am asking you for that job. thank you jesus.
lord, i need a permanent job plz, so that i can start my life, i don't have a permanent income and my husband don't have job, please help us
i am astudent and i am really really skint. i need a job. please help me god.
i need a job by next week 22nd march (faith). may your will be done god. in jesus name! amen
lord you are my provider and my protector ...for you i live and for you i will die... jesus i am a single mother of one.... i lost my job, then my car was repossessed, and now we have been evicted so we we're forced to live with my mother i her apt.... but jesus you told me that you will bless me and keep me as long as i stayed in your will...lord i have tried to follow your commandments i live holy and i witness to others i dont complain and i undestand that this too is just a test and will pass... lord i'm grateful for life and you never said it would be easy....lord i need you my heart is heavy and i cry for my son he didnt ask for this.... i know this will make me stronger spiritually and naturally when i overcome....lord i love you and ask that you bless the saints it could be worse i could be lost in the world but i praise you now and forever more for your goodness, mercy, love, kindness,and grace....touch and provide for all who should read this and those who are in need now i p
our lord god creator of heaven and earth,there is nothing impossible for you lord,lord i pray for a good job.lord many prophesies but nothing seems to be fulfilled.lord deal with me according to my iniquities.you are gracious,merciful lord.let not my enemies laugh at me.your my only hope...plz father hav mercy....im back
lord if you hav dealt with me according to my sins then i wouln't hav survived...its all your grace....thank you father
dear lord i thank you for all the blessings in my life, your love and grace are abundant, and i come before you once again in my time of need to help find the right job so i can raise my family. i belive with all of my heart that you will provide for me and all of my other brothers and sisters in chrit on this page. thank you heavenly father, amen.
o lord our father,you know i am nothing without you and why you forsaken me do nt you know that i need you.i been trying to look for a job and i am 2nd year student things are difficult for me and i owe school fees which means i cant get my results can you help dear lord i have lost hope but i still faith in you whatever the job as long as it pays amen
lord, i want a job in which you want for me. i want a job that will teach me nessecary skills so that i can use them to accomplish your purposes you have for me. even though things look very uncertain now, but i place my trust in you. you love me dearly and though times i don't feel like talking to you, you simply talked to me. thank you lord for being so patient and kind to me. you are still working in me and i acknowledge that. "and we know all things end for good for those who love god, for those who are called according to his purposes. romans 8:28"
lord, i wait in expectation of your answer to my prayer of a job. it has been several years and i desire to work to get back on my feet. i know that you are in control and it is at your discreations, and i trust you. i wait for you lord.
lord, i`ve been jobless for a very long time, please help me find a job that im good at and where i would be happy to go everyday.
lord, i feel like i am a failure. it's not a lot that i can do. but you said in your word that all things can be done through you. so dear lord, i ask that you help me find my calling. i really want to write and i need you. help me write for you god. amen
lord, please keep me in your will. i am unemployed and every job application i completed has been rejected. i am feeling weary but i know you are a great god. please forgive me for all my sins and blot out my transgressions. please send the fighting angel to stop the hindrance of my blessing, amen
when asking the lord they said be specific. i want a job that will last not under 5 years coz i dont want keep changing jobs. right office culture and right people is more important that right job. i want the feeling that i look forward going to work because of good relationships and that affects my productivity. in jesus name please lord bless me. i need a new job coz my current company will close/merge and i have to go. i have to pay may bills, rent, loan and to send money to my mum... please lord amen amen amen
lord you know me, and know my capabilities, find me job in those areas im strong in. amen
mary wilkinson
lord please help me, i need a job i know that you have not forgotten me. as you no lord things are real bad and seem to be getting worse but i know that you can turn things around. i rely on you lord. i love you.
lord. your word says you shall supply all my needs and you will give me the desires of my heart. father i know my faith keeps pace with my confessions. lord. i do have a job. in jesus name amen.
lord, please give me a job that i can be good at, but will not overload me so i can teach sunday school, if it be your will.
dear lord,

i really need a job. you have blessed my life in may ways and i feel guilty to even ask this, but please help me find a job...if it is your will to do so.
jesus lord, what am i doing wrong? please let me see why i can't get a job. thank you lord! amem.
lord jesus, please increase my salary & designation. please lord do something. i beleive on you god. you will increase my salary & designation. i have great beleive on you god. aamin
my name is swapna please pray for my job,marriage,and my family should believe in jesus

mary jacquline
lord thank you for you given me this current job. but lord i'm lookng for the designation and salary hike. jesus you know what kind of job i'm doing which is not related to my experience but lord if it is your will let it be done. but give me the strength lord to face what ever problems come into my life. thank you jesus for every thing you have done in my life.
dear jesus,
my husband and i have been unemployed for over a year now and sometimes we feel like giving up...but we refuse to stop believing that you are for us and not against us. you are a good god and have good plans for us-plans for hope and a future. we won't give up. we love you...always
lord you know how much my family loves you, and through our economic hardships, and all we've given up our love has never been more pure towards you. you hear my many cries because of fear and worries, i ask you lord please help me find a job that can help myfamily leave this horrible place we live, and have less fear of being in this place we must call home now. in the lords name i pray!
lord, have mercy on me....you know my heart body, mind and soul...you made me lord....i continue to believe and receive that a door will open for me soon. just know that i love you and continue to keep the faith.....in jesus name i pray...amen
wat ever door you open lord, there shall i serve there faithfully. thankyou for loving me no matter wat. i love you with all my heart and believe you will come thru, your timing is always good! strengthen me to be wise with good knowledge and not my understanding. all pray for me to get a job that will pay our debts :) god bless you all:)
jesus junkie
lord ipray for a break through i ask you to forgive me for all that i have done wrong i ask you to make the impossible possible,i pray that u wil bless me with a job.peace and not only new fiends but better friends i thank u for all yo have done lord, in jesus name i pray amen
jesus junkie
lord let your will be done :(
lord, i know you hear even these prayers posted here. so many have no job, please answer their prayers. so many who are called by your name--christians--and who love you and seek you--go on with no means of support other than resting on your daily provision. please hear us. these times try us. we are thankful for your promises and for our families. i am thankful for my job, but i confess i hate to go to it, a part of me dies everyday, and doesn't come back to life until i come back home. and yet i stick with it because you have given me a beautiful wife and son and another son on the way. i will be responsible but i am despairing. i am asking you to move me in whatever direction you have. you are the only hope we have left. please don't leave me like this. please have grace and mercy on our sinful selves. look on us with love and compassion. hear your people. may you bless us with all blessings that you have in store as the creator of all. you own all things, but we need you desperatel
michael t
lord, i am in desperate need of a job so i can provide for my family in the name of jesus
heavenly father i need you more than ever i need to know your calling on my life iam not seeing any change in my life right now i love you with all my heart soul and strength please open my ears to hear you jesus forgive me of my selfish ways change my heart and mind lord make me like you i need a job please open a door for me and my husband please bless our family so that we can bless others please reveal your calling on our lives lord we trust in and we will wait for your perfect timing i pray it will be soon thank you for always being there for me your daughter always trac
cw in nola
dear god, it's me standing in the need of prayer. i need a job. i'm trusting you to lead me to the job the will be a perfect fit.i know that there is nothing too hard for you to do.you are god!thank you so much for all you are doing for me and my family.as difficult as times are i know it would be worst if i did not have you in my life.thank you for your grace and mercy. thank you for your love and protection. thank you for supplying my needs according to your riches in glory by christ jesus.please bless all those you have sent my way to comfort me during these times.give them back one hundred fold what they have given to me.have mercy on us all who are jobseekers in jesus'name i pray. amen.
anna b
first i want to give god the praise, you are the head of my life i'm waiting for the job you have for me. i have to step out of the way so you can do what you do god i want to send a blessing for my church brother's and sister's that is standing in the need of a blessing god give them that blessing that they want. bless my husband he drives 1hr to work every morning be with him oh lord . god help me to find a good job i want to be my own boss i'm living in a commercial place i would like to have it for my busness thank you jesus. who ever i miss bless them in the name of jesus i pray amen.
lord jesus kindly here my prayer
rabbi i have given my rly exam on 26 september kindlly select me for this job because this is my last exam father i pray you heartly please bless me so that i can selec.amen.
lord jesus kindly hear my heartyprayer jesus please here me give me blessing lord i have written exam for job in railways as goods guard.jesus this is my last attempt please give me job i pray to father in the name of jesus. amen
lord jesus kindly bless to my child who is yet to come in this world kindly anoint him with your holy sprit so that child can come to this world and bless my wife so that dilevery should be normal and every thing is possible through your blessing only.thank you father amen
lord jesus i am very thankful to you that you are give me an opportunity every day to pray,rabbi kindly i pray you please give me job as i appear in rly exam held on 26 sep in nagpur goods guard kindly father hear my prayer and i beleave you hear me and given me.thank you and praise the lord.amen
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