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are you one of those lucky people who Jesus appeared to you in your dreams

if so.

share the dream with us. im interested in knowing what your dream was about

isnt it a great feeling when you dream about the Lord Jesus Christ?
i dreamt of jesus when i was an im having more but three messengers came to me very peaceful and calm and told me they had an message from the son of god\". \"be prepared and ready .
last night jesus apeared in my dream and he said he was proud of me and he promised he wil send my parents to dad doesnt believe so ive been praying for him. i love jesus!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant tell if it was a dream because it felt so real. i was lying in my bed, and i decide to sleep a different way, cause i was tired of sleeping the same way everytime. so i fall asleep. the dream softly comes, but im in the same sleepying postion and my room that looks exactly as it should look. it felt so real. so anyway a big yellow sun came to me. it said something like "touch me", or "look at me". so i looked at it and i touched it, as soon as you know my body starts to feel weird like i cant explain it. it felt like a thousand beeds was jumping around in my body, but it didnt hurt at all. this dream happen three times in the same night. i woke up wondering if it meant something.
i \'ve dreamed of jesus twice in my life. the first dream jesus and myself were walking in the beautiful garden; the flowers were with such bold colors and the grass was so green. the sky was so blue and jesus was walking and talking with me, he had on a burgundy robe and was so beautiful and peaceful. the second time i dreamed of jesus was when i was in a store shopping and a little cherub came to me and smiled and took my hand and led me into this room; when i walked in it was just a room with hardwood floor ; and some feet away was a pulpit and behind it stood jesus; i feel to my knees and then i woke up. i know those were the most beautiful dreams in my whole fifty-two years. i told my priest about it and he was amazed. i was not ill or unhappy but i believe he was letting me know that he will be with me always and that he does love me.
i had a dream that i was looking out my car window at the clouds and i saw a slideshow of a dove and then jesus appeared in the clouds!
i knew that there is god since i was 9 years old but did not take him seriously maybe because i was too young to understand things about him. i have been through a lot of pains in life. my dad walked out our door, got separated from my siblings due to family\'s financial difficulties, taken advantage of and abused in a way or two and did not experience any feelings of love at all. i accepted jesus in 1990. a week after receiving him into my life, i dreamed that i was ran over by a big silver truck and i saw my body lying on the road. before i was able to work overseas in 1991, i dreamed of kneeling to a very bright light with a shape of a man and with my head bowed down, i asked, rabbi, rabbi, where is my next destination? but my flesh was weak and i put myself in a difficult and awkward situations in this place by hurting and abusing the people who crossed my path and loved me. i was given a chance in 2007 to change my ways by a dream of an angel whispering the words \"consecrate\" into my ears but i chose to do otherwise. i asked god to help me and he gave me a family. in april this year, i dreamed of an open bible, there were highlighted verses but they were blurred and i cannot read those but an angel whispered psalms 30:1 and 40:1. day after that dream, i made it a point to read the complete chapters again and again on a daily basis. then, first week of this month, i saw a sillhoutte of jesus in his robe and his throne as well. after 40 years, i have came and learned to completely trust in our lord and his son, jesus. i believe i need to focus my eyes on jesus so that i could clearly see his visions and plans for me and my loved ones. god will never leave us nor forsake us. his plans is not to harm us but to prosper us. these are the words that strengthen me and through him would result to my deep obedience to him.
i've had many dreams of jesus, i even seen an angel at one time, but the feeling of that angel disturbed me for some reason. for months i asked god what did this visit from this angel mean and the dreams i received, after months of diligently asking god, he finnally answered me with a dream of "the devil comes as an angel of light to deceive", the dream scared me out of my sleep and i knew those dreams and "visions" i seen were not of god, but from the evil one. test all spirits, continually ask god, you may not get an answer right away, but it's in his time not ours, so patience.
in march i awoke to someone shaking me, saying get up! get up! it is time! it is time! there was no physical being there. i believe that it was jesus christ my lord and savior. the spirit of god was upon me. we talked for a month without much sleep. when i would sleep it would not be long and would awake to a voice would say get up. it has since subsided, maybe my fault
last friday 23 sept. 2009 i woke up from a dream and wondering for the very first time jesus shows in my dream, with a glorious smile. i don't remember the rest of the dream but the smile in his face looking at me directly as if he is happy telling me something nevertheless, no memory just a beautiful on his face. i'm a faithful follower of him, not just because i'm baptish as roman catholic and follow the words of god.can anyone interpret in tell me why he shows in my dream?
my dream of jesus makes more sense when i state a previous dream i had. my first dream was about a prophet who told me to talk to jesus and my friends and family would be saved. now, onto the dream of jesus. i dreamt of jesus last night. first, i noticed an authority figure (possibly a cop) ahead of me and a line of cars. when i arrived to the cop i noticed it was jesus and not a cop. i don't remember what he said, which is unfortunate. but, i do remember somehow knowing that i understood what he was talking about even though many people did not.
whacked out on jesus
i was shopping with my wife. she asked me a spiritual question and as i answered her my voice became very authoritative and what i was saying was so pure and true it scared me...everthing vanished and i was in a field in front of a mountain-there was a very loud schooshing sound all around me and i felt gods presence- a star pulsated and, in light, a lions face decended from the sky and overtook me- i looked to the right and 2 huge doors in the sky opened revealing a pristine garden -crisp stars and a tree like a key shaped shrub kinda- gods presence was so heavy that i thought i was going to die so i said "god you are going to kill me!' and then the door slammed and i awoke with the swooshing sound and the feeling of gods presence.
i wish i would have said more lord!
the holy spirit showed me the scrp 1thes 4 :17 on 01.01.2009

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over four years ago, i had a dream, ill start from the middle of the dream when everything went black. it was pitch blackness, no ground or sky, just blackess all around. they a statute of jesus hanging on the cross was visible to me. then jesus was alive and got of the cross and raised his right hand up and to the side higher than his head and he said "peace, be still." then he said "the time is near." and that was it. i believe it to be a warning to get our lives together or those who do not will perish.
over four years ago, i had a dream, ill start from the middle of the dream when everything went black. it was pitch blackness, no ground or sky, just blackess all around. they a statute of jesus hanging on the cross was visible to me. then jesus was alive and got of the cross and raised his right hand up and to the side higher than his head and he said "peace, be still." then he said "the time is near." and that was it. i believe it to be a warning to get our lives together or those who do not will perish.
i'd like to start of by saying im not very religious at all but this dream proves there is a god, the feeling was extraordinary i was standing in my lounge room talking with my mother (im 17 right now) and i don't remember what she said but my reply was some sort of reference to gods purity and i completely believed what i was saying in the dream. the moment i stopped talking an overwhelming feeling i cant disdribe hit me like a coating of energy surrounded me and my heart "like the presence of god" and my mother and i started to levitate and this windy feeling came on like we were going around in a cyclone....i then felt a completley overwhelming feeling of happiness like god himself touched me or something and i hugged my mom as i think she felt the same feeling. im trying to some up the feeling but its just to complex but it was so real and ...just wow i think it was god showing me his presence and making me aware.
i had prayed for god to show me a sign because i was not christian at the time and didn't know christ. i dreamed of jesus with arms outstretched - the statue in brazil - and i heard the words "i am the way." that was my sign. two months later (why did i wait?!?!) i accepted jesus into my heart and surrendered to him.
christinah (south africa)
i had a dream this year 2010 a few months ago, i saw jesus, he didnt say anything but i just new it was him. his head and hands had fire, he then sent some of the flames to me. i didnt feel any pain at all. can somebody explain whats this all about bcoz im not a church guru i dnt even go to church. im just a regular person with nothing special...
shraddha shahu
jald se jald job mile
last nite jesus came to me and talk to me about what i think is the doomsday but what has freaked me out is the fact he talked me about what i need to do but only said so much about it, he also interduced a man to me as john the batitist and as this was going on he said a word i have never heard before as a reference to a group of people or something and as he talked about he picked up a type of swords i had never seen before and i asked him if i was to pick one also so he he said 'no this is what you will need ' and hand handed me a figure of angel with a horn not understanding what this meant and still not understanding it i took it . also in this dream i was standing a very large bui ding seeing many people rise from the ground into a opening in the clouds and i asked jesus if they accending like in revalations and said yes in my opinion it honestly look like jesus and john and others who i did not know where getting ready for battle, and just to put it in there i awo
last nite jesus came to me and talk to me about what i think is the doomsday but what has freaked me out is the fact he talked me about what i need to do but only said so much about it, he also interduced a man to me as john the batitist and as this was going on he said a word i have never heard before as a reference to a group of people or something and as he talked about he picked up a type of swords i had never seen before and i asked him if i was to pick one also so he he said 'no this is what you will need ' and hand handed me a figure of angel with a horn not understanding what this meant and still not understanding it i took it . also in this dream i was standing a very large bui ding seeing many people rise from the ground into a opening in the clouds and i asked jesus if they accending like in revalations and said yes in my opinion it honestly look like jesus and john and others who i did not know where getting ready for battle, and just to put it in there i awo
last nite jesus came to me and talk to me about what i think is the doomsday but what has freaked me out is the fact he talked me about what i need to do but only said so much about it, he also interduced a man to me as john the batitist and as this was going on he said a word i have never heard before as a reference to a group of people or something and as he talked about he picked up a type of swords i had never seen before and i asked him if i was to pick one also so he he said 'no this is what you will need ' and hand handed me a figure of angel with a horn not understanding what this meant and still not understanding it i took it . also in this dream i was standing a very large bui ding seeing many people rise from the ground into a opening in the clouds and i asked jesus if they accending like in revalations and said yes in my opinion it honestly look like jesus and john and others who i did not know where getting ready for battle, and just to put it in there i awo
i dreamed i was in a college auditorium waiting in a crowd. litte did i know it was to see jesus. he looked different then i expected. very dark skin and unable to make out the upper half of his bearded face. when it was my turn to see him, i entered a small room and got on to my knees. he then placed both hands on the sides of my head. i could feel an incredible electric charge surging through my mind and it was very pleasent. i felt it was my option for this to continue. however, having consideration for all the others, i had him stop. (flash forward) i was then washing dishes and began to weep with uncontrollable joy!!!
last week i had a dream where i waz in my house reading the holy bible when suddenly i heard a knock on my door and when i opened i saw the lord himself standing there in beautiful white robes. i was so shocked that i began to cry and fell to my knees, bowing down to the lord, and then i knew this wasn't a normal dream becuz it was a sign from the lord christ himself. then he wiped away all my tears and told me that he was never gonna give me up, never gonna let me down, never gonna turn around and desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye. he
so last night i had a dream of jesus; i was in a chruch with a bunch of people. there was this gang of "bad guys" that wanted to kill everyone that were in the church, so they had an explosion planned. this guy( who i do not know at all) took me , himself, and someone else, and led us to the statue of jesus on the altar inside the church, and everything go fuzzzy, and he told me to pray to jesus, and everything is going to be alright. the explosion was happening, i did not feel any pain, nor did i hear it, i just saw all the fog, and when i opened my eyes, it was as though i had came into a new place, that was outside, and everything was clear.
a few nights ago i dreamed that i was in a church.and the churched filled with smoke. anr the face.of satan came out of the smoke and.people began to run away from him. the lord.spoke to me and said time is runnig out what you gonna do you must do quickly

few weeks ago i dreamt about jesus,i don't remember what exactly happened.but only thing that i remembered that i was sitting on a chair and a man wore a long red robe suddenly hugged me,i felt so warm when he was hugging me,that's all about my dream about jesus.i'm just an ordinary student.when i woke up in the morning im afraid and sad
all of these stories are so heart warming. i decided to google "jesus came to me in a dream" because a few months ago i was living in hawaii, coming clean from heroine i was new to jesus, and didn't know much about him, just that he is the only way to heaven. jesus saved me from myself so many times and i feel as though i never gave him the credit he deserves. when i decided to stop doing drugs god was there for me 100% even though i could not see him, he constantly speaks to me in my heart and tells me whats right from wrong. although most of the time i didn't know that was jesus speaking, i thought i was crazy from the drugs and it was all in my head until one night while lying in my bed i decided to pray to the lord to show me the right direction and in dream that night god came to me with a gift, i did not see him just a bright beautiful light and a huge old bible he was giving to me. i woke up and knew that it was jesus telling me to read his book (bible= basic instructions befor
i dreant about jesus christ he had white on and he shown me hes hands and feet,he spoke same words to me,he said"he wil never leave and this is my time to serve.
i met jesus! a few years ago i was preganat with my third daughter and i was really scared that i was going to die during my c-section. i mean really scared to the point where it was making me sick. i had prasyed about it a few time but that is all. one night i was dreaming and i was in a sorta holy land if you will. the next thing i knew i was sittinf in a dirt house across from jesus. i was face to face with him! he was dressed in period type clothing and he asked me very calmy "do you know who i am?" i replied "yes, you are jesus" shw said. "you are right" i asked him why the people in my dream were chasing him, and he simply looked at me and said "you are going to be fine, be happy, nothing is going to happen to you during your pregnancy" i said "okay" he then looked at me and said no go and hide before they find you. i beleive he was talking about the people who were chasing him in my dream. i awoke in such a wonderful peace that i have never felt was amazing. i was
nathan-jesus gave me a gi
<sorry but long story short>
i was not myself and wanted to commit suicide. i prayed the rosery to ask god to please help me. i felt possesed. a week later after praying the rosery i went to bed and put my hand under my pilow letting my hand hang off the bed. a string fell on my hand. i grabbed it and pulled and it turned out to be a necklace with 2 jesus pics on it. one says amor(love) and the other paz(peace). i prayed 1 our father and 1 hail mary. i said thank you lord and went to sleep in peace. i became happy again.
i also had a dream about jesus.the rays of the sun shining n,s,e and west in the form of a cross turned into jesus with arms outstretched.he said he would accept me as all the new age spirituality i was into was the right way to go-the same message of love etc.i felt such euphoria in his embrace and woke up straight away feeling a shimmering electric power run through my entire was amazing.i expected the feeling to fade but it lasted for ten minutes.i had got out of bed and was walking around in a state of bliss and amazement and i felt that this power could heal and i had to do something with brilliant beautiful dog juno has an agressive malignant growth on her foot so i placed my hands on this.i felt that i had nothing to do but that this power would take care of it.i've never felt anything like it before.that was about 5 weeks ago.her growth is now one fifth to a quarter smaller.something amazing happened that night!
correction re #1536. i meant to say to date the growth on my dogs paw is one fifth to a quarter the size of what it was!
merinnage thushari dammik
jesus come toke to me
hi, am not a christian,i dreamt of jesus last night. i was standing in front of some religious building(not a church) and jesus appeared and he blessed me saying "i give my powers to you" it was like some verse in bible. i have not read bible. after saying this jesus rises high in the sky and then i also start rising along with him and start feeling a new energy inside me. i woke up from this dream suddenly. some one please interpret this dream for me. when i woke up from that dream i reached out for my moblie to see the time but i got message from a friend(chirstian) who dint talk to me for quiet some time due to some misunderstanding. she said "sorry for hurting you". it was because of her i started believing in chirst few months back. i dont know what is happening.
several months ago i had a mid-morning dream that jesus was walking towards me with out stretched arms saying "come to me". i am a christian and it's clear what it means! jesus i love you!
lucy namibia
yesterday wen i prayed i asked the lord to open my spiritual eyes i wanted to see visions than last night i dreamed of a man wearing white and he walked past me i called him jesus as he walked bt he didnt reply what does this mean ?
i have had several dreams and a few visions (awake) of jesus. lots more than that too. fasting and asking the father in jesus name for the living water.. aka the holy spirit. as well as... refraining from sin, sexual gratification for a time while you read the entire new testament with on and off secret fasting.... father, i need you to be as real to me as you were to adam and eve... and no less father... then fast, then read... and ask for the holy spirit in jesus name as you keep pushing on... do not quit. read it all doing this... and see what happens! amen chefalexabraham [ at ] for more testimoy love ya ll
jesus opened my door one night when i was watching tv mad as this sounds its true he was wearing a red robe with yellow or gold patterns in it he was not as tall as i exspected he ad a broad face dark skin black hair and beard he never came in just stared at me seemed about 3min then just went
ofir shahar
our father in heaven loves us all. believe in jesus christ in faith and ye shall prosper. even if your life goes haywire know that jesus is there. i myself had a dream of i was on the net reading, and watching videos of jesus after a bit i thought i'd better get some rest so i went to lye on my bed, and as i closed my eyes. suddenly jesus appeared right up close, held both my arms, and asked me to join his heavenly kingdom, from then on i slowly became closer to jesus. :) i love jesus. <3.
hey everyone i am of hindu faith but one night i had a dream and i remember seeing this bright white light,for some reason i could look into this light and it wasnt hurting my eyes at all. in this light stood jesus,he was dressed in a long white robe and he was holding a book in his hand and on the book stood a white dove. i felt the greatest peace,love and joy when i looked at jesus. he didnt say anything he looked at me and then the dream vanished and i woke up to darkness feeling so calm and content.
hello,i am abhishek, 25,basically hindu(indian). jesus came to me in my dreams..he was advising all the strangers sitting with me about their career and future. but when he came to me he took breath and told me " you do one thing drop me till my funeral" what does it mean?
jesus came to me when i was little and asked me what i wanted. he was all white and super bright. i tried to speak but i was muted and i was struggling to reach him. i wanted to say that i wanted to be more wise but somethng wouldnt let me speak!
jessica butler
i had a dream one night that changed my life. i dreamed of jesus standing along side a bear, tiger, wolf & an eagle. he told me to be prepared. that i was about to face my battle. and he said that he wanted to assure me that he was on my side and that i had all the powers in the universe (and he pointed to the animals). a few weeks later i found out my husband of 12 yrs had been malesting my daughter. i knew then what my dream was about.. and it has been the hardest battle of my life.
michelle harness
over the past 3 years i have had several dreams about jesus. the very first dream i had iw as in a field about half dead from drugs, and i heard him call my name. the second dream i had i was in a glass tower with a group of people we were all watching for something. the people were not familiar. then all of a sudden we see a white cross glowin gin the sky far away as it got closer i realized it was jesus clothed in a blue, maroon, and white rober. he was on the outside of the tower flying on a disc. he gazed at what seemed to be all of our hearts, i had a piece of fetanyl in my mouth and i remember thinking why hide it? jesus knows that it is there. then he left. he came again, now he was on the inside with us walking through the crowd he made eye contact with me, i remembe rhis gaze as if he were telling me he had his eye on me. no words were spoken,none had to be. the third dream i remember is i was watching for jesus in the back of a glass house. out front while i was watching my s
i had a dream last night!!!! jesus said come to me! does this mean go to church? i feel really happy though this morning!
in 1993, i had a dream that i was at some sort of performance and was standing side stage. in this dream, jesus came and took me back stage. he told me that i would be facing some difficult times but that everything would be okay eventually. i knew that nothing i would face would be too difficult to handle. believe me, there have been lots of difficult times since then and i'm anxious for the good times i was promised. the only person i have shared this dream with before now was my boyfriend at that time, the father of my son. however, when hard times get me down, this dream pops into my head and reminds me to settle down and wait.
on the 23rd of september 2010, i dreamt of jesus embracing me. the warmest, loving, peaceful hug, you guys. we were standing inside a doorway. but then he had to leave. round about the same time (end of 2010-ish) i dreamt of three words, i've forgotten one, but the other two were 11 may and antichrist. a day or two later, christians on god tv were submitting petitions on an altar in isreal to prevent a politician from iran called mahmoud (weird surname) from joining the un.
9 january 2011: i had a dream of a young boy who was doing all kinds of wrong things, all i wanted to do was attack him so that he could stop, but them my mother spoke to me and told me that its not him who is sinning , but its the evil within him that is being allowed to manifest in to terrible actions, sh etold me that i should love him and not hurt him, for as a christian, this is what i should do, forgive and love him... then i heard jesus' voice (i didnt see his face) he told me about what it means to be a christian and that everyday is a test of faith, he showed me different things that happen in my everyday life and how these things test our faith and this is the only wat we draw closer to him, by praying and asking him to help us through our trials, the more we draw closer to him the more we get to understand why we should love...i felt so good when i woke up.. i called my mother and told her about the dream..
jesse edmunds
it is 3:23 am on february 15, 2011. i just awoke from a dream that will indeed change my life. recently i have been experiencing so much anxiety that it has affect my every day thought. anyone that has had to deal with stress and anxiety can attest, it is just not a lot of fun. i was recently baptized (jan 9, 2011) and have since been a firm believer of the christian faith. it is as if i was meant to follow this path my entire life. i told people that when i was baptized i had an epihany in every sense of the word. it was the most amazing feeling. okay, back to my dream. i was in a building of some sort, speaking with other powerful men ( i believe presidents of small countries) i had begun to speak with them about being there is support of them when one of them said, "i know what you are doing, you are trying to be like christ". i found it odd, but as i turned the corner, there he was, clothed in long white drapes. he did not speak to me but he came to me, in an instant and touched my
please take a moment to read this story:
redmenn foxworthy
....there's only one true witness....there's only one true witness. praise jesus, he is real, he exists and he his here with us already. embrace your dreams, beware of false prophets and demons, they will impersonate our saviour. i love you jesus, just like everyone else loves you. peace & love.
i wanna speak to god or jesus i'm nt christian but i believe in them i don't know why but i do and heaven everytime i think no it's not real i just start thinking it is is this god or jesus telling me there real or i'm a just being stupid
hi everyone. i am muslim, but since jesus is one of our prophets i always enjoyed hearing about the story of his ministry. i had a dream last night that i was just hanging out with jesus. we were in my apartment just sitting and talking, i think he was on my laptop a couple times. he had long, curly, black, kind of greasy hair and a beard. he was very exotic looking. i didn't ask him which religion was true or if mine had it right, and he didn't seem interested in telling me. he was asking me questions about what was going on on earth, and about what i believed. i told him the tenents of islam and he would nod his head and say something like "ok, cool". at one point we were cuddling. then we left my apartment at nighttime (i live in nyc) and we started walking down the street and he turned to go into an alley way. at this point he got pretty angry with me and said "you don't have to do all that liturgical stuff. just be a good person, do good things." i woke up soon afterward.
i dreamed of jesus when i was 5 years old ,people were trying to get him ,he told me that i was going to heaven and that i was surrounded by evil and that i'm not here to save him but he's here to save me ,then he said let me show you ,and it became dark and demons came from every direction ,then jesus touched me and i woke up ,he looked just like the pictures .

hello, i had a dream over a year ago that jesus appeared in my dreams saying "come to me" also, i have no idea what i am supposed to do.. please help?

i had a dream in the early morning today. in that dream i was anger and wish to take revenge on people who cheated and insulted me. suddenly jesus appeared with smile and says "you forgive them. i am always with you and dont be afraid" .with that i woke up. this is the first dream i have seen jesus, though i am not a christian.
the first dream i had about jesus was on june 23, 2007. these are the exact words that i wrote down in my journal. "i woke up from an incredible dream at 4:50 a.m. i saw jesus! he had the most beautiful and deepest blue eyes i had ever seen. he also had an amazing sense of humour. when i... saw jesus i could not believe my eyes. he was about 6 feet with brown shoulder-length hair and his eyes were so blue and kind. all i could say was wow! wow! wow!... over and over again." he told me something special when we met. "the first thing he did was put down two spanish textbooks and started by telling me i had to read from them. so, i said that i should go and get my text. but, he stopped me and looked directly at me. he told me that i could learn the language without studying. i had unlimited power. he told me all i had to do was speak it and just believe and i believed him. i woke up after that.
i had a dream a while ago that my house burnt down with my family in it. i was distraught about it all. then my house reformed before my eyes and my family were alive again. then i saw jesus. well, it wasn't exactly seeing him but i could feel that he was there. he told me to " appreciate what i have " , or that was the message that he was trying to get across to me. i'm not christian at all so this was very strange for me!
ok, let%u2019s just say that i am an agnostic and open to any and all ideals. i need to tell someone about my dream and this is the first site i came across in my search results. though it%u2019s christian, and input i feel in helpful to my quest of understanding the ultimate truth.

for some context, i am one of those who are very prone to sleep paralysis. i don%u2019t get it all the time or anything but when i do, i feel something more than just my body not being able to move%u2026 it%u2019s more so that i%u2019m not completely in my physical body %u2013 if that makes sense.

as for the dream%u2026 two nights ago i had a dream that an entity that appeared to be jesus christ visited me in my room. not the typical jesus that we all have painted in our minds. this jesus was all gold, hovering off the floor, and surrounded by some sort of gold intricate frame. he had someone with him, not sure who they were.

jesus never spoke, but the person with him explained to me that
about 10-11 years ago, before i became christian, i dreamt of someone wearing white robe with hair to his shoulder, bright light shining out of his body and i was sure he is jesus or angel. i floated up from my bed like there was no gravity, he place his hand like a calf shape on my head like giving me blessing or something, he didn't speak but somehow the message was converted to me saying,"you will save your family". i woke up confused but felt touched and warmth. after a year, i began to study christianity and was baptized since. and now half of my family members became christian too and we are still praying for the rest to join us. and amazingly, my 83 year old grandma whom we thought will never listen to us has called christ into her life too. prayers are powerful, never stop praying. and once i dreamt of singing hallelujah in a melody that i haven't even heard of and at that time i had no idea what hallelujah meant.
i am of hindu faith. i had a dream about jesus last night. he was floating in the sky and i was in front of him!, suddenly he opened his mouth and this golden colored beam of light came out! i knew it was him coz my parents yelled out there's jesus and he just kept looking at me content but the light was very bright, i could still see through it though! could u please tell me wat this means
to reez - to find the answer of what it means, pray to jesus with all your heart. and jesus will guide you
i had a dream a couple of months ago. in it i was standing on a beach and the ocean was filled with people surround jesus, as he was baptizing everyone around him. it was then to my surpise he looks straight at me, more like in me, with his eyes, as my focus zoomed into him and i was able to see him as if he was upclose to me. his eyes were very light, but more importantly, if eyes could speak, wow...i felt a love that is not of this was like i melted inside because of the amount of love that was coming from his eyes, i just wanted to cry, and when i woke up i almost did cry too. it was as if he was saying " i see you, and im here with you. i notice you, and i love you." one of my favorite dreams ever. cant wait to see him face to face. just the idea of that is like wow. anyways, their's my dream.
last year i had a dream that jesus came to me. i was sleeping and i heard someone whisper my name saying "wake up'' i woke up and i saw this very bright light. i knew then and there it was him. but i couldn't see his face. we were talking, but somehow i don't remember about what. i asked him if he could make these scars on my face go away and he wiped my face and said ''it will go away in time my child.'' and kissed my head. then he told me to go back to sleep, so i did. and i woke up and i felt a happieness in me. i don't really know what this dream means but i really know that he loves me (:
hello everyone. i do not define myself by any one religion, as i am more spiritual then religious. i highly believe in the divine however. the other night i was arguing with myself about having sex with my boyfriend. i just do not want to. the feeling is hard to describe, and it is not anything dealing with wanting to wait until marriage. i just do not want to have sex. that night i had a dream about jesus. he and i were sitting on a rock and he looked just like he is depicted and has a long off-white colored robe. he said "it's okay, i did not want to have sex either." then i woke up. the dream comforted me on so many levels, one being that i am thankful that someone understands how i feel about sex. i am deeply honored that he was listening to my thoughts that night :)
ptricia hamlet
ive had a dream couple days ago i seen jesus on the cross an he talked to me in my sleep an before my dream ive been sick off an on,....
i had a dream about jesus a few years ago. we were is a very light room, he was in a maroon and white robe. before i knew it i was kneeling before him and he put a light blue cross on my bicep. we didn't talk, it was more like eyes communicating. very kind, gentle, warm and loving.
russell james husband
god truly came to me in a dream when i asked him before i went to sleep to show himself. i had finished a theory of everything. when i wrote it down i felt a slow vibrating feeling coming on that took about two days before i felt like i was dying. i was afraid to sleep so i asked him to show himself. the theory i created was: timeless void noise/endless vibrant energy coexist to create time, matter, and light. i started to feel myself having energy but i felt like i was dying. after i asked him to show himself i went to sleep but it was a waking dream. in that dream i became an atom and a star. i felt like i was dying even in this dream so i woke myself up. when i woke up i felt a feeling like i have never felt before. i felt like i became the air. i felt as though i couldn't control myself sometimes. then god said: i have become the air and i want you to know that forever really does exist. god then said: as i ascend into the universe i want you to know that i enjoyed having you by m
i had a dream that jesus came to me in my dream and he wanted to baptize me so he laid a blanket down for i didn't know why he did that. he was wearing red cloth and i felt worm and nice but there was a lot of people siting on the ground with him on top of that hill. i turned around and the devil started to chase me and threw a knife in my back but i didn't go down. some how i ended up some where else but after that i was scared. what does this mean?????
i had a dream i was chased by vampires and my ex-boss but when they got close to me face to face they raised their arms and said we can't touch you you're an angel you can destroy us. we dare to speak the name of jesus and i woke up.
i dreamt of jesus many years ago. i was walking into a large store, like a walmart, and there were these large porch decks set up for display right at the front of the store. i saw what i thought was my dead grandfather on a deck and was drawn to him. he wore my grandfathers robe and house slippers, but once i was in front of him i knew it wasn't him. his heat was a bright light that i couldn't look at. all i could do was bow my head and stare at his slippers and robe hem. i was overwhelmed with humility. he spoke to me but when i woke i couldn't remember what he said. all i remember was the last thing he said to me was to go on with my shopping, which i did, uncomforably. and though i wanted to turn back to see him, i knew i shouldn't. i had this dream while i was researching the bible right after 9/11 and wasn't a christian. i have since given my life to him.
Amazing Story!
jesus and i were standing in heaven, he just had this big smile on his face, i started asking him questions about him, he seemed disappointed when i asked, later the holy spirit revealed to me that i didn't know jesus.
i dreamt about jesus this early morning of sept 30,2011...he was introduced to me as jesus and then i felt guilty because of the sins i committed. he was tall and with normal physique. he was wearing white and he doesn`t have a beard. his hair is short. i saw his face. there was no reaction evident. he was just sitting and looking at me. there was a pool nearby.
i had a dream that jesus camed to me an it was all gold and i saw him he told me tha me an my family will be save...
When I was in rehab, I dreamt Jesus and I were cleaning my father house in order for a new tenant to move in. We were working, but still having fun. In a playful manner, He was writing verses on my back. We got to cleaning up the bathroom and I could not reach something on a high shelf, He said to leave it alone we could get to it later. It was Him, for sure. I was in rehab "cleaning my father house" and He only gives us what we can handle.
I was going through a rough time trying to find out who i am and what the truth was. i started reading the bible and started praying to be saved. one night i had a dream that i was in my living room and something drew me to the window. i looked out and saw a big formation of clouds, so i went outside. out of the clouds formed faces, then full figures. to the very left and right, there were angels sounding trumpets.there was the virgin mary and then jesus in the middle. god was at his side with one arm on his shoulder. when i ran out to the driveway jesus started to decend and then was standing directly in front of me. all i could do was fall to my knees and hug his anckles and feet. as soon as i touched him i turned into this cloud of gold dust and felt the most love/ bliss feeling i have ever felt in my life.
Lord talk with me in my dream he save me from the bad world he help me to discover my real side i really believe in him more than anybody else in the world.
I was sleeping on the couch in the opposite direction that I usually do. Jesus came to me and kneeled down at my side. He took my right arm out of the blanket and moved to my hand then bent my thumb down between my fingernail and knuckle. Then he lay his hand over my hand and filled my whole body with a warm light and energy. No words were spoken.
We're in a peaceful meadow where everything is quite orangish (mid-afternoon). The wheat grass were waving as the you can feel the breeze of air. The scene was the perfect picture of peace. Jesus together with Peter are explaining to me that where we're at is what the world look like after the great tragedy. I don't know how I know they are exactly Jesus and Peter. At that time, I just know. They look much like as pictured by the Catholic Church. We are standing on a not so high cliff where everything can be seen. They were telling me that although mankind gets worse everyday, it will soon end for everything ends on Earth. They told me a that what I see is just a glimpse of heaven here on Earth. They discussed more things but I couldn't remember. For what I know, they told me a lot of things. Jesus asked me if am I ready to go to heaven. I said "Yes, of course." Slowly, I felt myself levitating from the ground to the sky. I closed my eyes slowly as there is this light shining so brightly. When I finally reached the end, I opened my eyes. Then I came to reality. I was awakened. Only now I had the chance to write this dream. I do not know what it meant. I mean in the Bible, most things are not directly said. Now, I just felt curious why Jesus is telling me these? Why me? By the way I'm a Catholic but I don't care about religion. What matters to me is 'God'.
About my daughter: sweet young lady, college grad, hard worker, not in the streets, no drugs, no addictions, normal average struggling life. Well...My sweet beautiful 23 year old daughter ran into my room crying at 6:00a.m. she stated that Jesus came to her in her dream. In her dream I walked up to her and Jesus says from my mouth." I come to you in a form that you trust(which was me her mom) He told her to make a change and that she Will die on May 25th two years from now. And that your death will result from a brain aneurysm. She asked him if she can seek medical help before then. He says..."NO" it has already been written." Now I am a christian women and raised my daughter in the church. Her grandmom and myself have prayed over her life since birth that she will live longevity. But this dream was too real for her and now she is living in fear of it. My question is "will Jesus deliver such a frightening message to reveal the way and date of death? Or is this just merely some kind of warning or nightmare or the enemy (devil) trying to fool her. I need some answers.
I had a dream last night where i was with my bf standing outside. The night sky was clear with big beautiful puffy clouds. If was a full moon that shined so big. Well in the dream i was just amazed at how beautiful the sky was that night so i stared at the moon.. then suddenly i seen a flash of a bright light on the moon and it caught my attention more intently. Suddenly i seen huge white angel wings then i seen Jesus standing there in a long white robe. I was the only one who could see him. No words were spoken.. i just smiled and knew Jesus was there watching over me. It was an amazing feeling.
God came to me in a dream, I was walking down my halway to my house and I watched my dog pass away(she had passed away about 2 weeks ago). So I picked her up and carried her down the hallway and I heard a voice sing to me. I have never herd a more beautiful noise in my life, and I don't think I ever will. I cried, because I heard that beautiful song. And I knew that it was God. I had no proof that it was him, but I knew it was.
I had a dream that me and my mam was sat in the living room and we could hear lots of banging from her bedroom Ensuite so I said come on let's see what it is and she replied no it will be your granny again I don't want to disturb her (bearing in mind my granny is dead) as I stared into the bathroom Jesus rose from water in front of me and told me I should become a born again Christian. No one else could see him only me. I'm not a big Christian but I am a believer but this dream has really made me think... Any help on what it means?
It means get baptized in jesus name
I had a dream last night that I had a conversation with Jesus although I don't remember what he said to me. I just remember that his face was beautiful and I felt such love for him ans such peace.
Let people know about the love and beauty of Jesus. He loves you so much that he let you see and feel his love. That is so beautiful. Shaaring your dream brings so much hope and love to the world.
I dreamt last night that He came to me and He was so beautiful. I touched Him, which reminded me of the woman in the Bible who reached out and touched Him.. and I followed him until He had to leave. I don't think He said anything to me, but when we touched, I felt whole. I was so at peace and He was so full of love. It was perfect. In the dream, I was crying, telling my friend about it, who said, she touched Him too and He took away all her pain... and a nearby woman looked up and said, "i believe you. I just came back." and I knew she knew.
The dream i had about Jesus was during a time in my life when i was losing everything. My job, my car, my house & it seemed as if i was losing my family. During this time all I did was pray & fast. Instead of feeling sorry for myself & becoming depressed, I prayed all the time, I sacrificed, I gave Jesus 100% of me. In my dream Jesus came to me as i was laying in my bed thinking about life(in my dream) and I begin to see a very bright light coming thru my ceiling in the the structure of a face that was smiling at me, the face then nodded his head and said well done. the next day i felt so free of my burdens. I opened the bible the next morning and immediately begun to read Psalms 27:10(a scripture i will never forger) and i screamed because it was to real. JEsus is real!!! he knows our circumstances, and if we give him what he need( undivided attention) he will let you know that he is there... he worked all out for me!
I strongly believe Jesus came to me in a dream, I have been a believer my whole life, however, I do have moments of weakness and betray the will of God but this morning when I had a 10 minute nap. Jesus came to me, I was dreaming of random things as I normally do, at the beginning Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant were in my dream, random! The dream felt normal. However, then Stephen Merchant said "Hey Daisy Hey" and I looked at him... I then saw a silhouette of a man's head and felt as though I was falling or sinking, it felt so real.I then saw Jesus'face. He was a dazzling white and he looked like the normal depiction of Jesus, beard etc. I continued to feel as though I were falling and I then saw Jesus again with two others , although I could not make out who they were because the light coming off Jesus was too bright therefore I was squinting. During all of this there was this loud , loud sound , the best way I can describe it is it sounded like wings flapping , it became louder and was surrounding me. It was terrifying. I strained to lift myself towards Jesus but it hurt too much, I tried to touch his face and shout I love you but my words wouldn't come out. I then became too scared and overwhelmed and woke myself up, the whole time the picture seemed to be flickering. I have never in my whole life had such a vivid and real dream, I would like to know if this was Jesus? Or just my imagination.....
your such a lucky person jesus has chosern you go forth and spread the word.
This is great that you can express your own personal feelings and ideas with everyone, it shows great faith and passion for our lord. This shows your commitment to the lord our god and he trusts you and believes in you. Keep up your faith, Jesus the messiah will come, God bless.
I had almost the same dream as you have described. I was dreaming some ordinary dream and it ended abruptly and Jesus came down to me . Jesus reached out his right hand and took mine and pulled me to him and I cried on his shoulder in his arms and he just said to me that it would all be alright. The feeling was complete peace and pure love. I was a little shocked at first and fell to my knees and said Oh, my God!. The colors were vividly bright and he looked to me as you described. I haven't been the same since. I believe This to be real and God revealing himself to us to calm us and show his love for us. Mine happened after I had prayed to him to tell me what to do about something and told him I needed him to help me. I was desperate at the time for an answer and he was there .
I had almost the same dream as you did. I was dreaming randomly is how I explained it too, I was in a house and walking down my hall to my room then it abruptly ended when I saw Jesus's head come through my bedroom ceiling. He was extremely bright and I could see bright white clouds around him , and bright blue sky behind him and he seemed to sparkle. I also heard loud flapping noise which I am thinking may have been angels but could not see them. He smiled at me as I fell to my knees and said "OH my God" He then reached out his right hand and took mine and drew me to him and held me. I cried in his arms , said I am sorry, and would do better and try harder. He then just said everything will be O.K. and then left me with an overwhelming sence of peace and I could feel just pure love from him. I did tell my family and each time I tried to talk about it I would get all choked up. It is so amazing and so real!!..He was beautiful.
So I been having depression problems lately and last night while I was sleeping I had a dream, my friend and I were driving down a street at night by my house. There was the street lamp and under the street lamp there was an orb, I said to my friend omg look des there's a huge orb right there!!! I looked harder and jus beyond the orb stood a tall figure, was faint but he had white cloth on, I immediately felt an immense overwhelming feeling and had goosebumps all over my body, I have NEVER felt this before esp. In a dream or even real life. I said, omg des there's a ghost!!! I said look at my body I have goosebumps everywhere, she said to me, I don't see anything! And kept driving.. I cont. To contemplate in my dream who that was, and I jus knew and know it was Jesus. I don't know what this dream means but it was and still is soo vivid. I Maybe wonder if he was trying to tell me he is here and he is real and to not feel alone. I truly trust in my faith now and in Christ.
About a week ago I was speaking with a co-worker when we began to talk of religion,GOD, and Jesus. Hetold me some amazing things that had happened to him and other people who had helped him along the way. In speaking I had told him of some peculiar things that had happened to me and he told me that I was an appointment, that GOD was calling to me. Since then I said the sinners prayer and have been praying for my friends and family since then. About 1 days later I was tossing and turning really bad on my sleep when all of the sudden Jesus came to me in a dream by a boat and placed his hand on my shoulder. After that I just calmed down, and fell into a sound sleep. I must admit that he did not speak to me, I just knew it was Jesus. I remember someone telling me a long time ago that something like this would happen once you truly accepted Jesus in your heart and he forgave you your sins. I just can't remember who told me.
My father's second wife had just left him. My sister and I stayed with my dad. That evening, my sister and I cooked dinner and because of the confusing events of the day, we wanted to sleep in dad's room that night. I slept on the outer side of the bed, my sis in the middle and my dad on the other side. I was 15, my sister was 11. As I was sleeping, out of nowhere, an overwhelming bright brilliant light flooded the room and Jesus appeared in the room..he was standing there by the bed but I was standing up. He reached his hands out to me and I began to reach back, but I was so overwhelmed by his grace that I could not touch him. He did not speak but he smiled. I then opened my eyes and knew he had just been in the room. I am just now realizing that I may have had an out of body experience as I was standing when he appeared, but laying down when he went away. As I layed there, I was paralyzed with the most overwhelming sense of peace and I admit I was a little scared. I do not know what he was trying to show me or tell me-maybe simply that he was there, but whatever it was, I know 100% that he is real.
I had a dream I saw Jesus I remember his face and he was wearing a white robe and sash,I am trying to make sence of the meaning,he was standing and hugging comforting people but I was like ducking looking then he glance at me,but I felt like I couldn't get courage to go hug Him like I was afraid,I just couldn't believe I saw him and till now I pray and feel a great Love inside me but like I feel hold back in some way,i Just want to do his will and I Love Him With All My Heart,Soul and do the right thing,I Do My Best Everyday:-)
Last night I dreamt that Jesus hugged me. He was just standing there in his white robe. I didn't see his face but could see part of the golden white hair at his shoulders. He stretched out both arms and hugged me. Can't really describe the feeling. Overwhelming peace, something I have never ever felt. Intense, relief, felt like nothing else mattered anymore.
About last week. I had a dream of jesus. And this wonderful figure was standing in my room. I kept having this seeing in my head, saying "Give up let me control" And i couldn't stop lynching when this voice was talking to me. And i asked jesus to help me. Jesus said "All you have to do my son is say, You cannot control me, Though i am a living soul which you are not. Then he says "Dalton this has to end" After that my eyes closed, and all i heard was screams of agony, and cries for help. I woke up crying. This was my experience with jesus christ.
I saw jesus, and when i say i saw him, I SAW HIM, most people cant see his face but i saw his face, its been stuck in my mind all day, but i remember him talking to me, we were laughing and having a great time, and then we walked into someones house and he changed.... his skin turned into darkish ash and had boils on him, its pretty foggy to remember, but i know i saw that. and then we left and he turned back to normal, did i see Jesus or the Devil?
I had the most beautiful dream in which the gracious Lord Jesus came to me. It was about eight years ago. I kept having miscarriages. The last miscarriage I had was a set of twins. I cried and cried. I remember feeling like I would never have an opportunity again to carry twins because they are rare. A few months later I got pregnant again. I told my husband if I miscarried again then I was done trying. I couldn't take the loss again. Anyways, I prayed often to Jesus. One night when I was sleeping Jesus came. Before I tell the story I must say it was weird because I felt totally awke but could not open my eyes. Jesus appeared. At about the middle of my bed. The Lord was in the air. Jesus was in a beautiful white robe and was the most beautiful Thing ever. Jesus did not say anything. He simply smiled and reached down and touched my stomach. I remember I wanted to sit up and hug the Lord. I WANTED to go with him but I could not move. Not ONE part of my body could move. Then Jesus like vanished. I woke up with complete peace knowing my pregnancy would go to full term. I ended up having a set of identical twin girls. They were born healthy with zero problems. They are now seven. They are beautiful and smart. I am a teacher - at - bring was blessed because I was their first grade teacher. They are told this story often and we keep the LORD IN OUR LIVES . JESUS IS TRULY AMAZING.
my husband and I have also had several miscarriages and I know where you are coming from with the heartache.I had a similar dream only I was pregnant at the time but in my dream a spirit put their hand on my stomach and I instantly felt empty and alone but was made to feel "you will be ok" 2 days later I miscarried and while I was in the hospital room crying a doctor who was leaving for the day heard me crying so hard he came in the room and as it turned out he was an OB who specialized in women who had multiple miscarriages and he delivered my little boy 10 years ago yesterday and my baby girl 14 moths later! she will be 9 in January.I believe with all my heart we can be communicated with in our dreams :)
It was sometime in 1999 when I had a dream about the Virgin Mary and Jesus. I was a thief in my dream. My objective was to empty the huge mall but there was one thing I dare not to even touch. It was the statue of the Virgin Mary standing on the far left side corner of the very high crystal walls. The walls were as high as a 40 story building and the door too! You can actually see the clear sky outside. I know I need to get out of the mall right away before the policemen catches me and knowing that I already secured the goods outside the building. But before I deciding to go out using the main door, a question came to my head. "Am I going to runaway with all those stolen worldly things or go to our Virgin Mary where she can give the what we need?" When I walked toward the huge door, the statue of the Virgin Mary came to life. She was as bright as the sun but my eyes felt comfortable with the light. From where I was standing, I saw the sun appeared like a crown on her head. As I touched the huge door, I made my decision. I said to myself, "I choose the Virgin Mary for with her I have everything". As the door opened, I turned to the left and touched the crystal wall to face the Virgin Mary. I stared at her but she was so so bright that I couldn't tell how she looked like. Then I heard her voice. She spoke a different language. She sounded like whispering but the clarity was there. When I prayed to understand the Virgin Mary, right there and then I understood her. She was giving me instructions. She kept on telling me "Do not forget" and then the left side of her glowing dress appeared to be blown by the gush of wind where it slightly raised and the face of Jesus appeared on that part. I couldn't tell how He looked like as He glowed the same way of the Virgin Mary. He confirmed and affirmed what the Virgin told me what I should know and do. While listening, I was so scared of not remembering everything that they've told me. Then suddenly, I saw my left hand was holding the Virgin Mary's right hand as she and Jesus continued to glow. Then I saw the long way down. The stairs has about 50 steps and has about 50 meters wide. On every step of the stairs. there's a person standing waiting for me. I then saw my right hand held the left hand of the person who stood on the first step and then saw that all the others were doing the same. When I woke up, I found myself smiling. All I remember about what the Virgin Mary and Jesus told me was "Do not forget." I've been asking God since then what he wanted for me to know and do perhaps.
I dreamt that Jesus was sitting at the foot of my bed....the tv was on put there was no picture- just a soft light illuminating from it...I could see Jesus . He was wearing a tanish colored sackcloth (I hope Im describing the right thing)....anyway he did not say anything. He was just looking at me- then he stretched out his right hand to me and when I grabbed his hand, he vanished into my heart....I saw him turn into a white smoke and go straight into my heart.
I dreamt that heaven got opened and there is stairs, I saw Jesus all in white standing so I stepped on the stairs going to him when I reached him. He held my hands and i asked forgiveness with my whole heart.
I was standing in a very large mountain top meadow. The grass was dark green and trees all around in the distance. This place felt very peaceful. There were people starting to gather at this site. I noticed the coat I was wearing was like nothing I had seen before. I was looking closely at my left sleeve when Jesus came walking up to me smiling. He said, Gather as many people as you can to this area. I am taking everyone, even the sinners. Only ones that will be left behind are the non believers, the evil and the wicked.
I can't believe what I just dreamed about I don't understand. But if this is real there will be a change for all of us .....
I had an experience when Jesus came to me in a dream Also. I always believed in the Lord but I never took it to the next level by accepting him truly in my heart. I started really praying to Jesus to help me get my life in order and guide me in the right direction and that is when he visited me in my dream. My dream was scary he came to me in the form of a storm. Everything was so hectic and everyone was running trees and building were falling on everyone but somehow I wasnt being touched. I finally felt his presence It was something that I have never felt before. Its like I knew he was there before I even seen him. I then seen him I looked to him and he was standing on the top of the hill just looking at me and I could see his face as bright as day. He said something to me but I couldnt make it out because I was in total shock. I just stood there in silence and he looked at me and smiled. I said the words "thank you" and "I love you" to him and he winked his eye and walked away. I finally awoke and I still felt his presence. I think he was trying to tell me to just trust him and he will protect me. It was truly a blessing to have him visit me in my dream an experience that I will never forget.
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