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Jesus Will Come

Thu Sep 03, 2009


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did you ever have a dream about jesus ball of light came toward me scared?
i've had many dreams of jesus, i even seen an angel at one time, but the feeling of that angel disturbed me for some reason. for months i asked god what did this visit from this angel mean and the dreams i received, after months of diligently asking god, he finnally answered me with a dream of "the devil comes as an angel of light to deceive", the dream scared me out of my sleep and i knew those dreams and "visions" i seen were not of god, but from the evil one. test all spirits, continually ask god, you may not get an answer right away, but it's in his time not ours, so patience.
christinah (south africa)
he like gentle threw that light (seemed more like a small flame though towards me) in a dream. ppl i think these more towards this, why is our dream similar? i dnt even go to church anymore why did he choose me? im confused
junioe tooma quebec , sep
last week: i dream a light with jesus face and then turns into my face slowly.

last month : i dream in my my bed lying down with lots of white birds on the floor.
i had a dream is jesus in the sky the brighest light u will ever see like many suns but i could look right at it wit no effect on my eyes it was n a figure of aman i could tell face was jus ful of light and around dis figure was smaller lights goin into dis figure and out u couldnt turn away i jus remember bein full of joy happy for the 1
st time in mylife everyeye will see da sonofman frm east to west he wil destroy them wit brightness of his comin

he will destroy them wit brightness of his coming