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i had a dream of jesus what does this mean
when was young i had a dream that jesus/god called out my name i got scared and woke up what does that mean?
that means u have to be ready
ready for what???
ready for the last days
does it mean something bad is going to happen?
it means go to jesus and call out hes name and tell him you would like to repent of your sin
i had a dream last night and i seen jesus sitting at a picnic table just sitting there. his back was facing me and i felt at peace...but i'm not sure what he is telling me. can anyone tell me what this means?
oh, thanks.
i dreamt about jesus he came to me in white and shown me hes hands and feet. what does that mean.
i'm twenty seven weeks pregnant and i had a dream that i was just walking and talking with jesus. what does that mean
had a dream i was going fishing and i looked up and i seen jesus face in the sky with woman face and another man face... any one knows what it means?
i had a dream i was face to face with jesus and then i fell to his feet and began to cry what does it mean
last night i had a dream that jesus was born again on earth.. and that he was a boy of about 12 and i and a few other people were helping him to fit in this world to be able to reach people more easily.. weird
i had a dream that jesus was coming down from the clouds,but the thing is he was made out of loud,dark gray cloud with his arms wide open and i was screaming so loud that i woke up myself,what is that mean?
i had a dream a long time ago that i was walking and talking with jesus around my old neighborhood. what could that possibly mean? can anyone help me?
i dreamt i was walking through a dead forest i came along a brick wall,there was writing on the wall but i couldnt understand it because the writing was in another language so i kept walking and i came to a river on the other side of the river i got the impression it was jesus,he started to walk towords me but instead of walking on the water he walked underneath it,when he got to me he handed me dead fruit,can anyone tell me what this means?
i had a dream where i saw jesus and he was a stature, but then i looked again and he was a human and he started talking to me,then i woke up......anyone know what this means?
all dreams from jesus are meaningful. jesus is trying to get your attention. to draw yourselves to him. he loves you so much and he died on the cross 2000 years ago for your sins. he payed the price,this is a free gift of your salvation to spend eternity with him in heaven. dont reject jesus come to him please and repent from your sins and ask for his forgiveness. forgive all who have harmed you, ask forgiveness for all you have hurt. jesus is coming back soon.get yourself a holy bible read the word of god.
i had a dream lastnight that i was in this place may b the ocean..not sure buti was like in water flouting..and i remember seeing ppl that i knew in tje past alot of them that arent necessarly dead and never really talked to.well then i seen jesus everything his face feet head to toe..weird well after that he sent a tsunami that came rushing outta nowhere nd i
praise the lord for his mighty works. he speaks to his chosen in many ways and dream is one of the ways. do not fear. he wants to lead you and guide you. if he calls on your name, get up and say 'behold, here am i' just like samuel did. and wait and listen to his answer. he will feed those who are hungry and thirsty after righteousness. only you be clean and sanctify yourself. when you see his face then it means his grace has come to you. just acknowledge it and forget not to thank him. yes, he is wonderful and loving. go to him and pray always. the more you are humble, the more he'll love you and the more proud you are the more he'll resist you. so be careful of the viles of the devil. take up the armor and be ready to fight. do everything for the glory of god and nothing for yourself for he is coming soon. god bless you all in jesus' name, amen.
dean harris
praise god
some years ago i was sleep and in my dream i saw jesus i did not see his face but he was standing on the cloud with white robe and a red are blue scarf on his arm
i was scare and though the world was comming to end i jump up out of bed and look up to heaven i started to sweat very hard
what doe's that mean
god bless you
when i was younger i had a dream that a calming male voice was telling me about jesus and his generosity and his teachings while i was watching jesus take off his clothes to give to a beggar and give his food to a hungry homeless man....what does this mean?
oh yeah then the voice asked me to be like jesus ....
i luv ya jesus
about a month ago i had a dream that jesus was waiting for me on a cloud just siting there and he had a red robe on it was beautiful. he said lets talk about your sins. before i knew it i was then going to the gates of heven. to angels said to me its not your time. what dose this mean?
if you have a dream about jesus and you feel scared, then there is a problem. one day the lord is coming back and you have to be ready other wise you are going to burn in hell forever. you need to be saved, pray to jesus and ask him to come into you heart and life and save you and repent to him of your sins.
i had a dream about jesus too when i was about fourteen.he was suspended in the air right in front of me.the entire sky turned a dark blue color.he was holding a wooden round object which had strange symbols engraved on it that i was desperately trying to read but i could not.
i also had a dream about jesus, he actually asked me to go with him to see the beaty of the sea and the beauty of sunset. what does that mean?
i think it means for you to trust in him to tell you what you need to do. but thats what i think.
rose h.
dreamt about jesus early morning on july 13th,2011. i was in sitting in a church when jesus along with a few other persons walked in from the back of the church. jesus (dress in white) was walking down the church aisle. when he was next to me i was about to faint and so i reached out my hand to him. he extends his hand out to me and a bright glow comes out when our fingers touch. i regain my energy and look at him - he smiles at me. that is all i remember. what do you think it means?
early in this morning (15th july, 2011), i had a dream about jesus. it is strange, because at that hour i usually dream of cheerleaders. but in this one, jesus appeared in the middle of my old school holding an infant on his hands. man, was i scared - i thought the day of doom had come. however, he started walking towards the chapel of that school, with a lot of people following him, like he was going to say something there. when he passed by my side, he stopped. i was going to tell him all my sins, and yet, before i had uttered a word, he held my hand and smiled to me. without saying anything, he let me know something like he already knew them all, he wasn't angry, though. he continued his way to the chapel and when i tried to enter there, a religion teacher (who was a very devouted old woman), young and radiant this time, allowed me not to enter.
a couple of nights ago i had a dream i was on my highschool football field with many people i knew, the next thing i know the sky above me turns dark blue. i look up to the sky and a lunar eclipse is occuring. suddenly this huge silver staircase descends from the sky and i begin to climb up it. at the top of the stairs is two closed golden doors. then suddenly the doors begin to open.i can hardly see what is behind the doors because there is too much fog. i then see the feet of jesus. i reached out to try and see if i can feel the wounds on his feet from when he was curcified and once i got close enough i woke up. i really have no idea what this means....
i had a dream last night (9-21-2011)...i was at my little bothers football game with my mom. it was around 8pm everyone was sitting in the stadium watching the game then all of a sudden clouds started to form in the sky then jesus floated down out of the sky with his arms open. everyone started to panic and run crazy but i sat there in shock and watched his every move...when he reached the ground he just stood there and looked at me. we stared at each other for awhile then he started to come closer...then i woke up :(
i also had a dream with jesus in it on 9-28-11. i was walking outside with my bro and then we came across this cross in the middle of the road then next thing i knew jesus was on the cross so i walked over there and helped him off the cross and then he lead me to a church and he started to give a speech but then i woke up i wish i could of heard what he was speaking about:(
i dreamt about jesus...i was walkin home with my girlfriend and niece as we was walkin the sky started turing dark blue than i seen jesus an my niece was like who is dat tt an i was like dats jesus so we(my niece&i)started walk toward him than my girlfriend yelled so dats how its going to be???what dose it?is jesus trying to tell me somthing?
Jesus said I nock at the door if open I will eat with u and u with me. He is calling you to serve him


It means Jesus might be wanting to tell you something.
You might think this is a wierd dream but my uncle private is my best friend,in my dream private got into a spaceship in a legandly terrible lighting storm,my uncle got in to cross the other side he was almost to the other side of the mainland when lighting struck the engine of the spaceship and it went down spiining and blew up,after that i saw jesus face in the clouds ,and he looked diffrent then i thought he would be,thing is i hugged my uncle and said i loved him befor he got on the spsceship.
I had a dream of Jesus I was laying on my bd and I looked over and I saw Jesus standing a few feet form my bed and light coming form his hart and light behind him and around him and the light was dark he was just staring at me
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