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have you ever had a dream about jesus?

I have. I remember once i had a beautiful dream, where I was a the top of a mountain, sort of like the mountain in the greek ruins. there were some structures that looked like the greek ruins and i rememer walking up the mountain when The Lord Jesus came to me. He talked to me. unfortunately i don't remember what he said. but i do remember waking up in the morning very happy becaus i had such a wonderful dream. I have also had other dreams, one where i was flying to heaven, there were all sorts of colors around the tunnel like, i was ascending upward.

I often dream about flying, there was once i remember jesus took one of my wings and i could not fly anymore. since then, i've only had one dream where i was flying. but i don't dream im flying as much anymore.
yes i had a dream i was sitting in the front of our country house in okla i looked up jesus came to me said i know what you have been through he smiled and said i am coming soon. now consider i am a disabled vietnam vet agent orange have a assortment of physical problems.i haven\'t given up i am on several medications daily and am diabetes and am 67 old man retired military 100 percent va disabled been a christian 1962 never give up if you want to give up look at the vietnam memorial think how blessed you are i am on face book contact me will tell how god woke me up before a big attack on our airbase was able to get to a bunker to save my life god bless you all this is the generation christ will return
I had a dream Jesus was in mid air arms open to me and how i wish it wasn't a dream.
I'm waiting for my lord to come back.
he will come back for us, you'll see
Dave, I had a similar dream. About a month ago. We were all told to go to a certain place. When we got there we waited. then everyone disapeared and I only saw Jesus. He held me. It felt as if the Universe was holding me. I was so happy. When he set me down again. He disappeared then I saw the others. Everyone happy. Smiling. Everyone had the same experience. We went to the others that didn't go. They didn't see him. We couldn't believe they didn't go. Some didn't believe. Some didn't care and some said they went but wasn't there when we were.

I have had MANY dreams. Flying, Jesus, End times, etc.
ive had one. it was so vivid. now i cant wait! :D
I had a dream when jesus came on a cloud to my door that led to the porch . I thought it was real. I went up to him and he took my hand and said "come with me"and we went up in the clouds then I woke up.
wow nathan, thats amazing.!
I had a dream I was reaching out to jesus. when I touched him a had a undescribable feeling through out my whole body. it was like my body was getting filled up with electricity.
i had a dream about jesus. well at first i didnt know it was jesus. the man looked homless but, he talked about about god. i took the homless man (so i thought) in my house. i told him he could stay longs as he wants. then i guess in my dream it was like real life as day turned into night and so forth. then in my dream this man was dying and he wanted me to hold him. of course in my dreams and real life i would do it. he told me that he was jesus christ. of course i just went along with it because i didnt know. but then he started glowing and crying. he said thank you michael for taking good care of me and peace be unto you. i woke up. wonder what my dream means?
wow, these dreams are amazing!! I have had a few myself!!
Michael - maybe that is something that may really happen in your lifetime. Basically there is a scripture that says what you have done for others, you have done for me (Jesus).... I can't remember exactly or find the scripture right now, but that is an awesome dream!!
karen b
i had a dream last night about jesus, but don't know wether to add it.
Jesus can and does reach us through dreams, and dreams feature commonly in the bible when God wanted to communicate to people. I too have had messages through dreams and I know they are from Him. All glory to Him, and "...Come Lord Jesus",(Revelations 22:20) We are all longing to come home to you!
Denise Anderson
In summer of 2005 I had dream of JESUS.I'm not sure where we were at. In a field around water. He communicated with me through thought. He told me to prepare everyone.He would return in about six years. That was it! Not sure how too do this? Maybe this is one way! Love, Peace, Joy and God's Blessing's Too All,Denise Anderson
I have had many dreams also. But this one dream,I was walking on the river shore a friend and I, an I looked up and I saw all the stars fall, the earth shook and the clouds were gathering as if they were rolling very dark for a few seconds, and I heard the trumpet sound and then I kicked off of my shoes and I told my friend that the Lord was coming, and I fell to my knee's I saw the dead in Christ rise, every grave opened up and I could see Jesus coming to earth, but never touched the foundation, as he began to judge his people I saw people on both side and I was in the middle with Jesus. My sister was on the left, begging me to go with her, and I told her that I love her but I can't go with her.I as I stand in the middle with Jesus we were talking and then I woke up. And by the way - my sister took her life so that dream came to pass.I hate it I tried to help her but she didn't want help.
I had a dream about Jesus a few months ago. I was sitting on a thrown and there was a woman sitting beside me in a thrown. Her name was Mary. The throwns were like on a theatre style platform. I looked down and there I saw Jesus. He had his arms out stretched but he was not facing me. There was also a little boy running around with a devil in him. All you could hear was this thing yelling in agony as if it were being tormented. I went on y a h o o with the question and the atheist didn't like the dream. I searched all over the web to find answers and one girl had a similar dream about Jesus. He was talking to the people on a hill. I don't know what struck in me to get back on the web to try and find more people. There are more people! I don't want to jump to any conclusions. I want to sit back and watch God do his perfect work. Maybe he is trying to get something to us. The bible says that Jesus doesn't even know the hour that only The Father does. But it is like preparation. If you have to get your kids up to get ready for school, first you must wake up to go tell them to get up it is time for school- get ready.
ed 2
I had a very vivid dream last night. in my dream I was walking behind a school that I went to once (in real life). it was daytime. sky was clear. I heard "al a lu ya" being repeated in song (not the normal melody you hear in church), the song was gradually getting louder. I looked up and saw something swirling in the sky and getting closer, as it got closer I could see the color was white/peach illuminated with a glow of light. I began to see somw shapes and I thought to myself that I was seeing a vision of the holy spirit like a dove, it appeared to have wings, as it got closer so did the song, I began to think I could make out the shape of a cross, then I realized it was jesus on the cross, his hands were not nailed down and he was flying towards me, he became brighter, song was louder, then it was like he became a ball of light and rushed into me. at that moment I heard a noise and everything became pure white light, I woke up immediatley (happy feeling) and was amazed by the dream
I had a dream about Jesus last few months ago. Until now I don`t know what it means and how can I interpret it. First I was in the boat with one stranger man, in the ocean there were two boats one big and I was in the small boat, the ocean was clear blue but it was wavy although its not windy. Suddenly Jesus appeared in my house and came closer to me I can see Him even my eyes were closed He wear a white clothes and both of His hands has a small circle wounds He look at my face and said "WAKE UP MY CHILD WAKE UP" and then I open my eyes its already 6 o`clock in morning. I felt good. If someone can interpret this dream please tell me. thanks
what is the meaning of jesus? the simple answer is, he is the savior. i can send you a jesus greeting cards or the bible of jesus. if you wonder who is the sister of jesus, hmm, i dont think jesus had any sisters, unless the bibles says so. you must keep your faith of jesus buts its been a while since i had one. i know sometimes i have dreams on the fly but i can't remember when was the last time. i want to have more dreams. but i dont know what dream interpretation flying is tho.
Jesus did indeed have three half sisters...some scholars credit their names to be Mary (of course), Miriam and Martha but, no one can be sure as women weren't regarded in such a light as to credit having their own names mentioned in writing. Some historians believe only one of these female relatives to be the sister of Christ and the other two first cousins...whatever the case, Jesus grew up with both brothers and sisters in the household. In fact, Jesus had an older brother, James, from Joseph's previous marriage. Mary, by all accounts, raised James as her own since according to the historian Josephus, James' mother died in child birth. The New Testament Book of James was written by the brother of Christ and James, along with Peter and John were the leaders of the New Testament era church in Jerusalem.
As children of God we need to listen to these dreams. There gifts from the Lord. He tries to give us understanding. We need to open our eyes and open our ears. The Lord is working all around the world. Our Father loves us, so much. These dreams make me want to cry from joy. I love how he's waking us up.

A while ago, I had a dream. All I remember was a loud thunderous sound and GOD CONTROLS! It felt real, so real. I've never felt fear before. Another dream of coming to school and seeing teenagers; pooring out there hearts for the Lord. Praying on one another and worshipping. All I could do was weep.
He's coming back:)
You have to be saved threw Jesus. God has sent his son to help you. I have read the entire bible. believe me. God can be a real pissed of god. he has a temper and vicious and cruel and violent. that's why he has sent his son Jesus Christ to save you all. because you listen to me my friends. Dont **** with god. he is not happy at all. since the day Adam and eve ate that apple. we humans don't function ho god wants us to. Jesus is a Listener . he forgives us. but NOT god. God has the final word. the only reason why god hasn't killed all of us is because Jesus his son is baking us up. but give Jesus a break. really listen to him. poor guy. has a farther he wont tolerate nothing.
About a year ago I had a dream. It was the second coming, there was a crowd of people gathered and he came down surrounded in angels. Nothing was said, but the thing I remember the most was the intense feeling of happiness and love that you could feel coming from all around, but in particular from Jesus himself. I didn't think too much on it at the time but now I think the purpose of the dream was as a reminder of things to come so that I will not lose hope with all the bad things that will happen before he comes, and I know it will be very soon.
Alan McDougall

I had a near death experience I did not see Jesus, just a being of pure light

Alan MccDougall

From the time I was a little boy I knew things and saw things that other people did not and everyone thought of me as a strange and enigmatic boy and they still do people. I perplexed my parents teachers etc, I often thought why did my parents only greet the people that came through the front door but ignored the lovely people that walked into the house through the walls etc

I consider myself more as a mystic than a psychic. Other people who have had near death experiences have asked me why they differ from person to person, and it is all about subjective perception, comprehension and how long, detailed and profound the events are. People are unique and therefore each have unique experiences, not all people go to the same place or to the same time in the uncountable other dimensions , heavens and realms out far in the universe and beyond.
And of course there is the factor of the skill of the writer or lack of skill and how good or bad their recall is

While I did not have the tunnel experience I had a partial life review and saw both beautiful episodes of my life as well as regretful, embarrassing ones. I did not desire a experience based on my religious

One early morning while all was still dark I awoke in that state between sleep and wake and the boundaries between my physical self and everything physical around me began to dissolve. Quietness like a soft warm comforting peaceful blanket descended on my sleeping body and mind. I could hear in the background the sweet song of birds softly singing birds and somehow knew their wonderful beautiful voices were in absolute harmony and somehow were reflected the electrons darting in the mind of the Infinite One. Outside leaves rustled in the autumn night and although still indoors on my bed, I could somehow feel the breeze against my skin and the wonderful scent of grass and the fragrances of flowers that permeated the earth.

I became energy left my body and arose above the earth to where the blue became black and looked down upon the earth from the wonder of the glory of the infinite night. I found myself in the presents of a being who appeared to me to be a pulsating âORBâ similar to my state of being then, but much brighter and more energetic. At this time I thought this being might be God.

I had become a bright point âsingularity a point of intelligent thinking lightâ within a Greater Light (Being of Light) that now embraced me and revealed to me later, mind to mind, some things relating to the afterlife, the planet earth and the universe. This Being was the one who communicated with me and took me on the journey into the unknown realms later.

I found myself looking down upon the earth, as if I were viewing it from a port hole of a space ship. The earth was revolving very quickly and stopping over each country, where a stern warning was given to each leader. At first I thought that the "Being of Light" that embraced my essence was God, but found out from him that he was a great angel, with an important message to humanity. At this stage I did not have an ethereal body, just a point of light or a singularity of intense thought.

The Being was a beautiful pulsating ORB of colors pure energy.
As we hovered in space above the earth began to revolve and began to stop over each country or continent with some sort of a warning, the great being kept repeating, âMere Mortal Manâ, âI am not well pleased with youâ. I especially remember vividly, when we were hovering over the Asian continent, looking down at India and the regions around it, that some great trouble would come from oceans and effect the Indian subcontinent terribly. I can now only remember a little what was being conveyed to humanity. Later I began to remembered more and these some of these warnings have already come to pass namely; the great tsunami of caae, hurricane Katrina and the awful cyclone that hit Burma during caai, these are just a few events that have come to pass amongst many still to come in the future.

The warning to mankind is condensed into the short poem below;

Oh!!, beautiful planet earth!!! why? why? why?

Oh terra, terra, terra! I have loved you so,
And sown your golden fields
With my songs of peace
I died to hear the music you should know
By now...the song to bid your
Surging cease.
âWhy, terra did you turn to hate?
Your blue and earthen hope
Of joy with greed
On your restless need for
Death and war

Then we left the solar system and raced through the physical universe at limitless almost infinite speed. I was perplexed why there was no need for breathing, and became aware that I became aware that I had now an ethereal body similar to my physical body, but this body did not need to breath and was impervious to heat or the physical fundamental laws of our universe. This body of beauty shimmered in translucent blue, purple and amethyst.

More if interest is shown

I had a dream where I was in a car, atation wagon or
something, and I looked out the back window and the
clouds were getting dark and they formed the face of
Jesus. Then I looked back again and Jesus was in the
clouds sort of hovering and was in white and you could
see his heart on the outside of his robe. I tried to
talk, but no one could hear me. Anyone know what this
dream might mean??
on easter 2009 around 2-5 a.m. i had a dream that seemed very much real to me. in fact the realest dream i've ever had. in my dream i was to go to this house party where everyone would be drinking doing drugs, having sex, all kinds of wrong doing. as im walking towards the house i get the sense that something is not normal. right before i step through the door i turn towards the horizon and i see planets aligned. like the gas planets and very colorful. i walk in and i tell eveyone to come outside,but no one went until i insisted so much they started making rude remarks. as we go out, the planets are no longer visible, but covered by the most symmetrical sheet of cloud. on top of the clouds are white structures beautiful structures. angels flying above, and all the people who were saved standing on the edge of the cloud. as i turn around towards everyone else i turn back and, non other than Jesus Christ himself descends. as his feet touch the ground beneath us we are overwhelmed by his prescence and holy vibe and we immedietly collapse on our knees, He tells us, "get up my children". and i asked him if this was the end, and He said "no" "but it will come soon", and i asked, "will i receive the mark of the beast?", and He said, "no, but you need to start thinking carefully for it is near" and i asked "how long do we have?" and He said "three weeks". and i thought, "in biblical terms somewhere in the bible it says three weeks is the equivalent of three years in the bible, and what year is it going to be in three years?...2012 A.D."
I had a dream the most remarkable dream that ive ever had it was almost a nightmare but marvelouse it just amazed me so much.
As i slept i drempt of me and my roomate we were sitting in a paddock with two swags on the ground, infront of us was a bombfire it was a medium size. There was a wooden gate on the other side of the bombfire.
On the other side of the gate was a horse a pinto horse just standing there waiting. To our right side ther was a tree, a gum tree and then behind the tree was a tent. I saw a man walking around
me and my roomate went to go over to see who he was and what he was up to. He dident speak to either of us but i remeber he was pale with black short hair he just looked at us and then went into his tent.
me and my roomate went to go sit back down on our swags and we talked.
Then the wind picked up the leaves started to move they swirled around us everything started to become more tinted the leaves were a vibrant brown in color and were more noticable.
The pinto horse on the other side opposite to the bombfire was shaking its head, prancing,bucking,rearing everything it became wild, crazy and vicious.
Then there was a light. The light i cant explain, it was the brightest thing i had ever seen it started off small and then flashed until it covered up all of our sight it covered up everything the whole sky.
i remeber having this dread in my heart this scaredness for the unkown. i remebered that i had had a dream about aliens before but then this was different. I yelled out to my roomate i yelled out
"spirits!! drop!" we both droped on the ground in a praying postion. i was so scared i was shaking i was petrified i remember feeling a presence which scared me this powerfull but comforting prsence. I new somthing was commong for us that this could be the end i could feel it. I couldent run i couldent hide it was over.
Then all of a sudden my roomate wasent there anymore she had disolved she just wasent ther.
It was me, the bombfire and the white light i was too afraid to confront or look at the man near the tree or the tent and i had heard the horse gallop away. It was just me on the ground in a bent over praying positin scared stiff.
Then i heard footsteps, i was curious so i looked up slightley and i saw feet, feet of a man then the bottem of a white robe i got to the ankles and then immediatley looked down afraid that whoever it was saw me.
The person stopped infront of me i could feel them looking at me i could feel them there looking down on me.
I was so scared i started asking for forgivness.
he replyed with "what for? what do you ask forgivness for?"
i remeber opening up like i have done with my closest friends expet this time it was different i spilt everything my emotions, all the bad things i have done i told him that i hate living in the past i just want to move on, i just want peace i want to live life to the fullest and not in the past
i want all my worrys and problems to go i am sorry so sorry for everything.
He asked what am i trully sorry for.
i replyed with "not being able to move on" and then i started to cry, i told him i dont want to feel like this.
He then put his hand on my head it rest there. He said "my child ther is nothing that needs to be forgiven you are free go rejoice for the day is yours i shall see you when your tme is right. no sooner"
i stopped weeping and then he knelt down and touched my chin with his fingers and as he pulled my face up i dident see who he was all i saw was a flash of bright white light and then i woke up.
my head was pounding my heart was beating faster than i have ever felt it i was suddenly scared ther was no comfort it was dark my roomate was asleep.
i checked me ipod it was 3:20 exactly i was so so so scared i jumped down woke up my roomate and told her.
It was awhile until i went to sleep a very long while. i am suprised at how much detail i can remeber but it was that amazing i'm afraid to forget.
I had had many dreams and as a matter of fact the dreams that I was having prompt me to start asking questions and thats how I came to the Lord. This one dream I was in this field and it started to rain and the rain started to come down harder, i got kinda scared. This person that was beside me said that it was ok that it wasn't going to hurt me. then all of a sudden I find myself with my arms stretched out and my head back and turning around and around and didn't want to stop. It was so beautiful because I never felt so much peace. Then it went to another scene where It was alot of people and especially children. I picked up a child and put the child on my shoulder turning around and around but can't remember if it was still raining at that point. then I saw the image of Jesus as we see him in pictures of course cause noone knows what Jesus looks like. Anyway he was standing on a mountain with his stretched out arms and many people were there sitting in front of him. there was so much peace, it was beautiful.
thanks to everyone 4 posting your dreams.jesus is soon coming he is leding me to rememberance of my own dreams.i say i have so many dreams dont have time to share all of them this i will. church lift up his name,pray 4 the lost,jesus is wanting us to work while there is light.again i say he is coming soon.one dream i had i saw jesus as a he was about to leave heaven and come back 4 the church .
thank u to anyone who prayed 4 me last night.
i'm a little disturbed because i saw the end of the world..people were just collapsing dying, it was pitch black all the time & my cat was some sort of savior & he choose me to live is what i was tld in my dream by other survivors. (one of the things was many clone like figures of jesus were walking past my window looking inside with fog all around..i was scared! i dont know really much else its kinda blurry but please help me figure out what this means i'm really kinda flipping out lol i know it sounds really dumb ,please don't poke fun, i'm just trying to figure out if i should continue to worry aobut it
wow these dreams are amazinng! and they hold so much meaning to it. and marri that dream you had about god telling you to wake up. well that doesn't mean just to wake up , what it means is that god is telling you to do something with your life...something good, maybe a change.. as in wake up, and start chaning things in your life,or don't continue your life the way you are... in my opinion i think thats what the dream means, becasue god telling you to wake up means his trying to help you, and give you a wake up call. hope that helped.
ohh &&. one more thing. i used to be really close with god. like i could hear him talking to me in my own head, like it was me talking but the voice didn't sound like myself. i could feel his presense in me, but i don't anymore, maybe that's why im here writing this. i feel like im slipping away from him. i try really hard to get that feeling again, like that voice inside my head, but i somehow cant. it just isnt there... if somone could have an suggestions to what i should do to get closer with god again... please let me know. thanks.
m pleased and overwhelmed by all these dreams im happy to know that m not alone . i've always feared to speak out fearing what people would ay of me but now i believe we are many whom are priveledged to be visited by our savior but in my case i never dreamt instead it was like a vision jesus was crying
hi, i remember when i was about 10-11 years old, i dream jesus with his red gown and a big colorful light comig from him. whe i was getting closer to him i could not see his face it was a blurt, i know it was him. i try to grab him like a kid wen he sees his father after work, it was so peaceful so wonderful and i continue to move foward and some force was keeping back. so i continue but this time i was streching my arms to him and he said with a beautiful voice not yet! so i star crying and then a woke up.
a couple days ago i had a dream and at the end of it i was yelling ''jesus! jesus! help!'' i was running from these ghost people that fed on humans but weren't vampires. at first i couldn't yell but i kept saying in my head jesus and i mouthed his name before i could yell. then these other ghost people with their eyes in the back of their head looked up from books and tables and this beautiful teenage girl(dispite being a ghost, but a good one with eyes in the back of her head) looked up from a book and she yelled '' jesus! save us! help us!'' then the dream ended. last night i prayed before i went to sleep. i've been saying ''protect my family and everyone i care about. i want to know what you look like. tell me what heaven and st. peter and everyone in heaven is like. i want to know more about you. i promise i'll look for signs. i will try to find all the information i can about you. amen'' well tonight i had a dream. mind you, i'm only 10 yrs old. well in my dream i was outside of my apartment building talking to my friend chris. i was in the pajamas i was wearing last night. then i said something like i know what i have to do.i walked into my house; my mom wasn't there. i went in my room and on my dresser, behind my angel snow globe and jewelery box was a pink object. there was a small platform with a metal spring and a tiny pink hand. i don't know what it was. i don't really have one in my room. then the tiny pink hand turned into a real hand. '' hello? who are you? '' i said. no reply '' jesus?'' this time the answer was yes. i held his hand. he squeezed my hand so tightly but it didn't hurt. if a human did it to me it would of hurt though. then i stopped holding his hand for some reason and i looked towards my closet. i saw something but i didn't. but jesus was there.i said something like i have so much to ask you. he said something but i can't remember. it almost turned in to a conversation but the last thing he said was ''take care of your mom'' then i was transported onto a bus. a song was plaing by a band called shine on.the song is sometimes goodbye is a second chance. maybe it's because that's another boy named chris likes that song. then the dream ended. if you know any explinations please comment. -brynne
i've been touch for how many times by the presence of our god jesus. i do believe in any seconds of our life's he never leave besides us. he is always there just waiting to turn around, but sometimes there is some statics in our path that we always can't get connect to him. we should appreciate everyminute of our life in this beautiful world he created for us. god always work in mysterious ways no matter where and when. have fate and we will be fine. god bless.
i had a dream of christ standing with hole in his feet and hand what does dream mean
i had a few dreams about my lord jesus. recently i had a dream that i was standing behind all the people in the world and jesus was judging them. he sent people to the left and said you have beengranted life, then he said to the people on the right you have not been granted life. so the dreamed turned and i found myself sitting around the table with the lord and i saw some relatives too. i was so scared because i realized that he didnt judge me, so i leaned over and said lord(i was biting my nails and shaking) i noticed that you didnt judge me. have i been granted life? and the lord looked at me with a face as to say dont be silly, then he said you have been granted life. and i was sooooooooo happy
jesus will come back sept 22 2009
in my dream, we were all doing what we do as normal people. driving, walking, talking- just a normal day in anyone's life. in this dream i was driving a car and the sun became very very bright...so bright in fact that everyone, i mean everyone stopped.....and looked. then it became scorching hot and burned my arm. in the sky it said that gods camp is coming soon. when i woke up god gave me this word. there is a war between god and satan though it is with us, we will not be hurt. it is the people of earth who will be destroyed.
i was on past sept 1,2009 dream is i was info the airport. than i outside on land. i look to mission lanuch up then i said "i m hero with christian" than running on airport close the land than meet to jesus christ. i said "jesus, look it misslie launch." jesus look to misslie. jesus christ said " that true for 2012 nuke hits where anyone. but... i will soon rapture for sept 2009 or sept 2010 to save who people only christian." than i said " you are info you have real my dream?" jesus is nod to me. i look to misslie is slow the sky. again look back is jesus have gone. the end. that true!
i was dreaming of random stuff and all of a suddon it vanished and i ened up being on a sandy beach with a sunset wheren all white and walking along side with jesus and my true love and walking together
christian dream interpretation driving in a car and got hit head on and just kept on driving but it went black and white so thats how we all knew we had died.
dream interpretation, jesus touches my head and give me flowers
i had a dream of jesus christ after reading the heaven is so real book it was sometime last year that i dreamt of him and i thank you lord for letting me dream of you and i love and praise you! my dream is short, jesus was standing and is wearing his very white robe and a hand wooven rope tightly fasten on his waste the background was all black and dark and he was the only one standing and reaching his right hand to me and the his left hand was raising and pointing to an eclipse, jesus christ face is not as we perceived in paintings and pictures we see in church or in our houses, i could not remember exactly and specifically the features of his face but he is young at his early 30s and very handsome and wearing a very concern look as he stared at me. its as if he knows everything about me and is very concern about me, my question is he is pointing his left hand to an eclipse.. does this mean end is near and we have to be ready for it? lord god help us be ready when the time comes.. we
i had a dream about 8 years ago, and it was dark out. i was walking in a busy area with lots of people, and all of a sudden planes by the hundreds started to fly over head, and i remembered the movie : left behind" and i thought to myself please don't start to explode, and in that instance, they began to explode. people were running & screaming all over. i was so scared & i could only think about getting my kids & family together, and all of a sudden it got quite. the planes, & people were still exploding, and screaming, but i couldn't hear them, and i looked in front of me, and i saw a man kneeling with his back to me. he had on a bright white robe & long wavy brown hair, and i saw a small child with their arms wrapped around his neck, as if he was protecting them from what was happening. then he stood up, and turned to me.... it was jesus. he pointed to me & then pointed up to heaven.... i was just judged. i began to cry. i was joyed with tears. i woke up crying and with the real fee
i had the most exciting dream last night that jesus appeared in the clouds and raised his hands. it was reassurance that he does exist and he sent me the sign i have been asking for. so it is no longer seeing is believing. believing is seeing! the holy spirit has again renewed my faith after a period of doubt. the dream was so real, the feeling of such love and happiness to know that all of these unbelievers are wrong!
hay guys can anyone please help me,

i had a dream when i was with jesus, i knew it was jesus, but i didnt treat him any different other than hes my friend, in my dream he said to me i must wear those clothing that cover up the whole body, a bit like the ones muslims and arabs wear where no one can see the body except the eyes, well i was well annoyed with jesus and i was like why? well i wore it anyways and we started to walk on a long road it was a path of some sort, the whole time jesus was talking but i was ignoring him because i was still annoyed that i had to wear that clothing - then next thing i knew was jesus was walking a few feet before me but oposite to me, i kept wondering why he was walking oposite to me, and then i stopped walking and looked back and saw this man (im sure he was a black man, very slim, in pain) and the man was possessed by an evil spirit the evil spirit was trying to get out of him i knew this because he was in pain and i guess i just knew, then i look
these are interpretation dreams with second coming of jesus angels soft warm light happiness looking to me
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