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have you ever dream about Jesus Christ and Angels>.

if so, tell me about it, i like to learn from your dreams
i've had many dreams of jesus, i even seen an angel at one time, but the feeling of that angel disturbed me for some reason. for months i asked god what did this visit from this angel mean and the dreams i received, after months of diligently asking god, he finnally answered me with a dream of "the devil comes as an angel of light to deceive", the dream scared me out of my sleep and i knew those dreams and "visions" i seen were not of god, but from the evil one. test all spirits, continually ask god, you may not get an answer right away, but it's in his time not ours, so patience.
rita j
i had a dream about jesus and the angels it started out with people running smoke was everywhere people ended up in the water there were several gold symbols of angels splashing in the water after that jesus appeared and was walking with me in the water i rememmber telling him jesus my kids are always getting sick he showed me an evevelope and was trying to tell me about these papers and then i cried jesus are u going to stay with me then i woke up! i love those angels they were made of real gold!!
andrea l
i dreamed of jesus last night. he was died and i can see his organs hanging out, his body was like rubber for being in the sand. his body was on a moving belt moving towards me. i was trying to figure who was he at first. then he lifted up his said and asked me," do you know who i am?". he then said," i am jesus i died for your sins, i died for your sins everything will be alright. i started to panic because before seeing him i saw my uncle who told me i was sick. but, in true reality i am not afraid anymore. if he forgives me that is all that matters.
jenny l
i had a dream with jesus sitting at a table, surround by his angels. his angels were large and gracious. jesus sat in the middle, and i sat across from him. i could see jesus speaking to all if us, but i couldn't hear him. i just sat there smiling, and giggling because i was so excited to be there. i felt special, because we were all in the process of organizing a huge plan.
i had a dream of Jesus on countless occasions decending from the clouds of glory. one he was in white apparrel with two people also dressed in white robes looking handsome and reacxhing out to me with smiles. i dream't about two huge angels also in the clouds before with wings, pure whites in color. Jesus is real and Lord.
I just had a dream of Jesus and an angel on each side of him floating in the sky with the clouds. For some reason no one else could see him. After everyone was getting ready for a storm and I had a feeling it was more then that. I started stocking up on firewood and a fire pit (fire wood is not easy to find in fl). There was a panic feel about it, its hard to explain.
Dreamed of Jesus lastnight. However, firstly i dreamed of demons in some hellish looking ground im in. That little demon was devoring some thing on the grounf and so yell at him "to LEAVE IN JESUS' NAME". He turned around and look at me smiling but he eventually moved himself somewhere... In my next dream (same night) I saw Jesus smiling at me while im in some kind of area that is busy. He was smiling and I smiled back at Him. HE look at me with much love and so then i look at Him intently and smile more.
I had a dream about Jesus last night, I dreamed my father was sick on his death bed and I went out side when I looked up to the sky I saw what seem to me like angels dress in a blue rope. they had this light that was so bright they all surrounded this person who was dressed in white and for some reason I knew it was Christ. It was a long dream a lot of other things happens in it. My mom and dad have been dead for nine years but et in my dream the


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