now a days you hear alot about how man was evolved from bacteria, its no longer a monkey

its amazing to think that there are some people who actually think that humans were evolved from simple bacteria.

if we really evolved from bacteria then why do all the living things have to rest.

it would be an evolutionary advantage if we humans didn't have to sleep.

can you imagine, if we didnt' sleep, we would go on and on with wars, we would never rest.

to everything there is a plan. there is no doubt in my mind that all living things were created, just look around you, to everything there is a systematically way of living. we all look different but inside, we are all made of the same stuff.

no matter how man tries to create living things by cloning, they will never get it right.

its like comparing humans with a computer - humans have a 1mb cpu, while God our creator has 10000000000000000000000000000 GB of cpu power you can't beat it.

im always amazed on all the thing god has created, they are each beautiful in its own form. im blessed to be here and be able to share my thoughts in freedom.

Glod Bless America !