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do you need help from jesus. We all do at some time or another. Getting help from our Lord Jesus is very easy
there are many prayers you can do to have jesus help you

you can count on Jesus to help you with what you need. its not always what you want, but what you need
father god, i come to you in the name of jesus. your precious and only begotten son. i ask you to save and answer each and every prayer on here. lord to open their eyes and show them you want to be a part of their lives not only during the bad times only, but to be a part of their lives through the good times also. for them to see that being a child of the one and only god is a everyday thing. help us to know your will in our lives and to live each day for you lord jesus. seek ye first the kingdom of god and all things shall be added unto you. lord i pray to help us to live your will in our lives and not ours so we don\'t tie your hands on the blessing you have for us. to send someone in our lives that can help us to see what your will for us is. to help us to live each and everyday for you. we know salvation for us is free because you paid the price but for us to keep it is something we have to work at. help us to have total faith in you and to know we still have to do our part in rec
dear jesus, i love you, pls forgive all my sins which i have committed,i want to live a pure life pls help me ,pls bless me with a good job where i can stick for a longer tenure.
please pray for me -- i desperately need your help, my lord -- this is an extremely serious, confidential matter! i know that you fully understand what i am asking, and that it is not for me. it is a reoccurring family situation. in your name (our lord and savior) may we pray. amen! my prayers are also with all of you!
hi jesus. my marriage is broken. i never wanted to be like this. i know that i sometimes don\'t help things but i never did anything to deserve this. i hope that you can help me be the best husband and be understanding of what she needs. as a man i also need for her to understand that i have feelings. even though i hold a stern and hard feel, inside i also need love and warmth. i don\'t believe she understands this. please jesus point your love and warmth towards her and make her understand that i need love and understanding. i hope its not too late for us. i think it might be but there is always hope for love. bless my family and children, jesus help us make it. amen.
jesus. please take the helm regarding my daughters spiritual well-being. my prayer is that all blocks that are holding her back from accepting you as her lord and savior, including people that don\'t add to her life but take away fr her resolve to go to you and rely on what you have for her life. please help me to have patience in all this and to thank you in advance for whatever you deem how her life will go.
jesus, i need your help and continued guidance to get through the turmoil that i am having. please stay with me. you are my one and only lord and savior.
lord please help me that's her name and we just brake up today and i want her back to me for good. what should i do now.
jesus i have been suffering for a long time, you know what the problem is and if it is your will, my problems will be gone. thank you jesus for everything you have done for me in the past, but i am asking again for your help. i love you, jesus!
for person with man bothering you. get a camera and video his doings post with local news paper and police. he will be arrested for trespassing. set up traps like glue traps used for roaches. wont come off his feet. set up other obstacles for him. send the pics to the police and paper daily as it happens. he just may move after being reveilled and arrested enough along with all the small sticky trap issues. think of movie home alone. marbles can be fun. stick traps on roof can be interesting. pictures of him while in yard. make sure he sees you taking pics of him. post them, blog them. can make a scary situation fun.
please, if there is anyone out there that is in touch with the lord, please pray for me. i am at my last wit. i have a crazy neighbor that comes in my yard and get on my roof. he does this because there is no man in the house. the police is no help. this man comes in my yard every day and night. please pray for me. pray that this foul spirit go away and leave me alone. i will continue to pray, but please someone, pray for this problem to end.
paul ebenezer
jesus please help me to pay my loan outstandings.
if you pray and try to have confidence in him, you will receive
his help. sometime the help comes
immediately, some time it comes later, but it comes
maria paulraj.t
jesus can do anythink. but you should have faith at all time. you will see the solution soon..
a mother's love
please lord jesus release my son from being incarcerated in jesus name, i am their mother and it tearing me to pieces to see them bond. lord jesus set them free lose that hold of the enemy. forgive them set them free now and use them for your perfect will.
jesus help me to pay my rent so i wont be evicted as well as my car payment. my put my trust in you lord.
aw, what a sweet website. :)
okay...please...please jesus help me to find a job. one that i can be happy to go to everday. and please answer the prayers of everyone here..and of everyone else on earth. amen.
please help me jesus i want my marriage restore and i nee help financial to get my car apyment caught up in jesusu name i pray
please help me i want my relationship with m,y girl friend restored god you told me when we 1st meet she was to be my wife ! and since she broke up with me you have told me to hold on you were working on it . i you that you restore us now.
lord god i pray that your'e will be done in my life. help me to be the person you created me to be. so that i can be the man i need to be for my future wife. and show me how to love other people like you do. in jesus name amen.
please jesus help my son. he has been through so much. please i beg of you let him somehow get his job back that he truly loves. i also pray for my son carmen who is serving our country oversees please keep him safe. amen
i dont know what all this means
plse forgive me for what i've done all this long...
jesus help me again.
please forgive me
god you know what i want
sree devi
jesus pls aenku help panuga pls. naan uaru kita kapean pls appa aenku helpu panuga. eb la ta second list podanum pa interview vaika kuduthu pa . pls . aenku kadakainum appa. pls entha marchkula aenku eb la ta job kadakunam . naan saatchi solsnurean jesus pls . pls pls jesus aen prayera kelunga pa plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
jesus please helps us getting world peace. please lord return on time :) amen
jesus please forgive me what i have done please i promise i will never ever do it again. jesus please help me to get good job. pls i want to stay back. jesus please me.
jesus fulfill all their prayers & make your sons happy & be blessed !! amen !!
jesus please guide me in the right direction. i feel i am going nowhere fast.please help me find a job that makes me emotionally fulfilled.please let me find my soulmate.and if its him,please help him change his ways as well as mine
please jesus, let me be pregnant.
jesus... i am in debt trouble.. and i don`t find a way to solve this.. i have deadline come fast and don`t have money to paid my debt. father.. i am in distress and i need your help. amen
why should my prayer for saving my marriage be answered. god has never given me a miracle, yet i still ask.

he sees me so depressed, crying, fasting, ready to cease my existence... i can't wait longer!

why would he bring us together... fate... knowing it was going to fall apart?
look at the birds of the air, how they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, but your heavenly father feeds them. are not you more valuable than they? matthew 6: 26
i pray that the lord help me through the difficult time i face with family health issues and financial challenges. please lord enter and provide guidance and grace. i love you
dear friends, all, who cry out to christ jesus, i pray for you. i am a dying man, i suffer agony everyday, i cannot care for my family, yet my suffering has brought me to know christ and i am blessed. so be strong in your faith, we are all worthy if we confess our sin and accept the lord's love. our prayers are answered, in the way he sees fit. we suffer but he gives us strength to endure. we suffer so that we may choose to be compassionate, just as he did as he suffered. pray for each other and all will be according to his grace. my heart aches for all who post here, know that you are not alone, and that you are loved. (read the beatitudes, and let those thoughts guide your prayer, dear friends all). humbly, chris
rona morris
lord i trust u.....plz give me d things dat i lack one in dis world loves me except for u lord...:(
please jesus help this lost sinner. i want to believe. you know what help i need. please take care of my family. let them be healthy and happy.
lord jesus please help me find a perfect boy in my life ...
i ask u lord that u answer any prayer and need of your people on this site, in jesus mighty name! i release my brothers and sisters from everything what holds them back to receive what you have for them in jesus name. i command healing in their sick bodies and families or friends in jesus name. i speak favor in their lives so they will find jobs and all finances they need in jesus name. i proclaim victory in their lives in jesus name. i call soul mates into their lives in jesus name. you have given us authority to use it. thank you jesus for all u have done and will do.
lord jesus
am not a christain to knw ur rules,method of praying,worshipg,,,
al i knw is lord jesus i belive in you,ur with me ,i can fel with me lord ,and help the people who need you ...lord jesus ,,forgive them iif tey have done any mistake ,becoz tey r your children;s forgive them my lord ...we love u forevr alwys be with us ,if ur not teir we are no more in this world.amen i beilve in you .
please jesus nanage help madi, nanu ondu huduganna thumba esta padtene avanu kuda adare avara maneli opputtilla nammaneli bere huduganna nodtiddare 2 days nalli ivara maneli ivara mother and brother ebbaru oppuva hage madi please nanage help madi
karthaave...nee ithathoolam enne nadatthiyathinaai nanni. enkilum enikku oru joli illa. karthaave nee enikku etharayam pettannu oru joly tharanam. please.. joli tharumennu viswasikkunnu..amen
heavenly father please lead and guide me in the right direction. i really need a job and i know that you always provide my needs so i ask right now in jesus name that you grant me a job. thank you
dear father, i am so far away from family, i know this job you have given to me when i asked, but again i am praying for you that i need a job which is near by my native. tomorrow i have interview, if this is cleared then i will be in my native. father please give a bless to clear the interview. thanks
your son
darling father, mother mary & jesus,
i thank you for all the blessing you have given me in my like. please help me,gaid me in my finanaces. help me to come out of my loans and protect me from legal actions against me. help me to look after and provide for my family the best i could. your ever loving son.
lord jesus christ ples for give me my sins and help me in my problems for i have to much burdens on me i give all my burdens to you my lord jesus christ for i cry to you ples lord here my cry for i belive for god is with me then who can harm me
lord, help me to be strong to do what is right , not let people walk all over. i am your daughter , you are my father help me to stand up even if is my family member , you love me before i exist in this world, help to be more like you.
you give and you take aways if someone dont diserved teach me how to do that .
i love you lord with all my heart, you the most perfect man i ever known, thank you for everthing you ever done for me.
i love you my humble amazing father.
sometimes i feel i am most undeserving of your love and compassion. teach me to be more like you, so that all of us- your children, can enjoy peace on earth... thankyou for all that you are and all that you do unconditionally...amen
dear jesus,

please come into my heart and guide me. please could you steer my life for a while until i am out of trouble. please help me accept all people in the world and especially thoose around me. please help us all.
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