HELP ME PLEASE JESUS, I Need Your Help And Guidance

do you need help from jesus. We all do at some time or another. Getting help from our Lord Jesus is very easy

Jesus Will Come

Thu Aug 20, 2009


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there are many prayers you can do to have jesus help you

you can count on Jesus to help you with what you need. its not always what you want, but what you need
dear yesappa, i have been cheated by her! how could she lie to me that she has not used. please take care of it jesus. i feel so much shocked! what kind of people are they! i never expected this... very much shocking! please help ... \"en chathurukalukku munbaaga enaku oru panthiyai ayathapadithi en thalaiyai ennaiyal abhisekham pannukireer en paathiram nirambi valiyum\" i believe in you my lord. thank you jesus. amen
and please jesus, a bottle of bay rum to fight chikungunya virus mosquitoes..
jesus, god the son, only begotten child of the most high almighty god, savior of humankind, giver of the holy spirit our comforter, and redeemer king of the hebrew people, hallowed is your holy name in which i pray to god the father through the holy spirit. lord, you know all my needs. sometimes i lose almost all hope about receiving anything from you because of my many sins, which i know you lovely pardon when i repent and wash them away in your precious blood, but i still see them my failures as walls preventing me to get near you. so today, this time, i got desperate to the point i searched through this cyber space called internet, as if i could reach you more nearly, sincerely and dearly. i know that you are the same sacred being everywhere all the time, but maybe writing down for once my feelings in front of your august presence will help me feel better anyway.
i need some little things for my home, like metal clothes hangers or a couple of steel cutlery pieces, or a little bottle of dog shampoo or some soda pop. my two little monitor speakers are too old and i can\'t listen to judy garland singing along with her daughter liza on youtube. and my stand fan also got damaged when my country is going through the hottest climate season. i can have all these things with money, but i don\'t work because you know my family problems would not let me be in a job without feeling worried all the time. good workers have to focus. otherwise they get fired. i have many skills you gave me since i was a kid, but my dream of being a teacher didn\'t happen because my only relative, my grandma, died in the middle of my college career, when she was my only support. she loved me so much she left me her home, but prevented me all the time during my life to get any job, so the only thing she wanted was to make me a professor, but raised me in an old fashioned way that did not allow girls to work until after college degrees. but she died and then i got to know and meet life as raw as it is. she did mean well, but she was wrong. but all my life i thank her for teaching me christian values,
today, every now and then i get to clean homes and i then am able to have a little amount of money, and then i buy some of the little things i need and long for to have, but also i save a couple of bucks and ask you to help me get money through lotto, just any simple prize so i can give some money to my two sons so they can get out of my home and live their own lives. like bringing them a kind of inheritance but while i am alive. my two sons are my worry. what i could not accomplish, they did reach. they are professionals. but one of them you know has a bride and he earns a low income and he has many credit cards and he is broke, so his brother helps him by giving almost all his paycheck to him and keeping no money for himself except for paying my home bills while i buy food with coupons.
i have spoken to both of them, but they don\'t pay attention, and i am not strong enough to force them out of my home. i wouldn\'t mind if the younger one stays with me to start a masters degree and even a doctorate because he has no bride and he shows more love and respect to me, so i would gladly pay for his studies if i could, but the other one i would prefer him to get his own home because he has never loved me nor respected me as his parent, you know that i am nor lying, lord, and he already has a masters degree and he is always trying to confront me and/or his younger brother (the same one who helps him financially) and is always fighting with his bride and i don\'t like the hostile atmosphere he always creates in my home when they come to visit, which is almost daily and for many hours.
lord jesus, you know how nervous and worried i get. i have even threatened with selling my home and going away forever where they never see me again, but you know that they don\'t believe me because they know that i really don\'t want my family to end like that. many times i think the only way to solve all this is money, but i also know that you want me to trust in you in terms of waiting patiently until you make things happen the good way. but that is my very problem, i can\'t wait longer. so help me, lord god jesus, to learn to wait, or even to stop waiting for what i think is the best, and start leaving all things in your holy hands. please, jesus. thank you so much for always embracing me and wiping off my tears and cleansing my wounds and giving me of your living waters, all with your loving voice and presence. in your name i have prayed, amen.
dear jesus please help me , my car just blew up and i just filed for disability last week there for i have no income i have no savings no money , i will most likely homeless in two weeks . and not even have a car to sleep in , i have no food and am at the end of my rope . i pray dear jesus you will here my prayers very soon ., i can\'t get a loan to help me until i get my disability please jesus help me , your child david
i really need some help. i\'ve been praying and praying and don\'t know where to turn. i am in need of financial help and cannot get a loan. this is very, very important and am at a stand still.
i can help if you call me on 07405 505 252 i will loan you £1000
please dear jesus help me to be able to sleep. as you know, lord, i have been having extreme difficulty getting proper sleep for about 3 weeks now. it all started when i set up the date for my upcoming total knee replacement surgery, which i now have had to postpone due to lack of sleep and inability to get things done. it\'s now about 4am and i have not even slept one minute all night.
i have been to the sleep disorder center and my doctor there, after having her first baby, has decided not to return so i am unable to get an appointment there until october.
yet we know. lord, that you are our healer, our strength and our refuge! please dear heavenly father, grant me peaceful rest, not just tonight but every night, in jesus\' holy name. amen.
i didn\'t get any job because i am a useless worst i am not having any programming knowledge i didn\'t get selected for any company why should god gave birth to me i don\'t like to live the world without help my family why should i live you.i don\'t like to live the world.i getting depressed should be alone.i can\'t do as me god won\'t give birth to this world.i want to ask him.i was felt everyday even i can\' share my feeling in my family because they gets hurt i don\'t want to hurt them.i also birth in 25 december but i feel very bad. jesus know everything.i am saying.i am asking you jesus why should give me this life because i always insult my life.i don\'t like live inthis world please take me.i am not trouble with my family and any of them.i have lot of burdens in my head i can\'t face all this take me.i want to come with you
you are very harsh on yourself. please realize that there are other possible reasons why things do not turn out the way that you wanted them to. i may be because there is something bigger and better in your future. maybe computer programming is not something you are really interested in. i am no expert but here is my advise:
*1) talk to a career counselor
*2) take a career/personality test (e.g. myers-briggs; gallop strength finder). it is important to identify and acknowledge your strengths.
*if programming is still the path you would like to pursue, talk with a career counselor, some schools offer mock interviews and give you feedback on your performance. if you have not already, and need to develop skills, enroll in programming classes. again, a career counselor at a school is a good place to start.
3) god put us all here for a purpose, god provides but you have to do your part. you can\'t just give up.
3) isolation is not the best way to deal with depression/sadness. there are guidance counselors that can help. spend time with friends. again, i do not think isolation is the best idea. friends and the right guidance counselors can offer a different perspective that you would not get if you isolate yourself.
4) it seems that your parents are hurt because they want to see you happy. dig deep and find out what makes you happy and pursue it. you may have to work hard to obtain what makes you happy but in the end it is highly likely that it would be worth it to you.
5) again, you are here for a purpose.
thank you so much definetely i can do that
lord jesus please help me find a perfect boy in my life ...
hi jesus. my marriage is broken. i never wanted to be like this. i know that i sometimes don\'t help things but i never did anything to deserve this. i hope that you can help me be the best husband and be understanding of what she needs. as a man i also need for her to understand that i have feelings. even though i hold a stern and hard feel, inside i also need love and warmth. i don\'t believe she understands this. please jesus point your love and warmth towards her and make her understand that i need love and understanding. i hope its not too late for us. i think it might be but there is always hope for love. bless my family and children, jesus help us make it. amen.
Keith ex walked out (with son)..... i was devistated. i was totally freaked-out.....i almost lost my mind.
one cannot count on human being \"at all\".
jesus got me through the worst time of my life.........over many months, jesus will teach you that the ex was not that great anyway. human nature is wicked, and only god can will be taught this over a period of several months.
dear friends, all, who cry out to christ jesus, i pray for you. i am a dying man, i suffer agony everyday, i cannot care for my family, yet my suffering has brought me to know christ and i am blessed. so be strong in your faith, we are all worthy if we confess our sin and accept the lord's love. our prayers are answered, in the way he sees fit. we suffer but he gives us strength to endure. we suffer so that we may choose to be compassionate, just as he did as he suffered. pray for each other and all will be according to his grace. my heart aches for all who post here, know that you are not alone, and that you are loved. (read the beatitudes, and let those thoughts guide your prayer, dear friends all). humbly, chris
if you pray and try to have confidence in him, you will receive
his help. sometime the help comes
immediately, some time it comes later, but it comes
father god, i come to you in the name of jesus. your precious and only begotten son. i ask you to save and answer each and every prayer on here. lord to open their eyes and show them you want to be a part of their lives not only during the bad times only, but to be a part of their lives through the good times also. for them to see that being a child of the one and only god is a everyday thing. help us to know your will in our lives and to live each day for you lord jesus. seek ye first the kingdom of god and all things shall be added unto you. lord i pray to help us to live your will in our lives and not ours so we don\'t tie your hands on the blessing you have for us. to send someone in our lives that can help us to see what your will for us is. to help us to live each and everyday for you. we know salvation for us is free because you paid the price but for us to keep it is something we have to work at. help us to have total faith in you and to know we still have to do our part in rec
dear jesus, you know that i have been a bad person. i have voices in my head to say foul things to you and the farther. please do not hold that aganist me i have been weak on praying to you and the farther.please forgive me for all my sins. so many that i can\'t count them. at this time my debts are outstanding and it is killing me. i know it was not you who got me in this mess,but it was i looking at selfhish things i wanted. so i pray to you to help me lord. amen!
hang in there. everyday is an opportunity to start over. everyone makes mistake. keep it in perspective. focus on what you can do about it. i think the lord will help you but you also have to do your part. it seems apparent that you have a conscience. the serenity prayer pretty much sums up what you should do:
accept the things you cannot change-it may help to reflect on what you cannot change
have the courage to change the things you can change-reflect and figure out what you can actually do about your situation (e.g. put aside a certain amount of your earnings to pay back debut, separate what you want versus what you need-e.g. \"i want this car because it would be nice to have a new car.\" vs. \" i need a new car because the one i have keeps breaking down and it is costing me a lot to maintain where the cost is outweighing the benefit)
..the wisdom to know the difference (i.e. be able to distinguish the things you can do something about and those things that are not in your control-focus your energy on what you can control and do something about it).
take care
thank you for your words hc.
i need a financial miracle i am desperate need
jesus please help me with my finances n my health . please lord help me with my temptation i am weak please help me not to sin anymore.
as iam writing tamilnadu circle postal department multi tasking exam on 1st june 2014 sunday........i beg my lord to get succeed in this exam and to recruit in postal department..............p my lord please help me.......................
lord, i need your help and mercy. i humbly ask for your forgiveness. please help me get this job with osse! i need to support my family. please help me lord! your loving daughter. i know you are with me.
abba i come to you this day to request that you answers these peoples prayers as they lift them up to you abba with all hopes within you for the answer to such prayers. you know their hearts and you know their needs abba and i ask that you fill their needs according to your loving will abba, in the holy name of your son jesus christ i pray and stand within agreement with these people and their prayers abba. amen
jesus, i desperately need your help with my health. i beg the heavenly father, please help me.
please lord jesus christ help my son michael im begging you
i need your love jesus. please help me..
jesus i have been suffering for a long time, you know what the problem is and if it is your will, my problems will be gone. thank you jesus for everything you have done for me in the past, but i am asking again for your help. i love you, jesus!
dear jesus, i love you, pls forgive all my sins which i have committed,i want to live a pure life pls help me ,pls bless me with a good job where i can stick for a longer tenure.
please pray for me -- i desperately need your help, my lord -- this is an extremely serious, confidential matter! i know that you fully understand what i am asking, and that it is not for me. it is a reoccurring family situation. in your name (our lord and savior) may we pray. amen! my prayers are also with all of you!
jesus. please take the helm regarding my daughters spiritual well-being. my prayer is that all blocks that are holding her back from accepting you as her lord and savior, including people that don\'t add to her life but take away fr her resolve to go to you and rely on what you have for her life. please help me to have patience in all this and to thank you in advance for whatever you deem how her life will go.
jesus, i need your help and continued guidance to get through the turmoil that i am having. please stay with me. you are my one and only lord and savior.
lord please help me that's her name and we just brake up today and i want her back to me for good. what should i do now.
for person with man bothering you. get a camera and video his doings post with local news paper and police. he will be arrested for trespassing. set up traps like glue traps used for roaches. wont come off his feet. set up other obstacles for him. send the pics to the police and paper daily as it happens. he just may move after being reveilled and arrested enough along with all the small sticky trap issues. think of movie home alone. marbles can be fun. stick traps on roof can be interesting. pictures of him while in yard. make sure he sees you taking pics of him. post them, blog them. can make a scary situation fun.
please, if there is anyone out there that is in touch with the lord, please pray for me. i am at my last wit. i have a crazy neighbor that comes in my yard and get on my roof. he does this because there is no man in the house. the police is no help. this man comes in my yard every day and night. please pray for me. pray that this foul spirit go away and leave me alone. i will continue to pray, but please someone, pray for this problem to end.
paul ebenezer
jesus please help me to pay my loan outstandings.
maria paulraj.t
jesus can do anythink. but you should have faith at all time. you will see the solution soon..
a mother's love
please lord jesus release my son from being incarcerated in jesus name, i am their mother and it tearing me to pieces to see them bond. lord jesus set them free lose that hold of the enemy. forgive them set them free now and use them for your perfect will.
jesus help me to pay my rent so i wont be evicted as well as my car payment. my put my trust in you lord.
aw, what a sweet website. :)
okay...please...please jesus help me to find a job. one that i can be happy to go to everday. and please answer the prayers of everyone here..and of everyone else on earth. amen.
please help me jesus i want my marriage restore and i nee help financial to get my car apyment caught up in jesusu name i pray
please help me i want my relationship with m,y girl friend restored god you told me when we 1st meet she was to be my wife ! and since she broke up with me you have told me to hold on you were working on it . i you that you restore us now.
lord god i pray that your'e will be done in my life. help me to be the person you created me to be. so that i can be the man i need to be for my future wife. and show me how to love other people like you do. in jesus name amen.
please jesus help my son. he has been through so much. please i beg of you let him somehow get his job back that he truly loves. i also pray for my son carmen who is serving our country oversees please keep him safe. amen
i dont know what all this means
plse forgive me for what i've done all this long...
jesus help me again.
please forgive me
god you know what i want
sree devi
jesus pls aenku help panuga pls. naan uaru kita kapean pls appa aenku helpu panuga. eb la ta second list podanum pa interview vaika kuduthu pa . pls . aenku kadakainum appa. pls entha marchkula aenku eb la ta job kadakunam . naan saatchi solsnurean jesus pls . pls pls jesus aen prayera kelunga pa plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
jesus please helps us getting world peace. please lord return on time :) amen
jesus please forgive me what i have done please i promise i will never ever do it again. jesus please help me to get good job. pls i want to stay back. jesus please me.
jesus fulfill all their prayers & make your sons happy & be blessed !! amen !!
jesus please guide me in the right direction. i feel i am going nowhere fast.please help me find a job that makes me emotionally fulfilled.please let me find my soulmate.and if its him,please help him change his ways as well as mine
please jesus, let me be pregnant.
jesus... i am in debt trouble.. and i don`t find a way to solve this.. i have deadline come fast and don`t have money to paid my debt. father.. i am in distress and i need your help. amen
why should my prayer for saving my marriage be answered. god has never given me a miracle, yet i still ask.

he sees me so depressed, crying, fasting, ready to cease my existence... i can't wait longer!

why would he bring us together... fate... knowing it was going to fall apart?
look at the birds of the air, how they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, but your heavenly father feeds them. are not you more valuable than they? matthew 6: 26
i pray that the lord help me through the difficult time i face with family health issues and financial challenges. please lord enter and provide guidance and grace. i love you
rona morris
lord i trust u.....plz give me d things dat i lack one in dis world loves me except for u lord...:(
please jesus help this lost sinner. i want to believe. you know what help i need. please take care of my family. let them be healthy and happy.
i ask u lord that u answer any prayer and need of your people on this site, in jesus mighty name! i release my brothers and sisters from everything what holds them back to receive what you have for them in jesus name. i command healing in their sick bodies and families or friends in jesus name. i speak favor in their lives so they will find jobs and all finances they need in jesus name. i proclaim victory in their lives in jesus name. i call soul mates into their lives in jesus name. you have given us authority to use it. thank you jesus for all u have done and will do.
lord jesus
am not a christain to knw ur rules,method of praying,worshipg,,,
al i knw is lord jesus i belive in you,ur with me ,i can fel with me lord ,and help the people who need you ...lord jesus ,,forgive them iif tey have done any mistake ,becoz tey r your children;s forgive them my lord ...we love u forevr alwys be with us ,if ur not teir we are no more in this world.amen i beilve in you .
please jesus nanage help madi, nanu ondu huduganna thumba esta padtene avanu kuda adare avara maneli opputtilla nammaneli bere huduganna nodtiddare 2 days nalli ivara maneli ivara mother and brother ebbaru oppuva hage madi please nanage help madi
karthaave...nee ithathoolam enne nadatthiyathinaai nanni. enkilum enikku oru joli illa. karthaave nee enikku etharayam pettannu oru joly tharanam. please.. joli tharumennu viswasikkunnu..amen
heavenly father please lead and guide me in the right direction. i really need a job and i know that you always provide my needs so i ask right now in jesus name that you grant me a job. thank you
dear father, i am so far away from family, i know this job you have given to me when i asked, but again i am praying for you that i need a job which is near by my native. tomorrow i have interview, if this is cleared then i will be in my native. father please give a bless to clear the interview. thanks
your son
darling father, mother mary & jesus,
i thank you for all the blessing you have given me in my like. please help me,gaid me in my finanaces. help me to come out of my loans and protect me from legal actions against me. help me to look after and provide for my family the best i could. your ever loving son.
lord jesus christ ples for give me my sins and help me in my problems for i have to much burdens on me i give all my burdens to you my lord jesus christ for i cry to you ples lord here my cry for i belive for god is with me then who can harm me
lord, help me to be strong to do what is right , not let people walk all over. i am your daughter , you are my father help me to stand up even if is my family member , you love me before i exist in this world, help to be more like you.
you give and you take aways if someone dont diserved teach me how to do that .
i love you lord with all my heart, you the most perfect man i ever known, thank you for everthing you ever done for me.
i love you my humble amazing father.
sometimes i feel i am most undeserving of your love and compassion. teach me to be more like you, so that all of us- your children, can enjoy peace on earth... thankyou for all that you are and all that you do unconditionally...amen
dear jesus,

please come into my heart and guide me. please could you steer my life for a while until i am out of trouble. please help me accept all people in the world and especially thoose around me. please help us all.
please help me my lovable father.i want to get pregnant next month please lord i need boy.i love you lord jesus.asuvin naamathil pithave amen.
lord jesus please help me to find that i dont have any sti or std, i acknowledge my sins my lord jesus and please give me a second chance and i promise you that i wont damage it my lord, i am so sorry for the sins that i have done, please my lord i pray this prayer with all of my heart and please help my patner to cope well with this disease, in the name of jesus, amen
supraja... your daughter
heavenly father,lord i believe in you,i worship you, i need your help on this earth i am so alone as my lover anil left me.please i am really sorry for all my mistakes.please give me one more chance to love, to live, to win. anil is so loving person i need him is his birthday i could not even call and wish him.i am feeling very very bad i am crying a lot.i am crying every day.i cannot bear this pain.every momnet i am crying for anil at your feet.please father wipe all my tears and please give me my loving anil.please please please i beg you,i pleed with my whole heart.please love me jesus,please lead me jesus.please don not leave me alone in this world.please please understand my pain lord.
please lord have mercy on me. i have tried and i have worked hard to do what is expected. i know it was not enough. help me to make it through the difficult times when the tears are all that i have and make me strong enough to carry on without.
i lost my all and had been cheated rudely, my lod please help me, your child is crying a lott.
jesusg, i look at you with hope and positivity. even though things have gone far with them, still i have faith in your miracle and my actions. sometimes i feel i cannot get to him, but i have great faith in you. i am sure you will answer my prayers one day before he gets married.get his mind changed and love me. help me lord jesus. pls give me the honour to witness and change my life with your one more miracle!!! thanks a lot jesus. love you so much.
my jesus please cover me with your safety wings until i come to heaven.amen......
please help me lord -
jesus come and help us all
dear lord jesus christ.
you alone are god most high and i come before you. lord god you know what i have been through for the past four years. my boyfriend and i malcolm have been through rough patches and i rebuke the devil and his works against us.i pray to you jesus to please help him and help him in his decisions and making up his mind. lord i ask you to enter his mind now and let him be silenced by what he has done and caused. god i am not ready to give up on our lives god as we share a beautiful small baby. lord let him realise that he has so much to give to me and that what has happened was not worth it. god let him see that other womans child and realise his baby needs him and that he trully loves us and never wants to leave us. god my heart is in so much pain, why must me and my baby lose out on our family while she and her child gain,it's not fair as i have never done anything.she has tried to hurt me and my baby and god she doesnt deserve him. help him god as he doesnt know
god bless you chris and may our lord greet you on your home coming too paradise.
i just crossed over to enter the worse horrible part of my life. i can't see any future and i see prosecution, betrayal, rejection, even with those who i sacrificed my heart, day after day i suffer and behind me is just whispering going on. jesus forgive me and i beg you like how elijah did .please clean my heart and pick me out of this world.
i am sorry, i don't trust myself anymore when i say sorry but jesus please forgive me. you know all my troubles lord. i have no will power anymore. please come into my heart jesus. guide and direct me. lord help us all in our own journies. i love you jesus and i hope some day i can proove it to you and not give up or give in.
that i may trully know and love you lord.
my lord jesus
i'm so tired from everything
i need help please don't leave me
i feel i am lost don't know what to do
please help me to cross that period of time with you without any problem or sins or mistake
please help me lord! my sister is goin to write her exams on monday and she didnt get the hall ticket even now... help her to get the ticket and do her exams well...
o my lord my god my everythink..
please help me for my future m taking a very big step please guide me every step i take and u needed with me everytime 2 b wid me. coz i dont know what will going 2 happen with me. please help me my lord. pleaseeee
please jesus help me. my sprit is running on empty and i need to clear out the neg. beliefs in my head.please renew my sprit to full fill you plan in my life.i just need to not feel alone in my life.
lord, please help me find a job and a place to live that is affordable ... like you did back in 2000. i really need a breakthrough miracle in my life. things are so bad that i have crazy headaches at night and cannot sleep. i am so scared of life/people/things because everything i try to do good always end up beinf wrong and painful.
please help me father you know how the last 4 years have been a landslide for me and i think the slide is coming to a hault and not in a good way soon i could use your help lord in keeping this ship afloat pleaseeeeee lord i need you i feel so lost

gurnam singh
jesus plz help me and storng me for i am help every person
pleaase lord jesus may get a miracle like you gave to my aunt for which is a blessing to me please father may i not need surgery
lord god my heavenly father, thank you for everything that you had given to me. thank you for puting me in this life that i have. i'am sorry for all the sins that i have done. and for the times that i chose to sin and turn my back againts you. i'am really sorry god. . . . please help me out through this world. and please guide me in the right path that you already have made. lord god help me to be the person that you want me to be... i wanna be a true living testimony for you god.... but here i'am. . . doing nothing and continue-ing to sin.... lord god please forgive me. . .and truly help me change my life. . a life that will please your name.. once again i'm sorry god for all the shame and hurt that i had given to you and i confess my sins and admit that im nothing without you... lord god never leave us ='( but teach us to depend on you and not only come to you when in times of need... lastly.. i wanna tell the world that i'am a christian!!!!! and i will never be ashamed of it.. thank
mitchell floyd
please jesus show me what i am here for.
dear lord.please help me out of the $40,000 worth of debt i got myself's not of your way but the devil's way that got me in this mess.everytime i think i am trying the devil pulls me back in.please lord answer my prayer.amen.
please help me lord. i'm so sorry for my sins. for my weaknesses. please forgive me and bestow your blessings. please guide me to happiness and fortune. please bestow your grace.
jesus thank you for the job i had a interview at calling me please put it on their heart, thank you jesus, and please forgive me of all my sins and be my guidance in life in your name i pray jesus and thank you amen!
i love jesus!!
jules (dubai)
dear lord, please help me, i don't know what to do and who to ask for. it's been a long time since i never got home because of my financial problem. i want to settle all my problem so i can go home and hug my parents which i missed so much. please lord help me, i hope our loan will be approve so we can start a new life without fear everyday that might one day i end up in jail. give me chance to put my life back to the right path with your guidance oh lord. this all i ask my lord..thank you and i love you...
jesus jesus jesus help me
silroy fernandes, goa
dear jesus,
please, please help me my lord. im going through immense financial difficulties at the moment my lord coupled with work n family tensions, plz do have mercy on this child of urs a complete sinner in all respects n help me to find the way back to ur heart. i love u, oh lord jesus christ, pls answer ur humble servant,
harris charalampous
inspiring prayers. i am very ill could you possibly pray for me.
jesus please answer the prayers of those who truly believe and pray to you sincerely as was promised in the bible. they will know who they are.
jesus, i hav failed to get a family is disappointed a lot. do some miracle and select me
sajeev titus
jesus my sister was bound in mental depression plse help me