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are you lonely,, or feeling like every girl you meet is a disaster?

so you've come to the point where you think its better to pray for a good wife.

well, you are right. i think the best way to find a good woman is to pray to Jesus for a good woman.

try it
am look for a good that look for a good woman
be careful what you ask for.
santosh naidu
every man or women is good only you have to be good to her or him....as he said to love every one coz you are no one to judge other its he who has that rights.....
i prayed to god all the time for the past 21 years and still nothing. no matter what i did, it seemed that he went out of way to make me happy in this respect. it is now to the point i don't even bother. god didn't listen to me 21 years ago and i am sure he isn't about to start now. i am actually considering selling my soul to the devil to get some happiness. yes, for those of you reading, it has gotten that bad being alone.
hi lewis, i know its tuff because you are probably used to having control of yourself. but with god is different. you have to be humble and submit yourself to him. trust in him and he will show your path to what you seek.
hey lewis take it easy don't ever believe the devil he is a liar, 'cause his purpose is to destroy and kill you, he does not want you to receive god's blessing that's why he is putting doubts in your heart. just confess to jesus what ever you have in your heart with humility and just be patient. know that jesus love you no matter what. i can assure you bro...
dont worry lewis im in the same boat i know how you feel it like every girl you date or have a relationship with is wrong or they just don see you and how your love is so great.
ive been looking for bout the same mount of time as you and its always the same thing over and over. i pray to find her but nothing happens. god takes care of all the other major problems i have that are so much greater but i still cant seem to find the one. the one who really cares bout me. ive gotten to the point where i believe now that there isnt the one girl who can be with me. and share our love together for god. but i find i still havehope . and this hope i have never dies. this hope i have has started to make me sick . sick everyday that life has no plan for a wife.
and there really is no point in writing on this post. no offence. it just makes me feel better to talk. this post wont help me find what im looking for . i have god and i am thankful i believe in him but he put this over whelming need to find what they call the one girl. the problem is she may not exist at all so now im basicly waisting my time hurting and there is no way to stop this hurt when you are created with it.
hi lewis,i believe god have purpose for every thing u don't have to sale your for the devil becours pleasures i urge u to go down to ur kneens and ask god to for give u he is truely the way truth and life u own him thainks giving.
jagadeesh mvs
oh lord, should i continue my job search ion hyderabad or should i relocate to some other cities like bangalore. or should i join in singapore university for mba,but i dont have any financial back-up,i have support from my lod only what i have to do
i am a single looking for a believer nothing is happening in my life too.
please god help me im looking for a men that can give me love i have met this guy i've known in years we happened to txt one another and then he started calling me i think hes going to be the one but he hasnt called or txt 2 days ago and im kinda miss him although he didnt asked me out. i hope he will txt me back god help me give me the answer i need. thanks god i love u
it's hard...it feels hopeless. each day that passes by feels wasted. spent your time hoping, wishing & praying...but nothing happens. it does feel like everyone comes in a pair, but me.
the lord is my maker...i trust his will...i know i must abide by his sons teachings to reach a higher way of love and life with him.
i know god will provide all whom pray with a mate the really loves them and is beyond our expectations in every way. god, forgive us for our sins and provide you love to the mates you have in order for us all. praise the lord. god bless, we will tell many folks that you are the one whom brought us this perfect mate.
i am in love ,god help me to find the right way
don't pray to mythological figures, created by bronze age palestinians, perhaps if u wernt so gullible women won't find u so unnnactive,
i don't have a comment, but i have a prayer.... lord my life is miserable only because i'm helping my family in many ways they ask and their needs. i don't mind, however also trying to think and prepare my own future and for a family of my own.... it's a different story. considering i get paid every fortnight, isn't much but just enough to make a living for the next 2 weeks and it also doesn't help with the economic crisis either. i've seen girls, sometimes i think that they are right and then think they are not... so i find it hard and difficult to choose the right 1. but if you can see the needs i'm searching for in my heart and mind, and change my current situation... i would gladly be happy however only you can predict my future and make it be a happy and enjoyable 1. amen
precious lord i have loved you and accepted you into my heart when i was 6 and will always love you and trust you. as you know the last 15y= years have been so painful and have suffered so much i have lost everything and just when i get my head above water i get kicked right back down again. i am so tired please give me the strength to carry on, please restore everything the enemy has stolen, i feel like job i pray the suffering is over and that your favour will be upon me i pray that out of my hard and painful life you will build me up and give me a rock solid foundation so that i can be a good place to reach out to those who are where i am now, use me as an instrument of your peace let me offer a cold glass of water to a thirsty person, let me love the unloved.....please send me my breakthrough soon lord so that which you have called me to do may be done!!! thank you lord. my heart bleeds for all the other precious souls who have come here in desperation i pray that you will meet the
i pray fora wife all the time and ive only recently been made aware that god is in the process of finding me a wife. but, yes, be careful what you wish for or even pray for because i grew up praying every single night to see a miracle, like two cars crashing but no one gets hut. so god had me fall 200 feet and land on a barbed wire fence and 8 months later fall 75 feet and live, so i am a miracole times two and i'm not sorry about that part but i am sorry because i am very disabled, which is something that could have happed in the prayed for car addident. just think while you pray or before like i guess gather your thoughts and then pray or something, im no pastor or priest. just a christian trying to get by morally and physically and spiritually, god works in 3's so yea, be careful......
à vous messieurs qui vous sentez seul en jésus. je suis dans la même situation. bathisée de l'eau et de l'esprit donc née de nouveau, chrétienne évangélique pentecôtiste protestante pratiquante.correspondançe en jésus.
mamamou [ at ] hotmail.ca
taya spearman
joee i mean come on are you freaking serious don't forget your talking to the lord so watch wat u say and your acting so stuck up all of you. you have to wait theres no telling what god has in store for yall and don't forget god always watchs waat you do
taya spearman
okay yea thats right at lease some of you have cominsense
taya spearman
joee i mean come on are you freaking serious don't forget your talking to the lord so watch wat u say and your acting so stuck up all of you. you have to wait theres no telling what god has in store for yall and don't forget god always watchs waat you do
eric r
i compromised my conviction, i took my focus off christ for what i thought was supposed to be the wife of my prayers. i was so selfish, i pursued her right thru adultery and her d/v'ing her husband so she could be with me. all of this because we thought we were answers to each others prayers. the lord is not mocked, to the contrary, the lord was very angry with us. our r.ship turned sour within a short time, when the end came i was brokenhearted and she was emotionally/spiritually hardened. now i'm left feeling so lonely and i grieve for betraying my savior. as for her, i know for a fact she is chasing other men thru dating sites instead of filling the void in her life with christ, like she said she was going to do, so very sad :>( "oh gracious lord, i know you've forgiven me, i continue to pray fervently for the wife that you want for me. you know best father." -amen
large balls
i think all you tanya needs to get laid!
pls can u pray for me coz i want to have good life wt good wife and have succes in we are life.
lord find me a good wife amen
father who is in heaven mighty is your name father let your will be done on earth as in heaven lord i know the good thing you have done for me so that i might know your will father take this curce and turn it into a blessing father give us today your dayly bread hope father i let go of my recentment and i forgive those that has sinned agenst me i forgive myself forgive me for sinning agenst you father deliver me and give me wisdom over the ememy lord your loving kindness endures forever lord
i pray this in jesus name amen
oh god please help me i need u please come to me and solve my problems please.
hi i just wont to say i love you all and to get your life together in put your life in god's hand's cause hes the one and you may see me preaching to people who want's to here about jesus im 14teen
god please help me find the woman of my live im 26 and still dont now what love is im dreaming to find her god bless me please exept my prayer amen.
praise the lord
dear lord jesus i thank u for everything what u did for me. lord jesus as much i lost that much i found u are near to me. thank u jeasus to love me
i love u jesus
martin nyamongo
i met women i want to met the woman of my life .....
in jesus name
i can't help but feel lost. i'm not sure if i'm doubting god or life in general. any and all motivation has left me and i feel like a hypocrite when i pray. please, iim not asking for a miracle or asking you to just make something happen. i just want an opportunity to fix whatever's broken.
lord, please help me to find the wife of my dreams. the wife u have chosen for me who was born from here mothers womb to eventually be by my side. who can be herself and still be everything i ever wanted or needed in a woman. truthful, faithful, kind, godly.
jesus i know you are able more than able. i ask that you show me the wife of my dreams.
in the wonderful, awesome name of jesus i pray that you would lead me to a special, christian woman who loves you lord and desires a man who serves you and wants to make you the center of our marriage. lord, please be my matchmaker and provide for me a loving wife to complete me. thank you jesus! amen
lord god thank you for answering prayers i know you will grant my heart desire and introduce my husband to me who is willing to serve you and together we might seek you.thank you jesus the bible says he that finds a wife finds favoured, i'm favoured and blessed so my husband will find me.
lost and desperate
lord, i thought by trying to do good, you would bless me,show me what you want me to do,i am so alone and lost, people are so evil.
how do i trust again help me i need your help and wisdom.
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i am praying god to give a woman. my knowledge and skills have failed me in searching for a woman. thank lord!
i dont want to commit any sins but i wish god would help me find a women that i can love and who love me. i wish he can direct me to the right path ..i am soo lost ...i masturbated, look at porn ...i have been a nice person all my life but im getting tired , tired of waiting!!
please god help me. i want a wife and family
father, through out days and nights,i've been talking to you...i know im a sinner, i know i've been a bad person in the past, and havent been a good boyfriend or husband. now that i'm divorced, and alone,i value so much what i lost, and i regret what i dis, and i want to change, please lord, give me one more chance to prove you i am worth of being loved and have the capability of giving love. i love you lrd. and i feel so ashamed of myself.
hi neeta can i be ur freind
i jst want to see you jesus this is my dream iwant a wife cos it hard to control few things an im lonely bored of life iwant u to select my wife oneday i will see jesus jst like my uncle
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