im writing this post here because last night i had a very powerful dream. let me tell you about it.

iron gates

i was dreaming that i was at some school and the teachers came out and started saying that they were going to close all the doors because the evil ones will come. but i didnt believe them so i stayed outside the gates, then my friend was the last one to enter and he said, hurry up, so i started to run, and as i ran, i can see the gates closing.. first there were to horizontal section closing, i tried to make it but it was too late, then the horizontal section started to close, i screamed them to re-open them but they didnt.

i wondered outside, i felt so lonely, no one was in the streets, every body was inside their homes, as i came across and olive grove, i saw someone, i started to get scared because i thought it was one of these demons that come out on that day. but thankfully it was another person who was trapped outside without any shelter. he said to come with him he knows were we can hide.

he took me to his familie's house, there were two little children and his wife, he says his two little boys know what to do incase the demons come to the house. i wondered if just the glass doors in the back yard was gonna be enough to keep them away. but he said not to worry, as long as there is glass they cannot come through because they are evil spirits and cant come through anything transparent like glass or plastic. after he said that i felt safe. once i noticed that there was nothing going on, i went outside and walked to the theme park nearby, i wanted to get on the roller coaster. as i was walking toward the roller coaster ride, i saw my motocycle all beat up, and i went there to see what was going on. it wouldn't start i tried to fix it but it was damaged pretty badly.

then i remember i woke up scared for some reason...

beach rocks

then i went back to sleep, and started to dream again about the same... now i was walking to the marina when i sensed an evil presence and i started to walk faster, then i ran, and i saw some rocks at the beach. the were shallowed had many caves so i crawled into one of them, then i saw the whole ocean water climbed because there was a big wave coming, as i came, it took me underwater, i remember holding my breath, i was so scared. then the wave went away and i was able to breath again, but as i started to catch my breath, there was another wave coming, then i was under water again. i knew i had to get out of here. so i crawl out of the rock as soon as the wave went away and went to another cave where it was higher. there i saw there was this capsule, it looked like it was an airplaine cockpit. as i got inside, i saw the evil spirits coming towards me, but i hold the glass together with my hands. i was fighting them with the glass, i didnt want them to open it.

then i saw one of them with a big sword in the back. and he raised the sword and started to strike it on me, i felt the sword come through my flesh and rip my flesh. i could hear my flesh being torned and my bones being moved by the strike of the sword, then it kepts slashing me on the back with the sword, at that momment i knew how it felt to die. i could feel myself dying, my mind was going dark, my body felt numb and my thought could no longer keep up with my body, i felt like when you are sick with the flu or cold, you feel so weak and helpless but i didnt want to give up. i asked the Lord for forgiveness, i cried the Lord's name and ask for him. suddenly i woke up from my sleep. i was so thankful to Jesus for giving me another chance. i thought i was going to die for sure.

so this morning when i woke up i wanted to make sure i share this dream here because it is still fresh in my mind. i haven't been a good Christian. if you are reading this today. i would ask of you to please pray for me. pray to keep the evil one away and that i may become stronger against sin and temptation. if you also have dream about dieying i would like to know about your dieing dream.