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dont you feel sometimes so helpless because you try to do good, but you end up giving to your sinful pleasures.

its frautrating to know you have sin and you feel so bad because you know what you did is not right. when that happens to me, i kneel down on my kneeds and ask for forgiveness to the Lord.

lately i have been doing something which i want to stop doing. i hope i can stop doing soon. i dont want to disapoint our Lord Jesus Christ because He is so good to me and i feel horrible when i give in to temptation.

i am optimistic about my future, i know that with Him i can do anything, and i am confident that with Jesus' help, i will accomplish and not give in to sin.

each been such an horrible venture with my selfish walk. i must confirm that my action had been for my pleasure. i the man god made me to be aren't trusting that it was jesus that had paved the way for all mankind and my sin my selfishness i ask of you jesus to please have mercy on my soul and please forgive me of my sins
dear lord,i love u from all my heart even if i feel desperate because i know that when iam weak iam strong and my strength comes from u.may be the future is not clear,may be the path isn't clear either but the only thing that is very obvious&trustworthy is that u are carrying me all the time and your footsteps are the, i know that u will do everything for my benefits even when it seems no way, u will find the way for me. i love u jesus christ my lord & savior
my dear sweet precious lord, know lord i was raised in a wonderful christain home..i served you in music ministry for twenty five years but there was something always missing in my walk with you inspite of my rebellion you have always been with me and have taken care of me all my life..when i broke my neck in a car accident and had two surgeries on my neck , back and arm you were with were with me when i found out in the middle of my surgeries i was diagnosed with bladder cancer were with me when the doctors also found out i had a rare nerve disorder called c.m.t. you were with me when all of this illness causes my wife to leave me and i lost my your grace and mercy you healed me and gave me strength to pick up the pieces of my life and go into business and then find out my business partner is trying to steal fifty thousand dollars and it will cause me to have to be on the street if he is successful..i know by your mercy and love towards us you will give
heavenly father in jesus name please help me
lord have mercy on me. lord i need your help i'm greiving, lonely, of the loss of my son, brothers, sister and parents. i'm in need of financial help. please bring me peace and financial help. jesus please bless me and my family. bless my son and family members in heaven.
my lord please help me. i am so helpless and so tired of life now. i know you are watching me. please come to me and guide me. i know you will come one day but i can not wait any longer. please come soon. i am your son. please help me.
lord jesus please bless me with all my need you know what i am thinking both day and night bless me and my family and thanks you for all you have done for me in my life
lord jesus please bless me with all my need you know what i am thinking both day and night bless me and my family and thanks you for all you have done for me in my life
dear lord jesus please help me i have lots of problems in my life ;dear jesus please make my lover a very good person and i want my lover 2 come back safely 2 kuwait on 16th i want he 2 get the seat on 16th n when he is back i want he 2 tell me 2 get marry 2 him n i want my lover 2 be always faithful 2 me n give respect for my mom n dad n he 2 stop using bad words 2 my mom n dad n stop beating my mom ,dear jesus please help me also my dad has lots of loan he is become old please help me 2 finish his loan i cant help me oz i m so helpless please jesus help me
god bless u and ur family and ur parents. may god give you long age and always keep you healthy.
do you need a loan
herd something about a video entries. unsure what you are looking for or how to send.

really struggling. have so many people who know and love me and love them. i want to live> there is a voice that sounds like me that says untrue things about me. perhaps you have heard. i truly am christain and want to live and love the most important people of my life and be saved. it's time for me to fall in love again with life and get married to a wonderfuol man. i want ever blessing possible. if only i know how to get the kind and gentle educated me to cry tojesus!
yolanda buhay
lord god...tomorrow is a crusial day for us, a decisions will be made for my daughters case, help us dear god to hear your voice in favor of my daughter. i will leave everything in your hands... have mercy on us. i love you lord. i love you mama mary. amen.
i need help jesus help me now and healing and save me i cry jesusnow
dear god
hear i am one of your faithful servant please have mercy on me. to me it appears tht my my real estate carrer is drowwmomg please help me keep it a flow. please open up the doors with some listings so i can pay my bills and get my self out of debt and support my church and family. i want to thank you you for my health. my soul is with you and there is no turning back. i love you and trust you. amen
zelphia frazer
i need help in paying my rent, i lost my job and my rent is due tomorrow
i need your help lord, i try all the time to help my daughter to keep her head above water and she let me down all the time. please help me get out of this fix, i need my place. please help me pleas.
lord i have tried every thing i know how to help my friend and his children and to no avail is he getting right. i know if i keep praying things will turn around and i am hoping that my heart will still be able to recieve he and his children. i feel he is a liar and can't be trusted anymore but i love those two little boys with my heart and soul and i love him also. i feel now he really doesn't know you or worship you the way i do.
father god in jesus name i come before you. search me and know deep down in my heart what my desires are. help me father to get a job. and bless those that are less fortunate than myself. amen

allah rakha
god i wish to fulfill my parents desires i wish to give them rest please give me a reasonable source of income
lord god, i need you so much right now. please forgive me for all of my sins know you will never give me more than i can handle and i have faith you will make things better.
lord have mercy on me you know that i need a big amount of money to pay all the people..i trust and i hold your promise and i hold my faith..thank you lord
lord you know i have help so many people and know i need help with money icant get no one to help me what i did from the heart but i need money to move and know one will help me lord i pray that it will come for me in jesus name.
lord heal my depression...forgive me and guide me...stay with me always in all that i say and do. bless our land and send us a new leader that will follow you and serve you. bring jobs and rain dear lord and forgive me. in jesus name, amen....!
chris o'connor
dear lord help me i have had scitica for the past 12 weeks please help me with this pain in my neck ,back and both legs i have been to four doctors they do not know what to give me for pain relive and also help me to find work .as a gardner working on gods land thankyou for taken time out to pray for me god bless you all
i thank you lord for the life, love,health,grace and kindness you're giving us in every minute of our lives. i praise you lord!but please forgive me for the mistake i've done to myself, my family and people around me. have mercy on me lord!
amen i say
anil bhatia
dear lord jesus kinndly help me i have lost every penny kindly forgive my sin and grace me healthy , without tension future life
luver of nature& jesu
pls forgive my mistakes & faults. i need ur help. and pls forgive me....... pls........
lord jesus,please bless me with achild soon.forgive me forr all mistakes i have done so far.accept my apologies and bless me with a child.if i get pregnant this month then it means you love me and care for me otherwise i shall think that you have not forgiven me.
god, ineed your help as soon as possible .you are the only person who can solve my can understand how painful it is for me to undergo this phase now.iam feeling very helpless and your presence and be with me and make me go through this trial me hope in my me to get pregnant and help me to get a job soon.i am applying for jobs and i should soon be shortlisted and given the job at wiral university.i am trying this cycle with the tablet and with your blessings a new life needs to come to our relationship.make our life a meaninful one.dont punish more than this .start showering your blessings on me and place your arm on me so that i shall be purified and lead a completely new life.please put a stop to my sufferings,pain and all tortures iam in now.hwlp me god.i beg you for a miracle.
lord heal me 4 i know you can and you will
god is good all the time all the time good
mary ellen
dear lord please forgive me for all my sins forever and help me get out of the debts i am in. i love you christ all mighty god forever and ever.
dear lord please help me for the difficulty that i am facing today.i feel so useless and don't know what to do. give me strength, o lord..i can%u2019t think about tomorrow, i need your help.for tomorrow they will be a another new hope for me and all my difficulty will be solve.amen
iam going through a divorce, my wife is a drunk an a drug adict, please help her and me. please pray for us.
I am far away from home in a strange country. I don't know what do..? I feel really depressed with life and I don't know what I want. I pray to God for help. I want to serve his people..
Lord I need help with letting go of someone that I loved more than my own life. this person is in a relationship and we have a three year old together. And I know that it is for the best to let this person go. Please help me find the strength that I need with in me to be released from the hold that this person has on me.Please prey for me
I'm called of God, but since having my heartbroken a few years back I've sinned over and over again in the areas of fornication and lust! I'm tired of this Lord have mercy on me
Dear Lord, im not your believer but i always heard pple say u always open ur door to pple in need. im at a moment of to live or to die situation because of my debt. i have been given many chance to lead a good life but i didnt cherish it. i have let down many pple especially my wife, i really do not know how to face her. i oso do not know how to face my parents, brother n cousin. Dear Lord, could u kindly tell me what should i do, can u help me, i dont wish to end my life now but i really felt very miserable, pls pls tell me how.....
Lord I need mercey for my sins which is clearly known to you. please let me back to your hands and protected.please do this for me.Amen
may his will be done in my life forever.AME.
Lord I cry out to you...I pray that you will bring wisdom,knowledge and understanding to me. I am confused and feel like I am walkng in a dark valley. I know you hear my crys and feel my pain. I am sorry for my sins. I pray for relief from the situation I am in.
Dear brother in christ ,

I dont certainly understand what you stoping to do , But I would pray for you that Lord our God will give you the strength and will to stop the bad thing what you are doing , I am glad that you seek forgivness when you do it , Beaware that If you do bad everytime and plead for forgiveness , God would be really hurt because you know you are doing bad but still continue that , Our god has mercy on us and will forgive us , but we being his children should not take advantage of it , I hope you understand what I am telling you today

Jesus is coming soon ,

Praise the lord
Thank you
lord im so fustrated my life is in a mess my mother, father,friend everyone as turn there back on me i dont know what is happening lord i need a deliverance i need u jesus
Lord, I need you so very very much...I want to be a Man of God and I kept letting YOU down...Have mercwy on me
Dear Lord, I beg for your mercy, this will not be a good Christmas for me, my wife and two daughters.
Please god helpme get back to my family. Help me get a job closer tohome to biewith them.
dear lord help me im down and out i feeling so bad with life as 2012 enther please lord bless me with joy and happness
I need Help Jesus died for me i know he loves me i asked for forgiveness but I still feel lost i want to believe i wqnt to be happy and faithful and loving but my souls in agony God dont lie and I dont want to call him aliar i use to feel so loving and grateful and at peace I cant stand this,I want to live forever with Jesus, but I find my self judging myself and people scared of everything think might be sin I need help and prayer save me Jesus heal my heart and mind I Believe give me hopr agin Jesus clarity and wisdom understanding and peace I want to know you to rest and abide in your love deliver me please.I just want to give and recieve love.And obey you.I never needed or wanted anything as badly as I want real life eternal life peace love from the creator the God of love.Make me whole and holy help me find faith and hope and peace again in your precious holy name amen.
Jesus, You have been so good to me, and I am truly greatful, You gave me a Godly wife of 15 years, and a Nazarite son, in whom I am well pleased, but my health is gone,I lost my job because I refused to lie to the epa.,and refused to fasify reportss, to the government, 2 years have passed , all I want to do is DIE, my porr wife has to support us, I have had 3heart attacks,4strokes,diabetes 56 years old. forgive me Jesus, but Im tired,usless, and just wish it was over.
Dear Lord, Please have mercy on me Lord. I know I haven't been as good as I should be. I'm grateful for all of the blessings you've bestowed on my life. I ask that you show me favor with this job situation, Dear Lord. I promise I will not be down this road again. In your son Jesus name I PRAY! Amen.
I left a prayer in december to be with my family. I love them and miss them. I work five hundred miles from them and miss them so much. I need a job close to them and need to behome with them. I am begging anyone and everyone to please prayfor me. I see other prayer requests and pray on those too. My sorrow is so much i crtmy all the time and cannot stop. Please pray for me to get a job to be with my wife and children.
I pray for you. God is a merciful and loving God.
Dear Lord I am truly helpless lost and miserable. I have no hope but you. I need to be given the Holy Spirit so that I would have life. I am scared I want to die I need your help to live. I cant continue without you. No human being could help me.
O Dear Lord , First I confess my sin to you. You know my heart. I ask forgivness. I then ask your will be done in my familys and my life . I praise you forever and proclaim that Jesus is the son of God and died for our sin and did so we can live eternallife. I am scared for my daughters and son and grandson living in the world today. You know the issues in our lives. I pray for good health. Please Lord hear my prayer. In his name Amen
Please God enlighten me. Help me to be ok with your will. You are the all knowing and there has to be a reason for what I am feeling and experiencing. Please open my heart and my eyes to your will. You are all around me Lord but I am having so much trouble seeing what you want me to do and be. I will wait and look for the signs. They are all around me. Help me to forgive my past and my blindness. I want to see now Lord. I am ready to see. I will do what you want.
lord bless every body and please answer their prayers ,bless them all to find them selves in you the more
Please lord help me I am about to be thrown out on to the street by my father i have no please to go and I have no money. I just found a job but it dont start for a few weeks but I think it may be to late. I pray for mercy load please.
lord, god almigty, jesus, i need you,. I have always come to you with blessing for my family or friends, i beg you this night, let them find my overage of 100.000 let me keep this job, it is ever so important to me... please jesus, in you name i pray
How did everything go?
Claim it to God. before you pray God know's exactly what you need i believe He is preparing you for the best.
Jesus is the only way to our happiness. When I was sick in the hospital I had a vision of Jesus. We were both in the clouds. I felt so peaceful. He told me how kind and merciful the father is and how much God,the father loves us. I believe he gave me the choice to go with him but I was worried about my mother, family, friends, they would be so shocked. He then told me you have the healing hands and a flash of light came into my hands. I know that Jesus has a purpose for my life. I sometimes ask why me,I am not worthy. I am a sinner but I love you so much. Jesus knows we are not perfect and loves us. JESUS IS LOVE. I believe it is time for me to carry out my purpose in life given to me by Jesus. Any type of healing that happens is done by Jesus. He is by our side spiritually but he has his people here in human form to represent him. I sit here crying reading all the pain that many people are going through. I pray for all of you and ask in Jesus name to answer your prayers. Sometimes our prayers are not answered the way we want them to be but the answer is always right. It is so hard to see this but pray to Jesus and he will help you understand it. He is always by your side. He will pick us up when we fall, just ask him. Welcome Jesus into your heart,accept him as you savior. He will go to the father. The only way to the father is through the son. If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before the father.I Pray that the world welcomes Jesus back into it. Many people have turned their backs on him. Please pray that for them and pray they welcome Jesus back. The time will come and we all need to pray that the world welcomes God the father back into it. He is so sad about what is going on. I believe he is crying.
Dear god i need you you know my need i pray to u thanks
lord i need help i,m in trouble with my debt i owe back rent and i,m not working i get unemployment but lord 144 a week isn,t enough to pay my bills my rent is 135 a week, i pray you will show me some mercy lord at time i just wanna scream and throw in the towel on life but i know that would be wrong lord i pray you will help me soon i am sorry for acting the way i have lord i back slid a way from you lord i pray you invite me back into your family and open your blessing upon me as you have in the past i pray in your holey name amen.

Have Mercy on me Lord Jesus. Lord I have sinned against you and I need you to forgive me. My soul craves to be right with you. Pleae increase my faith and help me live victoriously. I know you're coming soon, help me know how short time is. Come quickly Lord. Rescue us from the sorrows of this world. We want to be with you Lord. Wrap your arms around us. Comfort us. We need you Jesus.
lord i have took to the ways of this corrupt world,thought had it all figured out,i have run from you,took from people,give nothing in return,turned away from precious gifts,my wife my kids,been seperated from my wife for over a year now,become a drunk,commited adultry,ipray jesus you will forgive me of these deeds i have done,and heal me,cleanse me and guide me,to serve you and only you lord
Jeremy, I really understand what you have undergone. Believe this: "If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." This is from the the good book, the bible, specifically 1 John 1:8-9. Believe that God will heal you and cleanse you and guide you and restore you. A heart like yours humbled and repentant is what Jesus Christ died on the cross for, that you may experience forgiveness of sins and a new life. Praying for you. eternalsprings
Dear Jesus. I m a sinner and I come to you , please help me I can't do it on my own I m begging to please come into my family and all the insecurities, unciety and distrust... please heal my husband of his paranoia it's tearing our family apart... Lord please the holy spirit in my home and guide him that he maybe healed and be better husband. This I ask in Jesus name.. Amen
i feel so helpless like there is no place in the world for me. i try my best everyday to do well but its never enough. my only hope right now is god only himcan take my pain away, wash me of my sins and make whole again. but everytime i turn around looking for his presence i feel like something is missing like he is not here anymore the place he usually fill in life, in my heart is now empty. i need god so much right its crying in the desert but know that he wont let me fall he will take my hand and show me the way. that my conviction; that keep me going through life no matter what thank you for everything you are going to do in my life today and forever. i will be always greatfull for all your blessing.who im to judge my brother when im not good enough to touch your. i know that you re listening my prayer and understand my wishful thinking.because i lost my ability to hear, feel you from knowing
When you feel that GOD's not there, Its the Devils presence...Be stronger accept JESUS as your savor... Feel his H,OLY spirit inside your chest, talk to him with firm and sinceere words...feel the light...
Thank you for this, it was exactly what I needed!
Where do I start Lord I am a sinner please forgive me each time that I say to myself and to you that i won't fall in to the temptation of my loveual lust I just fall again. Please forgive me for sinner against you and for the price that your blood on the cross was paid for ALL OF MY SINS. I am so sorry my lord I have visited massage places and escorts to fill my loveual lust. I try to fill the lonely gap in my life that my wife doesn't fill and there is no reason that I can justify it. I ask for forgiveness from my wife and I am trying to see where we went wrong in our relationship and why I keep on doing this. I keep saying that I won't do it but i find myself at these places. Please Lord take charge of my life because this life and body belongs to you and I am tried of treating it like my own and abusing it. LORD please give me the strength to battle Satan's attack for the rest of my life here on earth give me the hope to carry on to do what you want me to do.
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Dear Lord,

The devil is always trying to tempt me i try so hard to do the right thing and once i feel like it is not enough, satan swoops in and plays with my heart, i dont want to live like this anymore, i know it isnt right but i still fall, please forgive me, I know i can do the right thing, please give me the stregth. Amen
Heavenly father i know that you know me so well that there is nothing about me that is hidden from you.You know my past, present, and also the future.please i have gone through very bitter moments in my life to an extend that i prefered dead to life. i have suferred sickness, pain,agony and dissapiontment at all levels. i am tied of existing.You are a God who can never change but changes situations.i have prayed and prayed but i will never give up becuase you are faithful and will surely wipe the tears of sorrow from my eyes.Even as Job remained faithful and obtained a double portion of his possesions, i wait and trust in you.please hear my cry and answer me in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.
I now know that through Lord it is through your grace and your mercy that I found my way to you. Lord I pray that I never stray away again God with you back in my life my anxiety has decreased and feeling of self worth has increased. In closing I want to give you the glory for showing me and guiding me through my addiction. Peace Love and Happiness.
Lord God, Please have mercy on me! I have sinned and am not worthy of your grace. I am heartfully sorry for offending you lord. Please forgive me and protect me from temptation lord. I am so sorry for everything I have done. Your love is never ending
if you mean it in your hearts then your sins are forgiven you
lord my god my father i ask not for myself but for the needy the sick the sinners and the ignorant of your holy name bring peace to those who seek it food to the hungery shelter to the homeless joy to the saddened and your arms around the lonley i ask this in your holy name jesus christ the messiah Amen.
Dear Lord,
I have burned bridges and damaged the few relationships I had. People were good to me and I acted like an imbecile. Please have mercy on me. I am a selfish sinner. I was scared and afraid for my future. What I did was irreprehensible and I eat it all day long. Please send friends, mercy, and forgivness my way. I have a bad name and people turn their backs on me for what I have done. I deserve it, but it doesn't taste any better. Lord, please help my husband who is the real sick person and those I have offended so that I can move forward. My sins are gross and I think of suicide. Normal people don't do what I did. It isn't normal. Lord have mercy and bless those I have offended by my gross behavior. I have no one that cares and I deserve it. Thank you.
i dont know you i wont judge you. you are the sister i will never know i know the lord will help and forgive you and why? well you asked him so blessed are those who know there sins for they can make the changes needed to be free of them
Please, Please, Lord, I'm crying out to you for help. I desperately need the Lord, right now. I asked for forgiveness for anything I've done wrong. I pray everyday and night. The only One that can help me in this situation is God. Jesus, I pray that you bring me out now, Lord. I need You to bring me out now. Please, Please, bring me out, I can't take it anymore, Lord. Help!Help!Help!Help!Help!
I was thinking thats how i should be
I have often fooled myself by feeling as though I'm a good person (a Christian). But, I'm not really. Each night before going to sleep a thank our Lord for all the blessings I have received, to watch over my love ones. Once I've completed my prayer I feel totally rested, safe and assured my prayer has been accepted. However, I wonder why me? What true obsticals have I overcome? What ordeals have I had to contend with, compared to others such as amputee's, burn victims or other traumatic events?
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Dear Lord, I beg for your mercy for my husband. Please rescue him from the jail cell. Those that desire his pain seem to be wining, but I know that you are more powerful than any man. Please have favor for him.
Dear lord I am tired.i am sorry and I beg forgiveness for any wrong I have done. I thought lord you were leading me to a new place in life. I am now clueless with my life. ?i was in a bad relationship that belittled me every day. Went on to a new place thinking this was right. I know the wrong I did was wrong but I thought it was right and given to me by you lord. I have now lost my children. My children do not want me. Now the person that I thought was new and loving me is gone. I am stuck limbo not knowing what direction to take . I could go back to my husband but i know things will go back to the hell i use to be. I am now left alone. My blood family has moved away. I am alone. I don't belong in this world alone . My friend of thirty years, that became my lover now doesn't want to speak to me . I do not understand lord . I am kind I am loving I am truthful I am sincerely what is wrong lord . You see my heart . Dearest god in heaven what do I do ?
lord please help us for our suffering...just give us one more chance!!!
Dear Lord, Please help me in all the areas of my life. I need to save my family. My sisters hate one another this is not how were brought up. lord the more I try it seem like I cant get any where with this. I need to stop smoking, I over eat I want to be healthy. Lord I was married that didnt work out, I love my husband, I dont think he ever loved me. It get a little ruff sometimes when I try to do things on my own. Like putting up windows on my home or cutting the grass, shoveling the snow,or even paying bills. I cry all the time for help. I know lord that you wont put more on me than I can bear. My daughter is stress going to school, trying to work a job at the same time and she has a four year that she has to take care of. All these things are taking its toll on me. I know this wont last always. I know if you trust in the lord he'll make a way out of no way. It just get so hard (crying) sometimes. Please lord help me to be a better person so that I can help others. Lord please send me a blessing I need your help so badly. I know there are others who feel the same as I do. I love you heavenly father.
Dear God, I am in despair and need your help. I ask for forgiveness for all my sins. I want to be happy and walk in your likeness, Dear Lord. I want your blessings to shower upon me (and others) who are in need of your guidance. I don't think I need to even explain what my needs are because I know you already know. I just want you to open the door so that I can soar to greater things you have in store for me. I give you, OH LORD, all the glory! AMEN
I struggle with temptations every day. The devil has me traped. I pray dear Lord for mercy. I believe in Jesus Christ, and know he died on the cross to save me from sin. Dear lord save me and help me to save others. Lord let the world know that I am saved and that you are with me always. Dear lord bless everyone who bevieves in JESUS and praises his name. Amen.
I feel you pain of trying to do right and what's pleasing to the Lord. I just seems nothing seems to come together. I can't give up hope though. For if we ever give up hope in the Lord we will surely be doomed. We just have to continue to put in the work and just stand and wait. Faith without works is dead
oh dear jesus the messiah the day draws near and time is running out for us all i ask in the name of the father forgive us our sins the world you have given us is is fighting for its own future we the children of the father have left this planet in such a mess that even the very soil we stand upon will suck us into the pits of hell we need your help we need your love and forgivness oh my father forgive me my sins and i know there are many i ask this in the name of the lord Amen.
dear lord, please help me through the rough time's of a relationship when it come's to misunderstanding's and i know what i did was wrong, but i expressed the truth and hope for the best. I love you and keep me in your arm's for all eternity and for the better of our day's we have with one another, i love my girlfriend so much and keep us in hand with love. amen
Jesus my Lord my Savior my God, I love you, I thank you, for you truley are good to me when I'm so undeserving, You know my heart and I ask for your forgivness for I truley am a sinner and I confess my sin of to much drink, help me Lord I need you. bill
Lord Jesus, I want to depend on you for everything. You are my hope. Teach and help me to be obidient to your teachings. Bless me so that I can be a blessing to other people.
lord please take good care of my mother tomorrow i worry so much about her
Dear Lord Jesus, have mercy on me. Guide me through, give me the strength I need. I am torn.
Dear Lord, I ask in Jesus in name that you help with our finances. I know you will do this in your time Lord, and I know that my faith needs to be strong to know you will help, Thank you Lord
Dear Father I am helpless and only your GRACE can take me out of my financial crisis. please please dear Jesus help me. i am really depressed i see no light please help me. thank you. you are the only one who can help me please help me keep my faith in you.
Dear father i need you please help us!!!
father, is starting his airline work. because of all the stress and tension we have been in the relationship, i suspected him of adultary and brought of break up. he said 'fine'. and kept the phone off. it was been almost 24 hours. i cannot eat. didnt sleep. hard to breathe.

1) please forgive me
2) please comfort me. he promised marriage so i acted like one. it must have been hard for you to see us behave like married before married.

i need to forgive - too.

i promised to never scold him again.
i dont want to journey thru life without a mate. i also dont wanna give up on this relationship of mutiple-complications because we already started, please God. save this relationship like david is asking his child to be saved..
God hear my heart. Im giving up.
Dear Lord my savior my god, please forgive me for I have given into my sinful pleasures. Please forgive me Lord for I am a sinner, I know now what Ive done was wrong and now want to have a stronger christian faith and want to walk in your likeness Lord. Please shine your light upon me and help guide me in the right path so I can shine my faith upon others and bring them closer to you. Please Lord, for I need you now, please be with me as I go through these trials and tribulations for you know where I want my heart to be and that is with you Lord. Please open the door so I can soar to greater things you have in store for me. Thank you Lord for all you do. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Beautiful prayer, I associate with the prayer as I feel the same on a daily basis.
Dear lord, Today I received some bad news, and almost lost it. But I had to pray cause I have too b strong. Cause my kids look up too me, and would not forgive me.
my mental state i owe a large amount of money from teo auto accidents i had in 2011 there is help my mental state is bad i need encouragement to call for help, it's not simple to understand how i feel in my mind. thks. Andrew
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