Confession of a Sinner Adulterous Man.

Today May 6, 2006 I committed a sin. Sin separates us from God. I am tasting this feeling as I write. Before I committed this sin, I knew I was going to sin, but for some reason I kept going forward to committing this sin. I recall knowing that I was going to feel this way, but I wanted so much to have sex with this person because I had never had sex with her. I feel so terrible. Jesus has been good to me and this is how I repay. Evil surrounds me, I am weak. How do I not do this again. I have prayed for strength, yet I have allowed this sin to take over me. I have committed the sin of adultery over and over and I wonder when is it going to stop? I repent genuinely yet I fall to this same path. Help me oh Lord, I ask for forgiveness and mercy. Please help me not commit this sin anyone, or any other sin.

I call myself a christian and I wonder if this is christian like. I don't think so. Jesus has thought us to be good and obedient to his law, yet I don't understand why we continue to sin? I thank Jesus for his ever lasting mercy and salvation. There is a verse I read the other day in which Jesus said in MARK 2:7

"I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.""

well I am a sinner, I need to repent before the lord. I want to ask him to help me stop sinning. I don't want to be in this situation anymore. I want to be good and be faithful. The sacrifice that the Lord made so that I may have a second change at eternal life makes me feel bad and sad for what I've done. If you are reading this today, I would like to ask for your help. Please pray for me. Please ask the Lord to give me strength against sin. I want to be brave and strong against evil. Ask Jesus to keep evil away from me and everyone who is my the same situation as I am.