Father in heaven, Precious be you name,

Today I pray father for all the people of the world who live hidding and in fear from persecution. I pray Father that you may give the politician who are making these laws, compassion. Compassion for all the people who will be affected by their decisions and live in fear everyday that their lives may be in turnoil or that they may become separated from their family and love ones. I pray for all the children and their parents to protect them from any harm and that they may grow freely in your name. Help those who are straggling to find work to find a job today. I thank you Jesus for blessing me with my job. Glory to you Father for all the blessings you have given me, let me share all my blessing with other that they may know that you are my Lord and Savior.
I ask for strength in the persue for a better life. Help us to give us strength and courage to continue to help our families and love ones.

In Jesus name I pray -