On June 30th 2012 I prayed to God because I was afraid of the ocean water. I prayed because I couldnt swim and I was due to be baptized the next day July 1,2012 while at church during communion I saw an awesome vision of Jesus. He came to me! He stood with an awesome white robe which was a powerful white. His hair was a dark brown neatly shaped in the back which hung about inches past his shoulders. He stood with his arms stretch out. I could not see his face. He was not faced me. I only saw the back of him. The area inwhich he stood seemed to be on a mountain or garden setting. I recall seeing a few neatly shaped rocks in bedded in like a mountain wall . The rocks were an awesome brown very beautifully colored. The mountain or garden was of a blueish green not sure if it was plants or what but the image was not of this time. If you have ever saw a movie in 3D this is how the vision appeared to me. On July 15th 2012 I was bapatized with the Holy Spirit. I stood as 3 people prayed over me. The back of my right leg begin to feel as if heat was on it. I then felt it on my shoulders neck area. Now everytime I pick up my bible which is extremely often now or everytime I talk about the lord I feel this warmness. I know it is the Spirt dwelling inside me. On July 24, 2012 I lied in my bed and ask jesus to appear to me. I begin to see what look like a lighted face ..like electricity. On July 25, 2012 I again layed in my bed with my eyes closed . I begin to say Jesus where are you ? I like seeing your face. You make me smile. About 5 seconds later a pocket like what would be on a shirt appear before my eyes. On the pocket it this was written in embroidery " I love you with all my heart " I thought....he answered me. I always tell him that I love him with all my heart. This is just to say that when we ask him to appear to us and many lose faith because we dont see him....look for other signs because he will answer you. He has dwelled inside me and I love it and Him